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So, what did y'all get?

I got:

The Dark Knight DVD (2-disc special edition)
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed DVD
Dogs, by Xiaoming Wang and Alan Tedford
Mort Kunstler Civil War Paintings 2008 Calendar
Army Ranger Survival calendar (daily desk calendar)
$25 Borders gift card (Purchased Fossil Legends of the First Americans by Adrienne Mayor and Pork Chop Hill by S. L. A. Marshall with it)
And my mom made me a pillowcase with army fabric...haha!

Some good stuff. :-D

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25th of December

All have a very merry Christmas this year, 2008!


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Book Review: The Steel Wave, by Jeff Shaara

This book, the second in Shaara's World War II trilogy, is the excellent sequel to The Rising Tide, which I reviewed earlier this year (see here). I thought that one was good. This one was better. Way better.

Picking up where the last book left off, Shaara tells the epic story of D-Day in this book, starting from the early part of 1944, during the planning stages of Overlord, all the way to the Normandy campaign and into the end of the year.

The first scene opens with three British soldiers being taken to the shores of Normandy via submarine in order to gather geological samples. This may sound boring, but the scene was actually very, very good. Shaara goes on to skilfully capture the reader again and again, in scene after scene. Not far into the novel things get very interesting when we see Rommel struggling inside with the issue of the plot(s) to assassinate the Fuhrer. Some of his close friends from the Great War are involved, and Rommel has no great love for Hitler anymore either, so this provides some downright meaty fodder for the thinking reader. Whether the Field Marshal was involved or not is debated to this day, but the book takes the view that he was entirely removed.

Although clearly the enemy, I found Rommel the most interesting character of this series. I love Patton more, but, as occurred when I read Gods and Generals, I find Rommel a bit more interesting, at least in the book anyway. (In G&G I disliked the portrayal of Jackson and instead was attracted to Winfield Scott Hancock.) His personal struggles with this issue, his increasing anger and frustration with Hitler and his minions, and even his refusal to become involved due to his own oath of allegiance so long ago, all made him into a fascinating reading experience.

Warning: SPOILERS! At the very end of the book, my emotions were tugged as strongly as the most convincing film as Rommel prepares for his own death. The Gestapo comes to his house and lay their "case" before him; although uninvolved, they implicate him due to his differences with their leader-God, Hitler (it would seem Rommel was too much of realist to ever get along with such a demon of insanity). They make it clear to him: Rommel is to die. He is given ten minutes with his family. He dons his favorite uniform, a desert tan--fitting for the Desert Fox--and spends a few moments with his son, Manfred, and his beloved wife, Lucie. They both cry, but Rommel leaves them determined. He has been promised that they will be unharmed if he does what they ask him to, and after extracting that promise a second time, he does what they ask. He commits suicide. The book ends.

The most page-turning part of the book was the extended D-Day sequence. Shaara successfully infects the reader with anticipation and a form of almost dread-like excitement as the invasion begins. (I noticed the superlative portrayal of combat in the entire book, as well.) We experience the adrenaline of the airborne drop behind German lines; the chaos, the fear, the carnage. We feel the terror of Germans in a bunker as they see a near-endless fleet coming straight for them. We are shocked as we see a man discover he has lost both of his legs to a hand grenade. All in all, the Normandy assault scene, through and through, was epic.

And then there's the history. As I've said before, I am no expert, but I've never found many issues with Shaara. This book, like the first, would be a good education tool for those normally bored by this topic. I highly recommend The Steel Wave for this reason, if nothing else. It is a long read (493 pages), but it is a good one.

And now the "negatives."

Again as in the first novel, those who have issues with language and violence should steer clear. If you want to know the style of this book, think Saving Private Ryan on paper and you'll have a good idea.

Several scenes are gory and even gut-wrenching. As mentioned before, one man loses his legs. He checks for every part of him (including a certain important endowment) and thinks his legs are there, insisting his boots have been nabbed, only discovering the truth when a medic comments on his lack of lower limbs. A few other parts that may disturb some more mild-minded readers: a man is blown apart, causing his own sergeant to vomit uncontrollably as he dies, fearfully begging for the sarge to shoot him; the same sergeant shoots a dead German body moments after killing him, due to "blind fury, his own terror" as "the animal [is] taking over"; a young soldier fatally shoots a surrendered Nazi (although this possibly is taken from memoirs, but I'm not sure), upsetting his sergeant, who then later wishes he had done the same thing; and etc.

