Saturday, January 31, 2009

Black stuff, cool stuff, and trenchcoats

So yesterday I helped one of my favorite customers of all time.

As a merchant teller I have lots of regular customers; I know them and they know me. I like that, but due to the lack of sales in the merchant (business) line I've been fighting to be given time on the consumer side. Friday I was able to do just this, and I called a customer to my window.

I saw him carrying this big beautiful (and did I say black?) motorcycle helmet. MY head screamed, "The Warrior ! motorcycle ! black ! cool!" As it's always good to find common ground and honestly I myself simply had to know, I asked him about his bike. A black Kawasaki. 8-D Oooooh! My favorite. All black? I sooo want one.

Then we got to talking about black things, and it turns out he's a fellow...what do you call people like us, blackies? Anyhow, he apparently wears all black, too--except once in a while red, which he told me as he pointed to his red t-shirt. I swept my hand down myself as I said something to the effect of "Well look at me! I'm all in black too. Even my tie is black!" I tugged my tie for emphasis.

Then we got to talking about the obligatory stereotypes people like us have to deal with. What other people stamp us as. I said, "There's nothing wrong with trenchcoats! That doesn't make us scary!" I found that he readily assented! Cooler by the minute. :-D

Next up, guess what? He tells me he just bought a trenchcoat. I myself had looked for one just the night before at Burlington Coat Factory*, and they didn't even have one! This old Indian employee, apparently he didn't even know what one was...I even tried using the word "goth" even though I'm not goth just to trigger something in his head...but no. :-/ Anyhow, I quickly mentioned The Matrix (Note: I dislike the film because of conflicting worldviews but I loooooove Neo's style) and truth be told it's a Matrix repro coat! Aaaahh! I'm going nuts right about this point, and I snatch a pen and paper and demand to know where he got it. He gave me the website ( but told me that it was discontinued but that I might be able to get them to sell me one if I hurried still. (*iz sad* As the price was over $400 for his anyways, I simply cannot afford it any way you slice it. :-( ) Didn't I say this would be cool? ;-D

Somewhere in our conversation he said that the bank should give customers the option of black debit cards; I instantly agreed, and said we should both petition the bank to do just that! Then he says we should also have some Celtic designs on the card too; I giddily declare my own delight at such an idea, and add the idea of dragons.
(It was loads of fun, each one of us was one step ahead of the other at several points in the conversation but each time we completely agreed!)

This whole convo made me happy for the next hour, and it was a serious load of fun. One of my all-time favorite customers, right there. So:

I want a trench coat. Exactly. Like. Neo.

I want a motorcycle. Black.

I want a motorcycle helmet.

Ah yes, and when I don't want to scare sheeple, I want a less-trenchy coat just like Bruce Wayne's in Batman Begins (when he discovers the batcave).

About all that stuff, too.... Just because we wear black, just because we like trenchcoats, does not make us killers. We are not bombers, serial murderers, Columbine-esque shooters, psychopaths, cultists. We are not crazy racists, we are not bloody vampires, or morbid creeps.

We're people, and we merely like black. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't goth, we aren't crazy, emo, or gravely disturbed, we aren't racists, and, believe it or not, we actually don't want to kill the whole world, k? There is no reason to be so afraid of us. I get so sick of that....

So, if you wanna be all black, be prepared for some sheeple fear. The little digs are just the beginning...but hey, do I look like I care? :-D


*I swear, I didn't go there for that, I merely took a peek.... I had to go buy *ladies, do not proceed!* a new pair of dress slacks as my zipper had literally broken while at work. I concealed it long enough for me to whisk a stapler into the men's room, and I got it fixed pretty well, only I couldn't get back into them. :-/ I ended up messing them up more, so I snuck to a store on the next corner and bought the only pair they had in my size, black pin stripe. Gar. Hate pin stripe. It's crampin' mah style! My plan had been to wear them just for the remainder of that day, go buy better, all black ones, and return the pin stripes but since I failed and I've actually started wearing them now, I kinda feel obligated to keep them and not return them. *sigh*

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vision Forum offers Fireproof for free

Check out the bottom left of my blog, on the sidebar, to see info on Vision Forum's free Fireproof offer as well as a good sale they've got going!

