Thursday, July 03, 2008

Crazy days at Wells Fargo...

The day before yesterday as I was about to leave work I was called by a coworker from across bank.

"Spencer! There's a cricket! Come get it!"

"I can't come right now!"

"Then I'm gonna kill it!"

"______, leave it! I can't come right now!"

We had another shout-cussion a few minutes later with more threats of cricket murder. ;-) However, I was able to make my way over there when I was officially off for the day.

"It's probably suffocated to death by now!"

He had it under a coffee cup lid, with a box of Kleenex on top of it for good measure to prevent any "great escape". I took a quick peek, and as it was a lively one, asked for a piece of paper. He got one for me, and I scooped it up under the lid.

He looked at another banker. "Scientist is here! You wanna see this?"

The paper shifted, and an antenna poked out.

"You're gonna smash it's antlers!"

"They're not antlers, they're antennae!"

[Other Banker] "Everyone knows crickets have antlers!"

I took it outside, and let it go. I brought the guy his coffee lid and paper back.

"Here you go."



*leans back* "I don't want that!"

"Then what do you want me to do with it?"

"It's called trash!"

A minute later I said, "I think it was a female, but I didn't get a close look at it." *no answer*

And all this was interspersed between work talk as I was giving him some information he needed.

Oh! And amongst all of this, we discussed guns and crab cakes, all in the same day. ;-D


He shot a rubber band at one of the female tellers. It was only a little one and he did it all in playfulness, but whenever that happens, the guy in question gets a (equally playful) volley of rubber bands, only bigger ones. (Did you know that the larger, wider rubber bands are much more accurate, and also force, and thus pain, when they hit?)

So, I fired one or two at him, and a mini war commenced that carried on for a little while. I hit him in the stomach, which he said hurt. :-P He shot me right in the back, near the spine! We both congratulated each other on the good shots, him saying, "That hurt! I'm fat, and when you're fat, it hurts!" He's only slightly heavy, but I did get a good gut shot in there....

At one point he grabbed a pair of shades from somewhere as if he was an action hero (Chow Yun-Fat? We're both fans of The Replacement Killers.) and, opening the door to one of the back rooms, hid himself halfway with the doorjam, covering himself whenever I aimed. We both missed each other on that one, but still, it was great fun....

Ahh. Good times. :-D

Spencer / Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

P.S. Yesterday morning, before the War of the Rubber Bands, "Other Teller" told me a story about how I had thus inspired him to allow a cricket to live. 8-D


Stephen Boyd said...

And ya'll are getting PAID to do this!!??

olde.fashioned said...

I know, isn't it horrible? I mean, you'd have to pay me mega bucks to be on buggie control. *shudders* I wouldn't want the coffee lid, either. Eugh.

Oh, and Spencer? You forgot a tag. You didn't put "bug" in there. ;-P

Stephen Boyd said...

No, the bugs are fine. I would just love to get paid for fighting with rubber bands!

Caleb said...

My, my...fighting with rubber bands in a "professional environment."


And I bank at Wells Fargo...

I didn't realize ten-year-olds worked there...

artisticace'smom said...

Just how much does a person get paid per hour, and is able to play war at the same time, at a bank. Maybe I need to change careers.
Very funny though.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

LOL, oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that.... :-O

The cricket was done on my time, and the rubber band battle was much shorter than it sounds. Trust me, we're usually dead at my branch, so a little bit of amusement is nice. Things like that are rare. :-P

Hello, artisticace'smom! Do I know you from Phoenix Chronicles? Welcome, welcome, to my blog!

As to pay, I am still at the starting rate of $10.00 per hour. This is the lowest position, mind you, and one can make a lot more too.


Stephen Boyd said...

BTW, on an off topic subject, what is ya'lls opinion of Our Mutual Friend? (based on the Dickens novel)

olde.fashioned said...

I liked OMF, even if the "creepy" characters got a little bit boring after a while. Not that you'd care, but Anna Friel looks very beautiful and wears some very beautiful dresses and faaaabulous hairstyles. ;-D Oh, and the only thing I objected to was a brief scene of "nudity" with the guy going swimming, but they didn't show much other than from behind.

Have you seen it, or are you thinking of seeing it?

Stephen Boyd said...

Actually, we stayed up until 1:00 last night finishing it up! I REALLY liked it. It was not a normal Dickens movie, fewer people died.

olde.fashioned said...

It had a heck of a plot twist, didn't it? I saw the John Harmon one coming a mile away, but the one at the end, whoo!! Totally shocked me. ;-)

What did you think of Bradley Headstone? And did you recognize Keeley Hawes (aka Cynthia from Wives & Daughters) as Lizzy?

Stephen Boyd said...

"Schoolmaster" was phsyco! That was my favorite role that Keeley Hawes plays. I think her best role was as Cynthia, but I liked her best in OMF. Her brother was a spoiled brat!!!!

olde.fashioned said...

He was downright creepy!! Heheh, wait'll you see him play Colonel Brandon in the new Sense & Sensibility!

Lizzy is almost too good IMO -- I think it's hard for a "good girl" in stories to come off as "good" without being priggish. Cynthia is more "vibrant" and life-like, IMVHO. ^-^

Her brother needed a good spanking, that's what!! He was so wrapped up in himself that he missed what lengths his sister went to for him.

I didn't like Eugene Wrayburn. What did you think of him?

artisticace'smom said...

I was just teasing you, Spencer. I know you need to have some fun at work, or your days can get very dull.
Yes, I am Lacee's mom. I like to check out whoever is reading her blog because I love her so much - and want to keep her safe.
It's also interesting reading about others who have homeschooled and how they are doing in the world after graduation. Homeschoolers tend to be much more focused and grounded than their public school counterparts, it's just nice to actually witness it. It's also awesome to see young people who are not afraid to stand up for their faith, and publicly state their belief in Christ.
Take care.

Stephen Boyd said...

I think Wrayburn was a little self-absorbed.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I was just teasing you, Spencer. I know you need to have some fun at work, or your days can get very dull.

LOL, yes, thank you! But I did know you were teasing. I was just being serious, at least about the pay. :-P

Yes, I am Lacee's mom. I like to check out whoever is reading her blog because I love her so much - and want to keep her safe.

Well then, I must congratulate you! Peruse as much as you like, I have nothing to hide and everything to share. I think it's fantastic that you want to protect your daughter! That is so rare these days, yet so necessary! It really makes it hard on guys like me when we have to try and pick up the pieces too.