A more concerning issue in any media (at least to me), however, is sexual content. I always watch for any kind of content along these lines, tolerating next to nothing. I was not happy to see a few dirty comments as in the first book, but was pleased to find nothing more. (Caution: I've put these references here so as to alert other readers like me to potentially objectionable content, but if you are uncomfortable with reading this, then skip this part.)

p. 169
"I heard Marley say he can't wait to get his hands on some French girl. Says they do things...well, things."..."You remember all the things those Sicilian girls did to you?"..."Uh, no, Sarge. Mostly they just waved as we went by." "Right. I'm guessing the French girls are about as mysterious as that."

p. 196
Mention of the American soldiers being a danger to the "virtue" or the young ladies, and even many of the "mothers succumbed as well."

p. 201
One soldier uses an army-issued condom to protect his valuables from water. "You meet some mademoiselle, you'll wish you had that d***ed thing in your wallet and not around it. Anybody in this outfit catches the clap, I'll kick his a**."

p. 202
Soldier has reputation for staying true to his wife in England. What would I tell my wife if I got the clap? Well, I wouldn't tell her, I guess. Better yet, don't catch it in the first place. After this, he pulls out his wife's picture.

p. 260
German officer is missing due as he "occasionally seeks...warmer company."

p. 325
Officer gets a letter from his wife, telling of her newborn baby, but the news is actually bad to him. "I've been away for just a tad more than the required nine months."

And that's about it.

All in all, this book was excellent. The story was masterfully told, the reader is captured all the way, and the history is excellent. What more does a reader want?


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I wouldn't be surprised....

I got this in an email from HumanEvents.com, and since it's only an email and there is no link to an article, I've copied it here. Just forgive the formatting....

Blagojevich: What Did Obama Know?

"[I]t requires the willing suspension of disbelief to suggest that Mr. Obama, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Governor Blagojevich have not talked since the election."

"Certainly this is an astonishing indictment. On its face it shows a tremendous degree of illegality and of corruption."
- Gary Bauer

"What did Obama know and when did he know it!" Once the Blagojevich story broke on Tuesday, people all over the country (other than reporters with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and The New York Times) were probably asking that question.

You already know the shocking story of illegality and corruption.

FBI agents arrested the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, and his Chief-of-Staff, John Harris on federal corruption charges, and one of the allegations against Blagojevich and Harris is that they were attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate Seat to the highest bidder.

Obama immediately shifted into damage control mode - perhaps too quickly - and issued an emphatic blanket denial:

"I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not - I was not aware of what was happening."

That was a big mistake. On a par with Bill Clinton's petulant and admonishing denial; "I never had sexual relations with that woman... Ms. Lewinsky."

On the morning of November 5th (a month prior), it was widely reported that Obama would be meeting Blagojevich later that day to discuss his replacement. Here's a portion of one such report from Carol Sowers with KHQA (Channel 7) in Quincy, Illinois:

"Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled. That's one of Obama's first priorities today. He's meeting with Governor Rod Blagojevich this afternoon in Chicago to discuss it."

And on November 23rd, Obama advisor David Axelrod told the FOX News Chicago affiliate that Obama and Governor Blagojevich had, in fact, spoken about who should fill the remainder of Obama's term in the Senate:

"I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them."

Opps... Axelrod quickly issued a retraction:

"I was mistaken when I told an interviewer last month that the President-elect has spoken directly to Governor Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy. They did not then or at any time discuss the subject."

But by then it was too late. The the inconsistency of the statements only added fuel to the fire.

Of course that does NOT mean that the American people will get at the truth of what actually happened.

Dianne West, in an article published by TownHall.com, tells us exactly how the media is handling this otherwise potentially explosive scandal:

"The MSM instantly agreed: Obama had nothing to do with it. Such a message took Obama out of the story even before the story itself was clear."

"This mantra, this strategy should be familiar by now. Whether it is Jeremiah 'G -- d -- - America' Wright, William 'We didn't do enough' Ayers, or now, Rod 'F -- - him' Blagojevich, Obama is never a player, never even a responsible presence in controversies involving associates past and present. In the media-filtered version of events, he's just not even there."

If the American people are ever going to get an answer to the question, "What did Obama know and when did he know it," it is up to you to make it happen.


Is It Just A Coincidence?

Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald stated on Tuesday: "There is no allegation in the complaint that the president-elect was aware of it and that is all I can say."

But it was very clear from the complaint that some people close to Obama were PLENTY AWARE!

One section concerning the sale of Obama's Senate seat recounts a series of conversations that allegedly took place over a period of days, beginning November 5 (the day after the election - although Blagojevich's first recorded mention of the matter occurred on November 3), between Blagojevich, his Chief of Staff John Harris, a Washington based consultant on Team Obama, known only as "Advisor B," and later, Blagojevich's wife, an Service Employees International Union (SEIU) official and various others.

