Friday, June 06, 2008

E.S. Posthumus, Unearthed

Prepare to be bombared with His Paleoness's nerdy enthusiasm once again. ;-D

I finally broke down and purchased E.S. Posthumus's first album, Unearthed, from a secondary seller on It came just the other day; talk about speedy Gonzalez shipping! And, ooh, was it worth it. :-D

I initially "discovered" this group (actually two German brothers, Franz and Helmut Vonlichten) when my Tae Kwon Do instructor ("Stonewall" I call him on my blog) played the song "Pompeii" at my yellow belt ceremony. I remembered the song from the Spider-Man movie trailer years back (in 2002 it must have been), and when I got the chance, asked him about it. He gave me the information, and I looked it up online, and thus, Paleo wast hooked! :-D

Seriously, though, the clips are pretty worthless. I basically bought it for "Pompeii", but you know when you can kinda tell you'll like some of the other songs on an album even though you haven't really heard them yet? Yeah, it was kinda like that. So I bought it, for just a little over $20.

"Pompeii" is one of my favorite songs now (PERIOD), "Menouthis", "Tikal", and "Nineveh" are some other great ones. (All of their songs are named after ancient cities/sites.) They're albums are very hard to find. I've looked long and hard, but finally had to go where I did to purchase it.

They're music is basically like a soundtrack. It's not a "soundtrack" to anything, a movie, or a TV show, but that's just the style of their music. Large orchestras, epic-sounding music, fantastic use of choirs, etc. Movies (such as Spider-Man) and even television shows will buy their music to use on their trailer, etc., which is why E.S. Posthumus often seems to be considered movie trailer music. For instance, the theme to Cold Case is their song "Nara".

So, if you get the chance, check it out. I liked all of the songs (literally), but especially the ones I mentioned. All four of my favorites have spectacularly epic endings. If The Warrior was a movie, then we'd have to get something like this for the trailer, seriously. Maybe the end of Menouthis, what do you say? ^_^

I can't wait to get my claws on their new album, Cartographer. *evil grin*



Stephen Boyd said...

Where's your Scottish blood?
$20 for a song???? *GASP* That is a cool song though (sounds like from the "Bourne soundtrack".....or "National Treasure")I just listened to it on seeqpod, then downloaded it for free from skreemr. :P:P:P

Btw, I am curious what your workout consists of. I have been trying some new stuff recently, and wanted to contrast it with a "professional".

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

How dare thee question my Celtic origins! j/k Hey wait...Celtic Origins...that's an Anuna album title!

Hmm, really? I only saw a bit of the first NT and HATED it, and loathed the music as well. :-/ But BI had really good music, and I enjoyed some of it...although I wonder if avoiding the music and avoiding the movie can be two separate things...hmm...

As to my workout, I'm no pro! But, how 'bout a real post to answer your question?

Stay tuned!


Stephen Boyd said...

Sounds good!

olde.fashioned said...

"Spencer: Where's your Scottish blood?"

Spencer's as frugal as any Scot! You just can't see any of his "elegant economies" online. ;-) I could tell plenty of tales of cutting open tubes to get to the products inside, wearing house shirts even when they're still full of holes, recycling, and even crushing yogurt containers lest some poor little animal should decide to stick their head in them. ;-D

I only remember the end credits song for the Bourne movies, and I do think that's good. They use it on PBS sometimes actually.

Stephen Boyd said...

Spencer: Would you mind elaborating on the "crescent attack method" you mentioned on Warskyl's blog? I have not been able to find any material on that anywhere.

As to NT, pretty good movie, but if you did not like that one DO NOT watch the Book of Secrets!!!!!!(pt. 2) You would have a heart-attack!

No matter what you say about the Bourne movies, the fight between Bourne and Desh (on the third one, which I believe you did not watch) is the best martial arts I have seen on any film!!!!

Olde Fashioned: You mean Extreme Ways? I *extremely* like that song (well, at least the intro). It makes a cool ring-tone! (btw I don't have a cell phone, that's just what I would use if I had one) :-P

olde.fashioned said...

I've seen all three of the Bourne movies, and I think they get less and less interesting as the trilogy progresses. *shrug* I thought Jason Bourne was almost borderline apathetic by the time the third movie rolls around. (and as for the fight you like, is that the one where he rescues Nikki?)

Yes, I think that's what it's called. ;-) It is a cool song, and would indeed make a good ringtone! (I do have a cell phone, and mine is Mr. Beveridge's Magot. *halo*)

Oh, and btw -- you're welcome to call me Lauren if you're sick of typing "olde fashioned" all the time. ;-D

Stephen Boyd said...

