Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Life of a Wells Fargo Numismatist

Today something rather funny happened!

Okay, so someone who is always next to my window at work (unfortunately) is the one who usually gets the brunt of my behavior when I'm short on sleep and, what's worse, bored on top of it. ;-D

My coin collecting (should I say hoarding?) habits also are apparently somewhat...different than what most tellers indulge in (I suppose?). So today when someone mentioned "wheatie" pennies I pounced. None were to be found, but one coworker did not know what they were. Enter Spencer the Mighty Giver of Lectures!! I excitedly snatched a penny and walked over to her. (Seriously, we often have no customers in the entire building, so we have some extra time on our hands...waaay too much sometimes. :-P *que rubber bands*) However, the teller who is, uh, stuck next to me all the time dropped her head onto the counter, knowing what was coming next. :-D

So I explained to the other teller all the ins and outs of the Lincoln Memorial pennies and the old wheaties (And did you hear that the penny is in for a change? This year, I think).* I didn't have one to show her, but lo and behold the girl next to me (Let's call her Stuck Girl, whaddya say?) did! I showed the other teller, and after that almost immediately decided that I wanted this coin! 1941 freakin' penny, people! ME WANTS!!!!

So, I asked to buy it from her. (Enter the run-around. ;-P) She playfully refuses to give it to me, so I tell her I'll pay her a whole dollar for it. After a second, she decides this is not a very reasonable, and asks for a sum of twenty big ones. :-D The Other Teller quips that if I want it bad enough, I'll pay $20 for it!

So after doing this for a while, she gives in to my haggling, but won't take my dollar! That was all I had in my wallet, but she wouldn't take it. (The game continues!) Almost annoying, but really fun actually. (Sounds almost like something I would do, so as long as I got the penny, I didn't mind at all. :-D) So, I break the dollar, and show her a penny. Equal trade--right? Wrong! Now she wants a dollar instead of a penny! ARGH! I insist on the penny at this point, and I ended up getting my 1941 unmarked wheat-backed Lincoln head cent. :-) Although, if it turns out to be worth something, I have a looming threat of being robbed of it. :-D

Long story short she needed my account number for something a few minutes later, and since I don't have it memorized I pulled it up on my screen. I began writing it down...but an even better idea occured to me. I decided to extract revenge for her cruel games only moments before inflicted on this poor numismatist. :-D I grabbed a new slip of paper, and handed it to Stuck Girl. I tried so hard not to laugh (one, it would give the joke away too soon, 2, I am at work!). The number I gave her?


Yup. ;-P

And she so fell for it! She typed it in and everything! Next she paused for a second, then made sure she knew my last name right. (She couldn't find my account! Why ever not!??) About this time I started laughing soo hard (thankfully being able to keep it fairly quiet though) that I actually cried. Okay, that was the best joke I've done in a long time. It turned out to be considered funny by more than one, even her, so it was all good. I'll tell you one thing, I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. :-D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D, The Mighty Numismatist

*And we just got the John Quincy Adams dollar coins in today! Woot! (I can get anyone UNCIRCULATED coins, brand new, if anyone wants any. State quarters, presidential dollar pieces. :-P All Denver, of course.)


Alyssa, Midenian Scholar said...

That poor girl! *pats her consolingly* That sounds like jokes people would play on me. Alas, to take things at face value. :)

We had a wheatie coin once, I think. It didn't end up being worth more than like $2, but it was pretty exciting. ^-^

Stephen Boyd said...

Spencer: Are you joking again?
*looks suspicious*

I like Confederate money better. It is actually worth alot more than "yankee" money.

As for Lincoln, the Confederate Shoppe in VA does not take pennies or five dollar bills...Uh, I wonder why?...

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Alyssa: You can easily get wheaties, if you look hard enough. Go to the bank and buy a bunch (a TON) of penny rolls. They're 50 cents a roll. Open the rolls, go through them, and keep the wheaties. All you have to do to get rid of them is replace the wheaties with some other modern penny you have, and then give them back to the bank as a deposit or cash back. I do it all the time. 8-D

Stephen: No, no joke here. :-P I really did joke! :-D

Rebel money...yayuh. ^_^

Confederate Shoppe...are you kidding, or are you serious?


Stephen Boyd said...


Mada said...

Sooooo, where are you working now (please, remind me :-P )? It sounds a lot like a bank. *squints at Spencer*

Nathan said...

You can easily get wheaties, if you look hard enough.

There's a whole shelf of 'em at pretty much every grocery store around here.

Oh, wait....

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Smart-brick. ;-P

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Oh, and Mada, I work at Wells Fargo. :-P

Mada said...

I lives in little ole New Zealand, so...*checks Wikipedia*...ah yes, bank. Big bank. Big, famous bank. :-P LOL

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Well, it's only famous because of me. :-P