Initially, Blagojevich indicated that he would appoint a female preferred by Obama, identified in the complaint as "Senate Candidate 1" (generally acknowledged to be Obama inner-circle member Valerie Jarrett) in return for Blagojevich being appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services by Obama.

Over a period of days, it became apparent to Blagojevich that the Health and Human Services appointment was not going to happen and on November 10, during a two-hour conference call, Blagojevich altered the terms and pressed for a three-way deal between SEIU, Blagojevich, and Obama.

Under this alternate option, Blagojevich would appoint Obama's preferred candidate ("Senate Candidate 1" - Jarrett) and Obama, in return, would help Blagojevich secure an SEIU appointment to head a not-for-profit organization called "Change to Win."

Of particular interest is a concurrent chain of events that are not mentioned in the complaint.

On November 9, CNN announced that Valerie Jarrett was Obama's choice to serve out the remainder of his term in the United States Senate.

"(CNN) - A prominent Democratic source close to Barack Obama confirmed Sunday that Valerie Jarrett is Obama's choice to replace him in the Senate."

The next day, on the evening of November 10, there was a sudden reversal; CNN announced that Jarrett WOULD NOT serve in the Senate but instead work with Obama in the White House.

Back to the complaint: the very next day, on November 11, in a conversation with Harris, Blagojevich, possibly viewing Jarrett being suddenly removed from consideration as a personal slap in the face directed at him, uttered the now famous profanity.

According to the complaint, Blagojevich said he knew that Obama really wanted "Senate Candidate 1" for the open seat but "they're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. [Expletive] them."

Did the two-hour conference call on November 10 contribute to the Jarrett story being leaked to CNN on the evening of November 10?

Did someone in Obama's inner-circle - or Obama - pull Jarrett's name from consideration to send a message to Blagojevich? Was the move initially an attempt at negotiations, or was it possibly meant to put a stop to what Blagojevich's alleged "shakedown" scheme?

If the intention was to send a message to Blagojevich, then some members of Obama's inner-circle may be facing indictment. It takes two to tango and all of those who actively participated in the alleged negotiations to sell a Senate seat are just as guilty as Blagojevich.

As for the other option, an attempt to actually put a stop to the "shakedown" scheme, may be viewed, at first glance, as an exoneration of Team Obama.

But not so fast... having knowledge of such a scheme and NOT reporting it to the authorities is a serious offense as well.

Just how deep is the rabbit hole?

The American people deserve answers!


Quid Pro Quos and "Yea A Buffer... The Family Had A Lot Of Buffers."

According to the complaint, Harris stated at one point that they did not want what they were doing to "look like some sort of selfish grab for a quid pro quo."

Methinks Harris doth protest too much because, according to the affidavit, he uses the term AGAIN in reference to the three-way deal, saying it would give Obama a "buffer so there is no obvious quid pro quo..."

And since He mentioned it, I must confess that when I saw the word "buffer," I couldn't stop myself from recounting a famous scene from the classic movie, The Godfather.

One of the members of the Corleone family, Willie Cicci, is testifying before a Senate panel that is investigating organized crime.

The Chairman of the Senate panel asks Cicci if he ever received an order to kill someone directly from Michael Corleone.

Cicci responds that he never spoke to Michael Corleone and there is some confusion until Senator Geary clarifies the matter; "was there always a buffer involved -- someone between you and your possible superiors, who gave the actual order?"

Cicci smirks visibly and says; "Right, yea a buffer -- the family had a lot of buffers."

Is the mysterious "Advisor B" a "buffer?" It seems plausible for two reasons:

1) It's highly unlikely that Blagojevich and his Chief-of-Staff would bother to give the time of day to someone who did not have access to Obama or a member of Obama's inner circle.

2) The rather sudden decision by Obama that Valerie Jarrett should join him in the White House instead of completing the unexpired portion of his term in the Senate, as reported by CNN, could just be a coincidence; but if not, it shows that Obama reacted quickly to what transpired in the conversations between Blagojevich, Harris and "Advisor B."

Only several questions remain:

How many degrees of separation are there between the mysterious "Advisor B" and Obama?

Just who is "Advisor B."

And who is "Advisor B's" immediate supervisor and what is that individual's connection to Obama?

The first of those three questions will be the most difficult to answer. That's the thing about "buffers;" they make it difficult - but not impossible - to determine the identity of the proverbial "Mr. (or possibly Mrs.) Big."

Back in the day when politicians had character, or at least pretended to have character, President Harry S. Truman made the now famous statement, "the buck stops here."

While the context was slightly different, it would be refreshing if our elected officials these days actually took responsibility for the actions of their subordinates and their subordinates' subordinates, instead of using them to claim plausible deniability!

To put it another way, assuming that character still counts, what Obama knew and when he knew it, is not really relevant because he should already be responsible for the actions his people take in his behalf.