Unstemmed Tide

You know...I look back on my life up until now, and as I think about all the "big" things that happened, the things that were a big deal to me, I feel that I was so self-absorbed. They always seemed to deal with me in some way.

I feel so much older. I feel older than I was even this past summer (and I don't mean the natural, nearly non-existent aging from just months), I feel...well, a tad different. Maybe it'll fade, and I'm afraid that I will likely return to worrying and concerning myself with my own life and own issues again (the daunting task of a paleo education is...well...daunting), but nonetheless I feel slightly different.

It's been almost six months now since this whole event started, and with every passing second it gets worse. Time itself is my greatest enemy now. Oh how I wish I was not so powerless.... I'm beginning to have some difficulty. Well, wait, not beginning--I rather should say I'm getting, well, worn out. (The phrase "worn out" just does not feel strong enough right now...but that's the best I can come up with right now.) I wish this could manifest itself in some animal, some inhuman, demonic beast, like a Grendel. Yes. Then I could actually kill it. I hate things that are difficult to fight. I'm a fighter, that's what I do. If this was like Grendel, I could kill him and be done with it (not to mention vent a whole lot of frustration, anger and fury).

While sort of speech this may sound like my usual self, I...this is strange. I haven't quite seen myself like this before.


The Warrior: Tank Attack: A Lego Vignette

The blood of the most noble soul in the city is pumping hard as he runs for his life!

Out on a quick daytime mission, The Warrior is interrupted by the assault of a giant tank, the driver of which seems intent on nothing less than squashing him to death. The fact that the tank appears high-tech, is clearly something of a secret prototype, and even the coloration of the vehicle point to it possibly belonging to the Nucleic Union.

Blasting and smashing its way through the streets, the steel monster chases down The Warrior as he attempts to escape. Jumping down into a polluted man-made river bed, The Warrior is surprised and a little unnerved as the vehicle follows, bearing down with a roar. As he more than says his prayers, he scrambles towards the end of the river, slipping on slime and sludge. If he can make it to the end of the river cut, the sheer wall will hopefully stop the tank....

Honesty binds me to admit that The Tumbler from Batman Begins was a strong inspiration for this tank. ;-)

The entire gallery.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. / Histo-Sci

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Username and Blog name

So, after a recent comment from a reader, I've decided to ask your opinion.

I've been casually mulling over the idea of changing my username, and possibly my blog name as well. My blog has changed in that time and is not exactly what it was then. I've somewhat...grown out ? of Dr. Paleo Ph.D. as well, but have been concerned about confusing many of my readers.

So? What do you all think? Would you like a change? Do you care? Would it confuse you? Do you have any ideas as to what my name(s) should be if indeed they are changed? Please take a quick moment to vote in the poll on your left hand side, or you can just comment.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10193 Medieval Market Village

I know it's a little late, but has anyone seen this set?

Lego...why oh why must you torture me so?


Credit: image from Brickset.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a Vision Forum Affiliate!

Thanks to my fellow blogger at Horn Herald, I'm now a Vision Forum Affiliate! It's similar to the store I have except I don't have my own "store", you just click on the links I have on my site (via the sidebar banners and such) and I get credit for whatever you buy after that.

So...not to, ahem, self-promote but...who wants to buy some Vision Forum stuff? :-D


Edit: WAIT! Did I tell anyone that you have to spend at least $50 for me to get commission? ;-P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yet Another Prayer Request

Well, I'm not dying, but there is this little thing floating about right now that possibly could be a solution to my debilitating problems right now. It doesn't look like it will even happen, but still....

Prayers for me and my family, please?


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chuck Norris: Obama's First Act as President

...there is still much we can do at the state level to protect human life by promoting pro-life legislation and education. That is, unless FOCA is enacted into law.

Scroll down to the bottom of the article and sign the Fight FOCA petition. I know, I know, this is the fourth petition I've asked you to sign in the space of a week but, still....


P.S. Ahem, of course, you don't have to sign if you don't want to.... (protects rump from legal backlash)

Friday, January 16, 2009

My new Amazon store!

*snips big ribbon*

Well, after a little help from gravelbelly and a few days of fiddling, I've opened my own Amazon store! I don't actually sell the products, I merely recommend them. I've tried to be careful with what I recommend, and I like my line-up so far. I've got books, movies, music, and magazines that I recommend. Of course, I will constantly change it I am sure....