Lauren: Yes, that is the one! (though I don't know HOW IN THE WORLD they got together after the...ah...rather disturbing scene in the Supremacy (where he holds a gun to her head).

As I told Spencer earlier, there are three reasons I like that movie:

2.Cell Phones

(well....ok, I like the cars also, did I mention guns?)

olde.fashioned said...

Stephen -- you think Jason and Nikki became an item??? I was aware of the possibility of that, but I didn't think they really did. Granted, I think she was getting kind of sweet on him, and the very last scene with the news report was rather telling, but still. I think she felt sorry for him.

LOL!! Those are similar reasons to why I liked watching Alias. (horrible, I know) I like the going undercover stuff, with the wigs and the personas, and hellooooo the GADETS!!!

I also like car chase scenes. The Bourne Identity has one of the best I've seen, IMO. Have you seen The Peacemaker? The one in that is pretty good, too.

Stephen Boyd said...

"You think Jason and Nikki became an item???" I don't understand what you mean by this. I definitely think she was sweet on him.

I have thought for some time about doing a review of the trilogy, if Spencer-the-mighty-movie-reviewer refuses to!

No, I haven't seen the two movies you refer to. How are they? The next two on my list of "gun movies" are "Equilibrium" and "The Matrix".

BTW, the car chase seen in the Ultimatum (where Jason leans over in the passenger seat and wraps the seat-belt around his arm) was pushing reality a litttle bit! Of course, one may argue, with perfect legitimacy, that the whole series was unrealistic. But you must admit it is a cool series!

My favorite is the Identity, btw.

olde.fashioned said...

By "item" I mean that they liked each other, boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever. I think she was beginning to really care about him but I don't think he cared about anything anymore ever since he lost Marie.

LOL! You should. Entertaining movie reviews are always fun.

Alias was a 5-season TV show on ABC with Jennifer Garner as a spy/double agent. Not all the episodes were, ah, shall we say "watcheable"?. The Peacemaker is a George Clooney and Nicole Kidman thriller. Not quite a spy movie, but there's nothing wrong with it other than language and violence. (Not that I object to the latter.) A bunch of nuclear warheads are stolen by terrorists and they have to find them. Hanz Zimmer does the music, but it's not his finest score, IMVHO. I bet you'd like George Clooney's character. ;-D

You mean the one right after the beginning, where Marie is killed? I agree with you. And the first time I watched it I kept thinking through the whole movie that Marie was going to be brought back somehow. :-/ I think Identity's Paris/Mini Cooper chase is plausable, as movies go anyway. ;-D

Mine too. :-) He's nicer and more "human" in that one, anyway, I think.

Stephen Boyd said...

Actually the chase I referred to (the unrealistic one) is near the end of the third one.

Spencer is going to be livid when he wakes up from his sunday afternoon nap and reads our conversation in his absence!!! :P:P:P

olde.fashioned said...

Ohhhh. The one where he lets the (severely injured) guy live? I think I remember that one, but I don't recall the seatbelt thingie. Unless that was what saved him during the roll-over? It's been a while since I've seen any of these. ;-)

LOL!!! *muses* Now, let's see...what else can we talk about...*hmmm* I know! Have you seen Bleak House? :-D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

You've all forgotten what this post was about, haven't you?


Nathan said...

So Unearthed and Cartographer are both only ten bucks on iTunes... buy it there and burn the CD, and it becomes significantly easier to get ahold of.

I'm proud that I got mine for cheaper. Thanks for the tip! ;-D I'm a huge fan of crossover classical.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Yeah, I know. :-D But I have to have the actual, physical CD. Why? 'Cause I'm just wierd like that. :-)

So did you buy it?

Nathan said...

So did you buy it?

Yes sir, I did. Just Unearthed, though; I'll have to take a better look at the other one later.

olde.fashioned said...

LOL, Nathan, you apparently don't know Spencer's archival habits!! He won't even accept a burned copy of a cd that I would buy. He must have the original!! lol. It's cute. *hugs brother*

Ooh, you did? Which ones do you like best? I love Ulaid and Antissa is very relaxing to me, for some reason.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Besides Pompeii, try out Menouthis. The very end of that song is AWWWEEEEESSOOOOMME!!!

Stephen Boyd said...

Pompeii sounds similar to "The Chase", from the National Treasure soundtrack.

Nathan said...

Which ones do you like best? I love Ulaid and Antissa is very relaxing to me, for some reason.

My favorites are Lepcis Magna and Nineveh. Way cool. ^_^

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Well, yes, I know that, we talked on the....

Oh wait, that was my sister's question, never mind. :-P