Therefore, there's no need to WAIT and see if the corruption has touched Obama... IT ALREADY HAS!

All the American people really need is the details and we need to know the details NOW!

Use the button below to send your 23 INDIVIDUAL FAXES (THAT'S 23 FAXES FROM YOU) to President Bush and the Republican Leadership of the House and Senate.

Demand that Congress initiate an IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION into what role President-elect Obama and members of his inner-circle may have played in the Blagojevich scandal. Let them know that it is already all too obvious that the media will not pursue the Blagojevich story. Tell them that such a "see no evil" attitude is unacceptable and you expect them to pick up the slack.

Let them know that their reaction - or the lack thereof - will be viewed by the corrupt as a clear indication of what is to come over the next four years. If they do nothing, those within our government who lack scruples will receive a clear message that no one is minding the store. Sending such a message only invites greater corruption. That makes their inaction unacceptable!

Yes Floyd: Send My Faxes

Floyd Brown

P.S. Even if you can not join us in this effort right now, you can still help us expose Barack Hussein Obama by sending this e-mail to at least 10 of your friends.


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Parentalrights.org: UN Report: Belgium

A sign of...things to come?

Since 2002, Belgium has allowed doctors to terminate the lives of infants under the age of 12 months if they feel the baby is somehow disabled or deficient, and is likely to suffer in life as a result. More than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are a year old are killed by deliberate medical intervention. In 16% of cases, parental consent was not even considered. To put these numbers in perspective, the CIA World Fact Book estimates that roughly 106,000 babies are born in Belgium each year. Even using conservative estimates of Belgium’s rate of assisted-suicide in infants, one can estimate that some 470 children will die before they celebrate their first birthday. Of these 470, more than 200 will die not from natural causes, but from direct medical intervention. Forty (40) of them will die regardless of their parents’ wishes, objections, or pleadings. Such a program might produce a “better society,” but one is left in horror at the ultimate sacrifice of innocent babies.

Unfortunately, the program has been deemed so “successful” in Belgium that in March 2008, the government began considering legislation that would also make assisted-suicide available to teenagers and younger children who are terminally-ill.


Although much of American society still largely resists government control of children and their families, shadows of Belgium’s pro-government approach are being cast upon our shores.


The Survival Triad

Frontsight's Ignatius Piazza:

What is The Survival Triad?

The Survival Triad is what you must have on your side in order to win a lethal confrontation.

It is composed of three parts:

1. The Combat Mindset. Best described as the mental willingness to inflict incapacitating damage to your opponent through overwhelming violence with no regard for your opponent’s well being.

2. Skill. Best described as having the ability to use tools of defense (empty hands, edged or improvised weapons, guns) to inflict immediate and incapacitating damage to your opponent in a lethal encounter.

3. Action. Best described as moving decisively and immediately to incapacitate your opponent and not stopping until he is vanquished.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Book Review: Diary of an Airborne Ranger, by Frank Johnson

I got this book from a gift card Christmas present almost two years ago...and just now got to reading it. For some reason I always go for short books first when reading; time, I guess. :-)

This book was very good; short and sweet. It's a quick read, as it's under 300 pages, the book is quite small anyways, and much of each page is left blank as they merely contain daily journal entries.

Set in Vietnam in '69/'70, Frank Johnson's personal diary was fascinating to me. It was a very interesting look into a 19-year-old's impressions of war. I won't pretend and say it's well written, has beautiful prose, or whatever. It's a diary, written by a 19-year-old soldier, and that's what you should expect, as that's what you get.
Johnson served in the Army Rangers for most of the year he was in, doing the tough work of an LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol). The LRRPs were small teams of men "infilled" in hostile territory with the intention of reconnaissance and often to make "contact" with the enemy. (As a note of interest, he kept this diary a secret as it was forbidden for LRRPs.) The book depicts the feel of war (and the LRRP aspect, with all the small engagements, narrow escapes, and risky run-ins) page-turningly. I thoroughly enjoyed Johnson's diary.

Some readers may find the constant slang and military terminology difficult, but the good glossary makes this of little consequence. Others may also be upset by the use of words such as "gunks" and "gunkies" in reference to the enemy, but I didn't mind. For one, it's what they did/do in war, and what would one have them say about the enemy? "Our dear friends, the venerable North Vietnamese and their honorable comrades the Viet Cong killed one of our buddies today." I see such a thing as less of a "racial slur" and more of a insulting word against a group of people (such as the enemy in this case). On the other hand, one can't contend that Johnson is a racist, as one of his best war buddies is Vietnamese. And in such situations, do you expect niceties?