Best of all *ahem* if you buy anything through my store, Amazon gives me a little bit. It's not much, and it's only store credit, but hey...wanna donate to help build mah library? :-) And if you don't want to buy...hey, it's still a nifty way to see some of my favorite stuff!



P.S. For future reference the link will remain in my sidebar below my About Me page under My Own Links.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And now it begins. Here they come....

UN Report: Italy

Washington Times Op-ed—U.N. Treaty Might Weaken Families

I know I post links all the time, but my official request to my readers today is to at least browse these two links.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international law that, if ratified by our nation, will trump all of our domestic laws. It entails such things as government control over children, a child's "right to play," the requirement of parents to provide for and house even adult offspring, and worse. Think of it. Lots of Christian homeschoolers are out there, and some of you are reading now. We aren't new to assaults from truant officers and social services. What will happen when parental rights are obliterated, American sovereignty is no longer, and we answer to the enemy with our children? Hillary Clinton is a champion of the CRC, and the leftists have a hold over Washington that gives a dire outlook. They will try to push this, and God forbid ! if it is passed....

I earnestly request any of you to please give all you can to Not only will they defend us, they are on the offense with a proposed Parental Rights Amendment. We're supposed to tithe. Come on, all it takes is 10% out of your paycheck. It's time to step up to the challenge. Talk about it, tell your friends, get the word out. Blog it yourself, send it in a mass email. I don't care, let's just get the word out! Their site has a whole ton of features to help you; you can become a member, sign the petition...hey, I even got a blog banner! Scroll down...see?


Months ago, I met Dr. Farris and listened to him speak. He was only feet in front of me when he proclaimed that it was his belief that this is the greatest battle that lies before us today. And...after much thinking, much consideration, prayer and learning, I must say that I agree. Join the fight, take up our "arms."

We must not be defeated.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

Greenpeace comes a'callin....


This is one of the weirdest stories I've ever told. I've had some weird phone calls before. I've gotten calls asking when I closed.... I once got a string of calls from several Vietnamese women (in Vietnamese). A few months back I even got a phone call from a very-unfortunately-drunk person. But this one was...different. Prepare to be both surprised and to laugh. :-)

So last night I was cleaning my room and listening to dark tracks by Evanescence (somebody loaned me Fallen, okay!?!) when, two minutes before ten, my cell blasts Pompeii, the E.S. Posthumus song that is my glorious ringtone. I jump up to pause my music and I snatch my unknown number. Hmm, who could this be? I had no idea....

"Is this Spencer?"
"Hi....blah blah blah...Greenpeace."

This was so a "Whuuuut?" moment. Greenpeace? Greenpeace calling me? ME of all people?

"I'm calling to see if you'd like to donate to Greenpeace." (DONATE?!!?)
"Uhm, may I ask how you got this number?"
blah, something about me being on their call list, blah
"How did I get on the list?"
"I don't know how anyone gets on the list, I just know to call them."
"I'm sorry but I don't support Greenpeace."
"You don't support Greenpeace...."
(I say something about how I disagree with a few things about Greenpeace.)
"Did you know that we sued the Bush government five times...blahblah?"
"Well, that would be one of the things I disagree with." (As any loyal reader knows, I am noooo Bushite but the liberal leftist hatred is both unsensible and politically motivated, thus that was what I meant....)
"Blahblabbityblah...polar bears...other cute fuzzy animals....Bush government refuses to put them on endangered species list...."
"Of greater concern to me are all the aborted babies."

And...the conversation took a total turn. She instantly turns hostile.

"Do you like oil?"

I can kind of see where this is now going in the back of my head, but logically I still don't expect such insults to be hurled as what I will soon hear. In the meantime, more blahblahs...I try to answer her question, but she's on some rant and I have no idea what she's saying...something about polar bears and the great Republican corruption, I think...sounds about right.

And the very next thing I hear out of her mouth is a vitriolic attack. An insult.

"Are you in it for the money???"

In what? Money? Oil? Whutthe!??! So...if you don't donate you get harassed, insulted...? This was getting amusing. In mere seconds, I became involved in this great fuzzy-harp-seal-murdering, money-grubbing, oil, rightist conspiracy to destroy Mother Earth. :-DDD Awesome!

