Friday, June 13, 2008

Manly Men and How They Talk


The past two days I've had some generally AWESOME conversations; manly conversations, that is!

Last night me and fellow blogger "Steph's Hubby" (formerly "army man") of Newlyweds talked for a little under half an hour over the phone. I had a blast (It's strange how much fun you can have just talking, isn't it?) as we talked about working out, guns, knives, and all that kind of stuff. (Nathan--Now do I really have to link you to his blog?--and I also talk about generally AWESOME topics, but our latest conversation was not exclusively "male," but usually they are very strictly, ahem, guy stuff. ;-D)

Today I had another fantabulous convo, although not quite as spectaculifuric. While at work I "ran into" a repeat customer, a very kind older gentleman of Irish stock (gotta love those Irish) who, last time I saw him, told me about the book he was reading at the time on General Douglas MacArthur (*cue epic theme song*). He had just gotten to the part about the beginning of WWII, so he promised to come back and tell us whether he wins the war on not. ;-P

Well, he just finished the Korean War now, and we discussed that for a minute or two. The best thing he said though, I can't repeat! Let's just say that it dealt with Truman vs. MacArthur, and my customer is (thankfully) not one of the people who sides with Truman. You may be able to guess what his description of HST was. :-D

This made me laugh, and I said "I agree! I agree! Amen to that!" as we laughed together some more. Then our discussion ranged from MacArthur's fantastic (and worthwhile) gamble at Incheon to the subject of the looks of Asian ladies. Strange turn, I know, but he had a reason for bringing the subject up at the time.

Talks like this always put me in a rocking mood. I generally prefer girls over men any day (well, still do!)--most guys I know are not the kind of person I'd want to get to know as a friend--but once in a while, I really enjoy manliness.

It's so rare these days that sometimes it's nice to just be men.

*raises glass to the warrior class*

The Paleo


Nathan said...

Now do I really have to link you to his blog?

Never hurts....

j/k! ;-D

our latest conversation was not exclusively "male," but usually they are very strictly, ahem, guy stuff. ;-D

Hehe.... After hearing your French accent, I need to show you my Russian one. It's gotten me into trouble more than once, but those are stories for another day. ^_^

the looks of Asian ladies

I'm not gonna lie: they're hot.

*raises glass to the warrior class*


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

No! I meant the stuff we usually talk about. ;-D

I'm not gonna lie: they're hot.

Lol. :-D


Mada said...

Ah yes; there's nothing quite like a good manly conversation. Kinda rare these days, unfortunately.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I know it, it's not a good thing either.