On a similar note, there is foul language in the book (clearly to be expected), and some may also be turned off by the fact that a few sexual encounters are referred to in the book. Nothing explicit, just a few passing references, such as mentions of the author himself using Vietnamese prostitutes. A very sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. Again, this happens in war, what more do you want, a John Wayne movie?

Another "negative" which I saw more as a historical fact of interest is that you can see a bit of the lack of discipline in the Army at this time. The Vietnam War was the lowpoint as to such things, if my learning has done me well, and perhaps this was a symptom; I've never served, so I can't compare. (When I say "lack of discipline" I mean some of the things Johnson and/or others said or did to superior officers--though much of the time it seemed to be deserved if Johson's account is to be trusted, something I do not see as challenged--and things such as commandeering Army jeeps for impromptu R&R excursions, etc.)

As is usual in my "recommend" reviews, I sound more negative than I mean to be. One very positive aspect were the common references to God. Although Johson admitted not being overly religious, he commonly prayed, referred to God as watching over him and/or his comrades, and gave thanks to the Lord for safe results. Another satisfying theme was the brotherhood between some of the men.

What we have here in Johnson's book is a good first-hand account of a young man fighting a war as a good soldier. It's a rough book, but for guys like me, it don't matter. Recommended to the men, with reservations to the ladies.


P.S. Click on the title link: once you read the book the Amazon.com comments by the author himself and a "character" will be of interest.

Warskyl: Home Invasion + UN Convention

(Drpaleophd sent me a forward just this morning that says the new administration is likely to ratify the treaty called the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This would put your family under international law, opening up new opportunities for the civil authorities to invade the privacy of your home and your family affairs.)

A few months ago I met Michael Farris and he gave a lecture on this very issue (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child). His opinion was that this was possibly the biggest direct issue facing us right now, a monstrous battle.

Danger looms on the horizon. We have the power for victory. The question is, will we do anything about it? Will we do our God-ordained duty and fight, or will we lazily...just not bother?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Michael Farris: "The battle is about to begin."

Parentalrights.org email:

We apologize for the inconvenience of a second email, but many of you who tried to donate were unable due to problems at our website. To correct this, we urge you to give through the Home School Foundation instead, whose link is provided at right or in the text of Dr. Farris's letter (below). We thank you for your wonderful response this afternoon! -ParentalRights.org

A Letter from Michael Farris,
President of ParentalRights.org.

Dear Friend of Parental Rights,

I was in the United States Senate this past week meeting with lawyers for a Senate office. They told me directly what I have been hearing indirectly on a regular basis ever since the election.

Those who want to change family policy in America to comply with international law are preparing a full-scale effort to seek ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child during this next Congress. Barbara Boxer recently told a planning group that they intend to use children’s health care as leverage to seek ratification of this UN children’s rights treaty.

Please link to our website to see a succinct summary of the problems with this UN treaty.

The strength of their forces has been greatly increased with the addition of Hillary Clinton as the nominee for Secretary of State. She will have direct control over the submission of this treaty to the Senate and will acquire the authority under international law to sign any other treaty on any subject.

Hillary Clinton was the person who made the announcement for the Convention on the Rights of the Child when her husband’s administration signed the treaty. Seeking its ratification is a lifelong dream for her.

Our situation is grim if we were to look only at the position of the elected officials.

However, recent post-election polling demonstrates that almost 70% of Americans do not believe that the use of international law in American courts on such matters is appropriate. Less than 20% favor the use of international law. (The rest are undecided). Virtually every sub-group in America opposes this kind of use of international law.

America is on our side. However, we have to be able to get the word out to help people hear the truth about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our proposed Parental Rights Amendment will permanently stop this treaty. So we have a one-two punch planned for the internationalists.

First, we must build a huge grassroots movement of patriotic Americans who believe that good families should be able to raise their children without worrying about compliance with international law.

Second, these same grassroots forces need to convince our elected officials that we are not content with defeating this treaty for today alone. We insist on a permanent solution. We need the Parental Rights Amendment.

I need you to do two things to help this become a reality. First, please send a copy of this letter to everyone you know who believes in parental rights and American patriotism.

Second, we need to raise a war chest to get prepared to launch a massive grassroots campaign. The other side has millions of dollars left in their campaign coffers, and they have the President of the United States, the Secretary of State and all the media waiting to carry their message.

We can win the debate because we have the truth on our side. And we have public opinion. But we won’t win if we can’t reach people.

Will you please make as big a gift as you can to support Parentalrights.org?

Here is what they are saying about us. At the hearing which featured Barbara Boxer, one of the speakers said that the people who will oppose this treaty are the “narcissistic sovereignty crowd.” In other words, those who love America first are so guilty of excessive self-love that he describes us as having the mental illness of narcissism.