I was done. I answered, "Excuse me, but I think this conversation can end now." I'm ready to hang up after this but was amused enough (although quite taken aback) but I listened for a second, curious to hear what she'd say to entertain me next. So she says, very seriously and quite angry....

"I'll make sure to tell the polar bears how you feel!"

...I only have one question...what did they say back to ya when you told 'em? :-DD

And...I've had a change of heart. I apologize, Greenpeace! I now recognize the work that you've done, and am grateful! You've showed me that there are still whales and polar bears in the world...I thought they was all dead. Now that you showed me there are still around, I've seen my folly; I failed to kill them all! Time to bring out the harpoons again, I've got whales to deblubber, polar bears to snipe, and baby harp seals to club.

...yup, I gots lotsa work to do. ;-D


The Rise of...the Terminators?

Truth is stranger than science fiction....


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Warrior: Towers of Conflict: A Lego Vignette

(Note: This is likely one of my weirdest, if not the weirdest, Lego creation I have ever built. I insert this comment here as a warning: if, when you see this MOC. you think "What the heck is that awful thing?" and it confuses you for some time, then I did my job. Honestly my point in this structure was to get a crazy look, with even crazier colors, as if some New Age architect was let loose with unchained creativity.... The strange nature of the towers was my intent.)

Swords. Spears. Staves. Pikes. Strange weapons...they all swing and strike with metallic singing as The Warrior engages five dark foes. Perched on a catwalk connecting two very tall towers constructed with what is called Modern Tech-Art architecture in the city's Asian district, the wind whistles and only further increases the danger.

These men, incredibly skilled martial artists, are not new to The Warrior; he has tangled with them several times recently. Their only goal seems to be to kill The Warrior; few other crimes, no mass murders, no thefts or robberies are committed by the men. They call themselves the "Five Rings" (a reference to Miyamoto Musashi's revered martial arts manual from the seventeenth century The Book of Five Rings) and seemingly little will dissuade them from their attempts at murdering him. Thus, he fights....

After the first two attacks, The Warrior devoted weeks (minus time spent stopping evildoers caught in the act) to researching the Five Rings and the history of each man in order to fight, and thus defeat them. They all seem to have come from martial arts backgrounds, and from various nations (The Warrior is beginning to think a frequent flyer mile plan might be a good idea). However, the gang's origin, their explicit connections to each other, and the exact motivation behind their pledge to kill The Warrior is still unclear.

Gang name: Ryu (Dragon)
Original name: Unknown
Nationality: Japan (?)
Profile: The leader of the Five Rings, Ryu (Japanese for "dragon") is one mysterious menace. Shrouded in underworld myth, little of it being of any factual value, the few things that are established with any degree of likelihood are his nationality (most likely Japanese) and his criminal history (Ryu may have been a head member, perhaps even founder, of an elite assassination gang, often used by other crime lords, and at times even government officials). The Warrior's own analysis of Ryu's martial arts leads him to conclude that he is well-trained in the traditional arts (such as Karate), particularly the Okinawan styles. The aging yet agile leader also seems to have practical knowledge of other common Asian arts such as Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, etc., interspersed with his deadly knack for combat applications. Besides all of this there is evidence that the "dragon" may subscribe to some strange form of a martial arts religion, and what is known about it points to a dangerous and much more violent edge than usual Eastern religions. With additional ties to the Bushido and kamikaze philosophies, it is probable that this belief system is one of the tools he used to create, and still uses to maintain, the Five Rings. Perhaps of no consequence, Ryu's weapon of choice appears to be a half-swastika.

