Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God bless Lizzy!

Now this is how you write a blog post!

Lizzy has now received my Intelligent Concerned American Blogging Award, as will anyone who blogs about this subject (hey, gotta be consistent). She has eloquently captured the real issue in fewer words than I did and she still says it better.

Read her words. She sees this war for what it really is.



Lizzy Brown said...

Thank you Spencer! I was glad to write it... I hoped that it would reach even only a few more than yours did. I only hope now that something WILL be done... or soon, as you mentioned before, this country will not be a safe place to raise my children, and that is a frighteningly REAL possibility. Everyone should plaster this across their blogs, websites, facebooks--- I don't care where, but they have to DO something.

God bless You Spencer, for your concern and convictions-- not many of us bloggers are willing to show them for all to see- it's so wrong.

Thanks again! :D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

And God bless you, Lizzy!!! It is only if we trust in the Lord with all faith, and with much work and cooperation that we can win this, our great fight.