Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Warrior: Tank Attack: A Lego Vignette

The blood of the most noble soul in the city is pumping hard as he runs for his life!

Out on a quick daytime mission, The Warrior is interrupted by the assault of a giant tank, the driver of which seems intent on nothing less than squashing him to death. The fact that the tank appears high-tech, is clearly something of a secret prototype, and even the coloration of the vehicle point to it possibly belonging to the Nucleic Union.

Blasting and smashing its way through the streets, the steel monster chases down The Warrior as he attempts to escape. Jumping down into a polluted man-made river bed, The Warrior is surprised and a little unnerved as the vehicle follows, bearing down with a roar. As he more than says his prayers, he scrambles towards the end of the river, slipping on slime and sludge. If he can make it to the end of the river cut, the sheer wall will hopefully stop the tank....

Honesty binds me to admit that The Tumbler from Batman Begins was a strong inspiration for this tank. ;-)

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