This is their real heart. Not only do they want international law to control our families. They think that we are mentally ill for loving America.

It is time for those of us who believe in loving our families and loving America to rise up! We will not surrender this country or our children to such people.

Get involved today! The battle is about to begin.

For God, family, and America,

Michael Farris

See the title link for the Home School Foundation link to donate.

AoM Man of the Year: He won!

He won! He WON!! Ladies and gentleman, Matthew Chancey has been declared Man of the YEAR by popular vote! Chivalry is not dead; it rules.

My deep thanks to all of you who voted for this great man. It was you who voted, it was you who won for him. Now a family man gets $2,000, and the title, most importantly.

Victory is sweet.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

VisionaryDaughers.com: Vote for Matt!

Look, there is Chancey standing like a stone wall! Let us determine to vote for him today and he will win! Rally behind the manly men!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Matt Chancey is ahead!

Wow! Since last night his count has shot up! He's ahead by about 300! Whoo!

But remember, we have a day or so more, and that's it. Many are gonna vote last minute, so he still could not get it. Thank you all so much for your rallying; your votes, and your blog posts, and everything! Keep it up; we're almost there!

God's will be done!


Friday, December 12, 2008

AoM Man of the Year: RED ALERT!

Matthew Chancey is behind, and we only have until Sunday to vote! PLEASE, if you haven't voted yet, do so, and blog this, email this, get the word out!


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Olde_Fashioned: The Dark Knight icons

Take a look at these.... Good job, Lauren; your best batch yet!



P.S. I like: 4, 17, 19, 23, 29, 33, 34, 41, 44, 47, 54, 56, 62, 64, 66, 68, 69, 70, 73, and 74.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Batman Continues....

The Dark Knight hath been released!

If thou hast not seen it, thou must....


Monday, December 08, 2008


This time I've been crossposted! What the??!

Thanks, Mariah! :-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

USJF: Litigation over Sen. Obama's Citizenship

I got an email alert about this...it had a bit of information, very interesting. If anyone wants, leave a comment with your email and I will forward it to you. I won't publish the comment if you want it to remain private.

Please take a look at this. Please.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Do dreams foretell the future?

I am a firm believer that they do.

Remember, that numerous times in the book of Genesis, Joseph interpreted dreams. He had his own dream (Gen. 37:5-11), foretelling of his future role as Pharaoh's right-hand man and of his civil headship over his elder brothers. He interpreted the dreams of the chief of butlers, and the chief of bakers (Gen. 40). He even interpreted the dream of the mighty Pharaoh himself (Gen. 41). These dreams "came true," or rather, they foretold the future. We can clearly see that these prophetic dreams came from God (Gen. 41:25, "And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The dream of Pharaoh is one: God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about to do."). So, on that I would extrapolate that prophetic dreams come from the Lord. I still would remind myself that I believe even The Enemy has the ability to tell of the future, but the idea that prophetic dreams coming from our Heavenly Father would seem to be supported by Genesis 40:8, "And Joseph said unto them, Do not interpretations belong to God?" We even see the "angel of the LORD" appearing to Jesus's father Joseph in a dream (Matthew 2:13, 19). Clearly, dreams can be a powerful form of communication from the Lord to His children.

I believe dreams can foretell the future in astounding detail. I believe they can be in parable form (as in Genesis). I also believe that sometimes they can be in strange, less-than-detailed forms, more raising awareness of the coming event than actually telling it's outcome correctly. Most of the time, I think dreams are nonsense. Many of mine are triggered by things that happened lately, are happening, have happened, and often what I thought about the day before.

So, last night I had a dream. It's "inspiration" is clear. Last night there was a very small earthquake here in California. I dreamt of an earthquake...but not a small one. I dreamt of the large, catastrophic earthquake that so many have been warning would come to our state. I am skeptical of this, however (every age has its doomsday-sayers) but I firmly believe in preparedness...which is another issue raised in the dream.

I remember few details, but what I remember is interesting.

There was, as I said, a gigantic and catastrophic earthquake that ravaged California and turned it into a spoilt land. Destroyed buildings and things of every description seemed to be everywhere. The biggest concern to me was a direct result of my own unpreparedness, something that is true in real life.

I had no food stores, and more dangerously, no water stores. This was the big issue; finding clean water. For the most part the state, or at least the region I was attempting to eke a living out of, was for the most part abandoned. I tried to find water for my family (the theme of taking care of my family took mainstage, and it's interesting to note that right now, in real life, that is my main concern as well, something that I'm personally concerned with more than ever before.)