Gang name: Yokorosha (Night Slayer)
Original name: Imagawa Kagashige (?)
Nationality: Japan (?)
Profile: Around thirty years of age, Imagawa Kagashige was born in Kobe, Japan, the big city and the martial arts culture that he was attracted to influencing him at a young age. He spent years practicing Karate, Kendo, and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, but eventually found the fulfillment of his desires in Ninjutsu (the art of the ninja). After a ten year career as an unsuccessful businessman for a corrupt, mobbed-up company in the plastics industry, Kagashige disappeared soon after his company began being investigated by the authorities. Rumored to be involved in some of the company's yakuza dealings (in particular, with the Sumiyoshi-kai gang), the family of Kagashige (a wife, one toddler, and a baby) was possibly under threat. The next news that was heard was that the police had the discovered the bodies of several top Sumiyoshi-kai bosses and their men, beaten, bloodied, and hacked to pieces, they were apparently killed with traditional Japanese swords (katana and wakizashi), the bodies numbered nearly a dozen. However, Kagashige and his family were never seen again. The Warrior believes that Yokorosha, which in Japanese translates to "Night Slayer," is really Kagashige, but this is as-of-yet unproven.

Gang name: Unknown
Original name: Rabang Tabangin
Nationality: The Phillipines
Profile: Born several miles outside of Kalibo, on Panay island, Tabangin grew up in a poor neighborhood and was worked hard by his struggling parents. After his parents sold two of his sisters into prostitution and his little brother died of disease, Tabangin ran away from home and made his way to Quezon City, then Manila, living a life of petty thievery along the way. After a successful bout of self-defense witnessed by a prominent Arnis instructor, he is taken in and trained in the ways of the Philippine arts. Tabangin goes on to study other forms (like Kali and Eskrima), including those from other cultures, such as Dim Mak and Muay Thai. Tabangin eventually had the opportunity to go to the UK as an instructor, and it was there that he became interested in the WWII combatives of Fairbairne and Sykes, and, more importantly, the medieval fighting arts. It was here that Tabangin practiced with weapons such as swords, axes, spears and pikes, and he also became something of a hoplologist (sholar/scientist interested in the academic study of fighting systems). However, Tabangin abandons these scholarly pursuits, possibly due to some old crime ties rearing their ugly heads, and the last that was heard was that he had escaped to America through Canada. He may have met Ryu in this time period, as Tabangin's next appearance was with the Five Rings; his identity is fairly certain.

Gang name: Alano (Bulldog)
Original name: Marco Oliveira
Nationality: Brazil
Profile: Born in Brazil only nineteen years ago, Oliveira's single mother moved to the United States when he was a baby. Struggling to embrace his own nationality in Los Angeles as a troubled young man, Oliveira discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and soon excelled in the art. He apparently moved on to engage in MMA fights (legal and illegal) where he earned the nickname "Bulldog," but little else is known about Oliveira. A possible lead indicates that the teen crossed paths with the future Five Rings leader Ryu in underground fighting circles and was swept away in youthful awe. It is fairly safe to assume that some sort of criminal ties with big-ticket traffickers back in Brazil caught up with him; a visit to the country when he was eighteen, with the purpose of discovering the whereabouts of his biological father (whom he has never known), may have spawned the beginnings of these underworld connections.

Gang name: Unknown
Original name: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Profile: Information on this masked member of the group is entirely lacking. No single fact is known about this strange character, which may in itself indicate deep ties to government spy agencies, perhaps even those of the US.

The entire gallery.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Sons of Hypnos Return

Last night I had yet another survival dream. Much more nonsensical and even shorter than the original dream, it seemed to be composed of three separate parts, but all seemed to still be at least somewhat connected. My memory was clearer this morning, so I will actually be pulling some of this from my memory of remembering it...if that makes sense?

I'm not sure what came first and what came last, but what I will call Part 1 dealt with me and a friend outside a parking garage, being accosted by winds stronger than ever known before. The winds apparently brought no rain or anything of that sort, but nonetheless they were causing chaos. A coworker may have appeared in this part as well....

Part 2 was of interest, as I already had a stock of survival supplies, but apparently this was not enough. Somehow I was still caught unawares and was still somehow unprepared; I think I was running down the stairs into a basement (curiously the basement of a friend's house) that had some survival food buckets from Costco that in reality I'd been planning on buying at least one of...and I was panicking. I was thinking of my mother for some reason (interesting, both dreams have this emphasis), wanting nothing more than to get her and the rest of my family out of there.

