Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Warrior: Advent of the Nucleic Union: A Lego Vignette

The Warrior yet again is immersed in strange war....

For many months, The Warrior has heard much hearsay about a peculiar crime group. This group, or gang, appears to be on a much larger scale than the usual baddies of the city that must be subdued. No, mere crime is simply not enough for these...evil ones, these...terrorists--for that is really all that they can be called. Terrorists.

They call themselves the Nucleic Union. Why? That's a long story....

Over a year ago, the leader of the Nucleic Union apparently had a great event of sorts occur in his life. Little is known about what happened, or even about the man himself. Known simply as "Samson," apparently a terrible nuclear accident affected him so much as to turn him into a brutal fanatic. It is not even known where this accident took place, if Samson himself was affected, or perhaps someone he cared for. The true details are entirely unknown.

What is known, however, is that soon after this Samson founded the Nucleic Union: a "union" of rabid environmentalists bent on destroying any and all semblances of everything nuclear (hence, "Nucleic").

Clad in heavy black-and-white armor and armed with the most advanced, and also most destructive of weapons, the soldiers of the Nucleic Union have pledged to destroy. Their targets? Military installations, nuclear power plants, and anything and everything that gets in their way in the process. Their self-professed goal? "We will wipe our world clean of the great atomic evil."

Perhaps it would have been more fitting to say "wipe out".

After getting under way on a major scale, the Nucleic Union embarked upon a massive and brutal war. Many deaths across the nation, and even the world, have occurred as these men go about and do what they have sworn their lives to do; destroy. Three nuclear power plants around the world have successfully been destroyed, one British army base attacked, and many other small raids were undertaken, often with success. Another attempt to destroy several nuclear warheads (in the possession of the United States) as they were en route to an undisclosed location in the south Atlantic met with disaster. However, even considering, little information was gained. Due to the shroud of mystery surrounding the Nucleic Union and the military's own unwillingness to release clear details concerning the affair, it is unknown whether any NU soldiers were captured. However, if any had been, they likely would have done that which they have been known to do before: activate a self-destruct mechanism built into their suits, committing suicide. The explosives work with great effect; two NU men did this during the British army base attack, and few bits of their suits, and none of their bodies, were ever found.

A discernible trail began to emerge, however, as more and more fellow monsters joined the Union. Though next to nothing is known of Samson and the Union's origin (as well as the explanations for their technological and combat abilities), other members do have backgrounds. Evidence indicates that Samson himself may originally be from Canada, and most of the other soldiers also come from Western countries--developed countries, countries where radical talk of global warming, the environment, and the "evils of war" are open topics of discussion.

After the third power plant was destroyed, The Warrior's interest was definitely piqued. The plant being less than fifty miles away from his own base of operations, he steps up his patrols, just in case.

One dark night, The Warrior gets some information that indicates the Nucleic Union have raided a secret U.S. government laboratory deep in his own city, and having successfully obtained a microchip with major national security secrets contained on it (many of them concerning Uranium enrichment), they are on the run, making their escape. The Warrior, knowing full well the massive (and international) implications of this information being compromised (and there is even evidence that the NU is beginning to experiment with destructive nuclear technology themselves, in an ironic and brutal twist of logic), takes an educated guess based on his own research into the Nucleic Union (though a guess nonetheless), and rushes to the area of the city where he thinks they might try to make a quick escape--the Asian district.

And, bingo.

He finds them. The Warrior had been right; they'd been using the underground subway system to do their brutal work. A veritable mini-army of them clamber out of several unmarked vans and head towards the entrance to the Katsuki station.

Descending upon them with a fierce urgency altogether new to even The Warrior, he begins his business. Disarmed early in the conflict, he is thus forced to fight hand-to-hand. The NU soldiers, though ferocious and unusually high-tech, are altogether unprepared to face a martial artist with such skill, speed, and agility.

With an undoubtedly apocalyptic outcome if defeated, The Warrior attacks with unbridled ferocity.

This is the Advent of the Nucleic Union.

Desperate combat.

The microchip.



One down.

Which one is Samson?...or is he even here?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. / Histo-Sci


Caleb said...

The NU reminds me a lot of the UN. Was there supposed to be a connection?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Actually, no, it didn't even cross my mind. Interesting though, no? :-P

Thanks for the comment!


olde.fashioned said...

As ever, I am utterly in awe of your ability and talent!!! I'd give my eye teeth to be able to write like you. :-)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Well, um, thank you. :-P

Stephen Boyd said...

Actually the NU is nothing at all like the UN, because the NU were actually firing their weapons!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Actually the NU is nothing at all like the UN, because the NU were actually firing their weapons!


Mada said...

Here's to someone who still has the courage to play with Lego in their late teens. I would, but my younger brothers have..*ahem*..."outgrown it". All they like to do with it is make stop-motion movies.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Why thank you, sir. Me and Nathan can mentor you back into the hobby if you like. It'd be a pleasure. :-)

Nathan said...

Cool scene; I always enjoy fights on stairs. The archway is my favorite feature of this; it adds some architectural flavor, which is what I'm in this for.

I assume we'll be seeing these guys again soon?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I assume we'll be seeing these guys again soon?

Oh, you betcha! It's on it's way as we speak. 8-D