At least some of my family members were present; I know my mother was, and perhaps others. I seem to remember finding small fish to eat, and I think that they may have been associated with the water source I next found myself trying to take advantage of. Nothing more than a very shallow and clearly temporary pool in the rubble, the water I attempted to gather with a canteen or bottle was constantly contaminated with the mud at the bottom that was so easily disturbed. (For some reason we COULD NOT drink this mud.) After a few attempts I was able to gather but little water.

Next, for some reason I found myself consciously looking for some sort of building, a company of some sort perhaps. I found them, and along with my mother I viewed the distant structure with binoculars. A red stripe ran across the top of the building along with bold red letters. Apparently, this place had something we wanted.... Somehow, we got inside and it was a bustle of activity, filled with people, employees or workers of some sort in white jumpsuits I think, moving equipment about and doing all sorts of tasks. I don't know what it was I so desperately wanted, but whatever it was they did not want me to have it (I assume it was something along the lines of water again, or perhaps food). We had snuck into the building in the first place. They were hostile. And with this, the dream apparently ended.

While this may sound like a story out of a science fiction novel, I am not the only person who recognizes the possibility of disasters such as this. Whether or not we have an earthquake here in my homeland, an event of this proportion is not impossible, and historically by no means unheard of. This dream raised several valid issues with the eery sounds of reality.

First, my own unprepared state. I find this an uneasy and unhappy fact now. Lately I have been finding myself more and more aligned with survivalism and preparedness, and when things get back on track in my derailed life I pledge to prepare. I have a family to take care of, and I will allow nothing to get in the way of that.

Second, the desire to see to the well-being of my family. As I said before, this has been put on the forefront of my duties as of late. Of course, I have always been a bulldog when it comes these things. I've always been vicious when it comes to taking care of my own, be it friends or anyone else. I've always been completely serious about defending women, whether I know them or not. It's just that, lately, this unstoppable locomotive residing within me has been more refined and funneled towards the goal of family. It hasn't lost anything in all the other areas, but it's definitely gotten a pinpoint as to family. If I fail to be prepared, my family will be fatally threatened. This is not an option for the warrior.

Third, I was interested to see the realistic aspects of the dream. The lack of food and water of course, the ravaged wasteland, and of particular interest to me was the fact that the mud was somehow dangerous to us. Although the dream did not give the specific feel of it being a hazardous material, the concept of toxic substances is a very real one for such circumstances. Broken sewer lines, the decaying bodies of humans and animals alike, the obvious spread of disease, the lack of maintenance everywhere and things of every description are a clear threat to anyone living in such an apocalyptic world, especially those found unprepared to the point where they must survive merely off of what they find. Of course, attacks from hostile entities must not be ruled out (biological, chemical, or even nuclear), whether or not they caused the disaster in the first place or took advantage of our people's disabled state with an unprovoked strike.

Anything can cause such an event, not just earthquakes or other natural disasters. With possible economic disaster looming, this is on the minds of many of us. Anything from an economic or civil breakdown to a natural disaster or an attack from an enemy could cause this end result. And importantly, we must remember to expect little or no aid from the government. As we saw horrifically illustrated during Hurricane Katrina, the government of the most powerful nation on the earth was unprepared to help its own citizens in the face of a natural disaster. What makes anyone think that they will be more ready the next time, or even if something much more serious occurs, such as a nuclear attack? And, though this may sound unthinkable to some we must acknowledge the possibility that the government may in fact hamper our survival. As fellow blogger gravelbelly solemnly noted, during Hurricane Katrina all firearms, be they lawful or not, were consficated from citizens. Given another event of such proportion or of larger, what makes anyone think they will not do so again? This will seriously impair the ability of survival-minded people from defending themselves and their families from wild animals, lone criminals, or marauding parties looking for food or merely taking advantage of the chaos. And if things are truly dire, what makes anyone think that the stores maintained by survivalists will not be prone to seizure?

Which brings me to my next point.... If this dream was indeed of some value (and I'd like to officially say that I'd be willing to bet that this dream is, like my other dreams, nothing short of nonsensical gibberish--I'm only discussing this out of my own personal interest), this would be the most important point. Who were those in the building with the red insignia? The building seemed untouched by the destruction for the most part, perhaps even being erected after the earthquake. If nothing else, it was being maintaned, unlike everything else.

Who were they?

Well, this possibility did not even occur to me until I was writing this, but.... They were hostile to me and my family. They were hampering our survival, and the survival of any others still living in some way (Hoarding of resources?). They clearly had the means to keep their operation going, whatever it was. And they had no interest in helping those around them. They had a goal, as in a reason to be there, and like busy little bees they worked to the end of that goal...whatever it was.

Were they...our own government?


I hath been humbled...

Something happened last night that was so strange I might as well blog about it...but is's pretty embarassing.

Everyone who knows me likely knows that I love spiders. I love to read about them, study them, and I even want a pet tarantula. So, I was very surprised at myself when....

