Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sticks and Stones! ;-P

So something actually kind of funny happened last night. It would appear the, ahem, fine managers at Mervyn's are not yet done with me. You see, I am no longer welcome in the store! Haha, bear with me!

I wasn't planning on it, but I needed something and knew that Mervyn's carried it and since I couldn't find it anywhere else, I dropped by last night after TKD class to pick it up.

As I am literally being rung up, one of the managers gets in Instant Bossy Mode and says to me, "Spencer, are you shopping?" (to question the legitimacy of me being in the store). This same manager is the one who bossed me around last time. This time, I simply wasn't going to take it. I'm a human being and am no longer her grunt; I will be treated with respect, not disdain. (Long story short, our work relationship was pockmarked with little problems here and there, and I have fairly good reason to believe she stabbed me in the back multiple times. I'm not sure who the lies came from, but three different events may have been directly invented by her. But this isn't my point.)

So I replied, "What do you think she's doing? She's ringing me up." The manager literally saw this, and in fact was standing literally right next to the person who was ringing me up.

Next, she says, "Don't be smart with me."

I don't work there anymore; she has no power over me anymore. I dealt with loads of crap when I was there; I won't take any more insulting behavior from her. So, I flat-out told her, "I'm not an employee anymore." She was very displeased with this response (as I could tell) but she proceeded to ignore me.

So, I finish up, and leave. I head right for the door, and come to find out she calls to me (I'm no longer your workhorse, remember?). Wondering what she what she might think of to pull next, I stopped. And get this, this is what she says next:

"I know you don't work here anymore, but that doesn't give you the right to disrespect me. If you come and do it again, I will ask you to leave."

(She was trying to be the only one to get any words in at this point it seemed; she wouldn't allow me to break in and speak, and after finishing herself hurried past me. She was also visibly very angry.)

I was entirely finished with this place, and especially these people, a long time ago now. I won't take the crap they so loved to dump on me, and others. I calmly answered, "Go ahead."

Haha; she still thinks I'm her little toy. :-)

My visits are always received positively with the employees, but negatively with management. You see, in my later days there, I became a little bit of a problem for them, I think. I was so tired of all the crap that I began to stick up for myself, and I was somewhat the "rebel" (if you understand what I mean, don't take that out of context, I always did what I was told), and began doing what I knew to be right, which obviously flew in the face of the whole establishment there. And on top of all this I quit, making me a bit of in issue if I talk to any of their employees. :-) My visits have just about every single time have been strictly business; I always buy something. Hey, if they don't want my money, then they won't get it!

I'm so done with them, and for all they care they could try to kick me out, but on the one hand only she said this (although I clearly am unwelcome in the eyes of others in management), but I really don't need to go back, and really don't want any problems for the friends I have that are still there.

What really, really makes me mad, is that they've been picking on a friend of mine that I always see when I go there, and picking on her because of me. We were very close, and still are, and she kept me sane in all those months from last fall onwards that were so full of their shenanigans, acting as my true confidant and very very often, the only highlight of my day-to-day job; we were often tied together on the opposite side of management, and our friendship, and perhaps thus mutual loyalty, was well known. I'm going to find out if they picked on her again last night. If they did, if I had the power to do it, I might just literally (now brace yourselves, this is harsh) fire them. If anyone knows a thing about me, the last thing on this earth that you do is pick on one of my own.

Hehe, I just got an idea. If I ever got in good with Donald Trump I could have him buy out the company, and then I'd bring him waltzing in, have him point his finger at the said people and say, "YOU'RE FIRED!" ;-P Make some room, give some promotions and raises to people who can actually do a little leading for once in their lives.

The best thing I can do is steal their employees away and take them to my new job. And I've been working on that one. :-P

Ahhhh. So there's my rant for the day. ;-D


P.S. Hey...I just got another idea! She said "ask" me to leave. Hehe, they can do that all they want, but what are they really gonna do, beat me up and throw me out the door? Teehee!!!! I'd love to see the whole herd of them try that one. :-P


Nathan said...

lol, Sounds like an adventure. The management definitely sounds no good. But be careful with them even now; prospective employers may call your previous employers to get their testimonial on you (thus the reason you put that information on the application :-P). So enjoy your freedom, but do also remember that a future job could rest in the hands of these... people.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

I don't think that was the most Christian reaction.
To God be all glory,

Mada said...