Now one thing that is very strange is that I think I was thinking of this idea this morning, and if my fuzzy memory is right (it's been a long week, a long day, and I fell asleep twice today since this morning) I had this idea when I was fully awake and cognizant--in fact, on my way to work. The strange idea is...that this is the second of what should be three dreams. The first showed me the ugly side of complete unpreparedness, this second illustrated me being semi-ready but still woefully caught off guard, and a yet-to-be-dreamt third depicting me being fully ready. I'm thinking...did I think of this idea twice, once before and then a second time after that on my way to work? Hmm, cursed foggy brain.... I have absolutely no idea where this idea came from, and I haven't had such a weird dream "idea" pop into my head before either, if memory serves me (which right now it apparently is not).

Part 3 appeared to be the most removed and autonomous out of the three, having nothing directly to do with the survivalism of the first two parts. Nonetheless, this kind of seems to be connected somehow. It consisted of me trying to get to Tae Kwon Do class, but having to traverse some very narrow wooden planks to get to the studio, which was at the top of an oil derrick that I was near the bottom of. For some reason the possibility of falling into the water terrified me horribly...not sure why. (Hmm, wait, I just thought, another reference to dangerous water? ...I wonder why....) There were at least one or two people behind me on whatever object I was on before the gap to be crossed, and of those I recognize, at the very least my old instructor was in the studio I knew....

Three parts to what may be three dreams...hmm....

Again, this is more than likely an over-analysis (I so have a habit of doing that), but hey it provides some stimulating conversation, and this is fun as well. :-) Nobody worry, nobody take me seriously please...I'll bet that this is more REM nonsense...


Yet another war....

...has been thrust upon the peaceful. Israel is now fighting more battles with Hamas, and I hope and pray that they will succeed. This final (?) assault is their only option, and any true warrior must see that. They must finish what others started. Washington betrayed them before (There was clearly more to the Gaza pull-out than was press-released, and also remember what happened to Sharon soon after--what people has God miraculously dealt with more?), and they surely know the new administration will be no friend to them.

The world is dark. Evil slithers at every corner, and every outlook is grim. Our own nation is in deep peril...things are changing, and the change is not good. The church will survive, because our General will win. But what still concerns many of us is, what won't survive?


Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year

So what did everyone do last night? I am officially a Martinelli's cider-bibber now due to my wanton drinking. ;-P

Anyhow, I thought it'd be interesting to observe my reading, etc. list from 2008.

I read (or finished, since some had been started before) 10 books.

Alien Intrusion, by Gary Bates
The Korean War, by Brian Fitzgerald
A Panorama of 5000 Years: Korean History, by Andrew C. Nahm
The Rising Tide, by Jeff Shaara
The Complete Dinosaur, by James Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman (eds)
Raptor Red, by Robert Bakker
Yakuza, by David E. Kaplan Alec Dubro
Diary of an Airborne Ranger, by Frank Johnson
The Steel Wave, Jeff Shaara
The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon, by Ron Rhodes

That isn't much...I've done much better, but that was back in high school before I had a job...dumb jobbies have seriously curbed my reading. That's bad news. However....

This was my most impressive year for article reading. A combination of mostly magazine articles, coupled with a fair amount of scientific papers and internet articles and newsletters, I read a total of 212 articles. Wow! As I'm not too inclined to type all that up, you'll just get the number of how many I've read in each magazine.

Prehistoric Times magazine - 64
Black Belt magazine - 49
Discover magazine - 30
Combat Handguns magazine - 20
Warlords magazine special issue - 7
Creation Research Society Quarterly - 6
Military Heritage magazine - 4
Acts & Facts magazine - 4
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology - 3
Popular Science magazine - 3
Science Illustrated magazine - 2
Popular Mechanics magazine- 2 - 2
American Vision e-newsletter - 2 - 2
National Geographic magazine - 1
Scientific American magazine - 1
The Blue Press magazine - 1
Muscle & Fitness magazine - 1
Bronze, Brains & Blood magazine special issue - 1
Creation Matters magazine/newsletter - 1
Creation Expeditions e-newsletter - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1
Tracks & Traces magazine/newsletter - (entire Summer 2008 issue)

And a total of 44 documentaries! Wow...that's alot. And sorry for the sloppy post; if you have any clarification questions, shoot. 8-)


P.S. (And yes, I keep track of all this. I record the title, author, and date of start and finish. If it's a article, I record title, magazine, author, issue, and date of reading. Documentaries, author is replaced with studio. I made my own sheets to help record this data--ha!)