Sunday, March 30, 2008

Calling all spiffy-dressed dudes

Am I the only one who hates wearing a tie? You have to take time out of your possibly rushed morning to tie something you did not want to buy but nevertheless had to spend hard-earned money on, and then it only succeeds in falling into the sink, your food, or get in your way in any way it possibly can. (And don't even think about it, pal--no one on this earth could ever get me to wear a bowtie either.) I think ties are officially pointless.

Well, here's a nice way to fix things up a little. If we can't get rid of ties altogether, lets change them! I bought a really really nice tie at the **** ****** gift shop yesterday (with fossils all over it and their generic names), and that reminded me that I'd been planning to search around online for some ties that were at least interesting to look at.

So last night I did. And look at these ties! Every tie you can possibly dream up. Dinosaur ties, Egpyt ties, Civil War, military, fish, insects, the Periodic Table of the Elements, even some Christian ones...what's not to want here? Who can't use a camouflage tie? Or a Chinese dragon, or a spider one? Or, for my job, one with dollar bills all over it?

I think I need some new ties. :-D



Nathan said...

I love ties. Look in my Maj gallery, and you'll find plenty of pictures where I'm wearing a tie. They make me feel classy, powerful, and if I may be so bold, attractive. I wear a tie when I'm at my best; a tie means I'm clean, awake, and confident.

Gah, now look what you've done! This calls for a blog post. :-P

Though I must giggle at the problems you've had wearing a tie. My ties never get in the way--not in my food, not in my sink, not anywhere I don't want them (unless the wind is blowing really hard, but I don't really mind that :-P). Of course, that could just be that I'm used to them enough that I know how to manage them. :-P

But I'm glad you found something that'll make ties more tolerable for you. Some of those ties are definitely cool. 8-)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Well one might feel classy, but I prefer the all-black look over that as well as the lack of annoying problems that ties bring. ;-P I have a specific wardrobe for that "feel." I should take a shot of it someday so you can see....

I actually haven't gotten my tie in my food, only nearly. :-D

Attractive. Hehe! :-P