Monday, May 26, 2008

WARSKYL: Guns 'n' Knives

Another fantastic post from gravelbelly. Right on, my friend!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.


Nathan said...

He made an excellent point. It was one of those "Oh snap!" moments; definitely one to remember.

The pistol disarming article was also a good read; thanks for the reference!

olde.fashioned said...

What does "Oh, snap!" mean?

Nathan said...

"Snap" is tricky to define, because it means so many things. Urban Dictionary had some good definitions; here are the best two, in my opinion:

"A word used to express a feeling of excitement generated during an unexpected or impressive event. The meaning of the word depends on its context and can range from disappointment to extreme satisfaction. The versatility of this word enables it to be used several times in a single conversation."

"(exclamatory phrase) a playful indication of surprise, misfortune, or insult. ... While derivative of 'oh no you di-int,' oh snap has more of an emphasis on playfulness and can be said by people other than those being insulted."

And the most recent use of the term on my own blog, for a contextual example:

"We actually have a good chance of getting Richard to play on our team next Saturday, too, since Jeff made him head of the elders' quorum activities committee for this event. Oh snap!"

Quite simply, it is one of the funnest exclamations being used right now.

olde.fashioned said...

lol, thank you, Nathan, for taking the time to enlighten my dullness!! I actually suspected it was a British phrase. I've seen it being used around, but it's always in so many different contexts and I hesitate to use something myself without being absolutely certain of the meaning. Your examples explain this. Thanks! :-D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Oh...I thought it meant like, crap, or darn, or something. Excuse my French....