Last night I was sitting on my bed getting ready for bed (I was so exhausted after having gotten up well before dawn that morning to work a nearly twelve hour workday), and I see this ENORMOUS spider scurry across my floor on the other side of the room. (Remember, I have very bad eyesight and I clearly saw it.) Due to the unfortunate fact that I hear cursing every day, all day, it's become something of what fellow blogger Lacee calls a "mental vocabulary", so the first phrase that popped into my head was "Whoa, that's one big-*** spider!" but I was able to subconsciously switch it to "big-bum spider" just in time.

I moved over to it, and found it by my desk. Just a garden spider...but what a spider it was. It has to be THE biggest spider I have ever seen indoors. It was bigger than a quarter and its legs were shockingly thick. And, strangely...I felt afraid! This little spider that has no power over me, and I'm afraid of it.

Those who know of my arachnid love perhaps do not know that I was an arachnophobe as a child. I know what caused this debilitating fear back then, but all of it was completely unwarranted and had nothing to do with the spiders themselves, and was as removed from true science as ET is from fact. I was able to conquer this fear through learning the truth, basically. Still, I sometimes get little "relapses," but it's really only when a big ugly spider surprises me (like the time a few months back when one decided to join me in bed...).

Well, this is the strongest "relapse" I think I've ever had, and I felt really wimpy. I tried to figure out how I could kill this spider...my mind instinctively selected two objects, one, an Estwing rock hammer, and the other, a flip flop. Realizing that neither would work in that little spot, I went for a nice thick rubber band. I'm skilled with rubber bands, so I planned on giving it one good close-range smack and killing it. Well, it had run away by that time. I located it not far away...the whole time poking fearfully with a ruler, the humor of the situation not lost on me.

Soon I found it, but I got it to move...um, in the wrong direction. With speed, the intimidating blur went...straight for me! I was on my knees, thus low on mobility, and it was gaining ground fast. I gave some sort of yell at this point (it was enough to alert the other members of the house... :-/) and jumped up and away from this unexpected attack.

He moved under my desk, and by this time my sister joined me, as afraid as I was, if not more so. I soon found it again, and it ran across my room, from my desk to the other side--across an open field of fire on my carpet! For a moment I became Bruce Lee, unintentionally making his disctinctive noises as I struck again and again with the ruler, each time missing by a hair. I soon realized that striking with the edge as I was would not work and as I switched to the flat edge, he made it to shelter...oh no...MY CLOTHES!!!!! (Yes, I have a pile of clothes on my floor, okay?!?!)

I moved some of the clothes onto my bed so as to cordon off his little spot...and then found that he wasn't in the pair of shorts he ran into anymore. ...oops. So, now he's on my bed? Or where?

After a while of scaredy-catedly moving clothes and bedding with a stick, I couldn't find him. I eventually was left alone, me, Beowulf against the beast, even Wiglaf now having left me...and I changed my sheets. I had intended to do it anyways soon, and after this, and the fact that I'd just torn my bed apart, made it easy anyways. I was very careful about letting the edges touch the floor though....

What the!?!? I'm supposed to be fearless, and this little harmless garden spider humbled me. I'm very unhappy, and a little ashamed. There I was, this 6'4" guy who mightily wears black all day and is a weapons enthusiast, standing on my tip toes poking around for a mere spider. What idiocy!

If any blogger wants to come to my house, I've put a $50 bounty on his head...er, cephalothorax?

...the fear faded when I moved to something else and I slept well. Nex time I better perform better....


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Matt Chancey for Man of the Year!

Those of you who saw my "Dave Higham for man of the year" post may be wondering what on earth has happened.

...well, he didn't make the "primaries," which is very dissappointing to me (he deserved it and I would have done my best to see that he won), but I was both surprised and elated to see this.

Matt Chancey, husband of LadiesAgainstFeminism.com's Jennie Chancey? I know Mrs. Chancey and she is one of the Godliest ladies on this planet (one must of course remember my own mother and sister), and her husband is a true man's man. And look at the polls, he's winning!

All my readers, we must vote for Matt Chancey! Please! Vote for him, blog this yourself, send it out in a mass email. Get Matt Chancey "elected"!!!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Order of the Cherethites

What a beautiful vision....

Iron at 500 crosspost

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. -- Thomas Jefferson's "Commonplace Book," 1774-1776, quoting from On Crimes and Punishment, by criminologist Cesare Beccaria, 1764

Monday, December 01, 2008

Obama still has not answered us...is he a citizen?

I'd like to draw attention to notmyown's comment on this older post of mine.

This issue is gravely serious and is one we all need to sit down and think about. It has far-reaching implications.