Managers actually treat staff like that?! That's pretty nasty. In my opinion, they deserved all you gave them. Besides, just because you used to work for them doesn't give them any right at all to talk to you like that, if all you're doing is purchasing something.

Do the regional managers know that some of their store managers are acting like this? Perhaps you ought to write a letter of complaint to them.

olde.fashioned said...

I don't think that was the most Christian reaction.

I beg your pardon Lisa, but I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Who's reaction do you think was not Christian -- Spencer's or the manager's?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Nathan: Hmm, good point Nathan. Still, I will be treated like a human being and am seriously done with the crap.

Lisa: I must echo my sister's response before answering.

Mada: Yes, they do! And what's more, this isn't the worse I've had there. (IMO they "deserved" more than I gave them, but I try to watch my conduct. I'm way off the perfection line, but still.)

As to regional managers, maybe not. I'm not sure. I'd bet that nothing would happen though, what with a network web of cronies to go twist things around. I shouldn't say anything more than that, except that the only way I'd be safe is because I no longer work there. (OTOH, I wouldn't trust any of the district managers either.)

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Perhaps I misinterpreted the tone of your post originally. I was talking about Spencer. Obviously the manager was being unChristian, but she doesn't profess to be one, I presume.

What I was thinking - and upon reading again, I'm not sure I had the right perspective on what you were saying - is turn the other cheek, no need to get the last word. It's sad your former manager was like that, and what miserable life does she have that she gets a thrill out of bossing around former employees? How fragile her confidence.

But sure, when you said you weren't going to take it any more your response was only to answer her simply and truthfully, so I take back what I said.
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Thank you, Lisa.

olde.fashioned said...

Lisa, I don't know who or what you think you are, and I suppose that what I am about to say shall also be condemned by yourself as "unchristian" or unladylike -- but I do not care what you think.

What I do care about, however, is how you have addressed my brother in one of the most unfeeling ways imaginable. I had not thought that you would stoop to such a level, having frequented your blog in the past and read about your "lofty ideals" and a desire to have other tell you when they think you have behaved wrongly. I am telling you now.

The fact that you have judged another human being, the firmest, most devout Christian man that I have ever personally met with, (and, I might add, someone you might not be familar enough with to pass judgement on) and called him unchristian!! I am absolutely appalled, and think that you ought to be heartily ashamed of yourself for callously condemning when you ought to have offered perhaps a word of gentle encouragement. We as Christians are supposed to support one another, love one another, and help them through times of trial. The title of Spencer's entry was "Sticks and Stones" and instead of trying to be kind, sympathetic, or helpful, you chose instead to join the ranks of those hurling "sticks and stones" at someone who has suffered for months upon months of horrendous treatment at the hands of a petty and corrupt management.

You can write "I take it back" but in reality, you chose to say what you said, and have to take responsibility for your choices. This was not a face-to-face conversation where you might have slipped and voiced your opinions before you thought. This was a comment that you had ample time to consider and weigh before you clicked the submit button. I think you owe Spencer a formal apology and I would appreciate it if you would curb your condemnations in future.

Mada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mada said...

*Winces at olde.fashioned's retort to Lisa*

Ouch, a sister loyally defending her brother's honour. I can understand your reaction to Lisa's comment (and mostly agree with it), but do think that you might be acting a little harshly towards her? Most of us here understand what Spencer had to put up with and aren't critical of his reaction to being bossed around while he was a customer (I would feel and act the same way). However, someone else may see this post and think, "Golly, shouldn't he just forgive, forget and turn the other cheek?" That we may, and I won't be the judge of that, or what Spencer should or should not have done (I think that what he did was actually OK, myself).

I hope you don't mind me saying this Olde.Fashioned, seeing as I've only commented a few times before. To tell true, I believe we don't need to give Lisa a hard time over what she said. Yes, she was hasty and probably didn't think over what she was saying before posting it, but keep in mind that Lisa did retract what she said earlier, which was honourable and by far better than just deleting her comment.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Without getting into anything myself (except my thanks to my sister for her defense of me), this conversation is now closed. Any further comments will be deleted.

Sorry, but my blog isn't the place for this. No hard feelings to anyone!