Tuesday, January 01, 2008

AFOL MicahBerger's Beowulf + 95 Theses

Only AFOL's beyond this point!

...just kidding. ;-D

Behold, mighty Beowulf, the wrath of Grendel!

This rendition of the mead-hall after one of Grendel's attacks from the classic medieval and Scandinavian tale of Beowulf just blows my mind. Despite being a wild Beowulf buff and a Lego fan, the techniques and everything in this MOC are just fascinating. The hall itself is great; Grendel is not too shabby himself. The gore and death is fantastic in a morbid sort of way; I mean, have you ever seen more ABS violence depicted in a more beautiful way? Using the opaque red for blood instead of the usual choice of trans. red reminds me of the days when I did that (see
here). I eventually changed it because, one, everyone else used trans. (stupid reason, I know) and I thought that the trans. looked better anyways. The combination of the two here is fine, as well as the snakes, horn pieces and feathers used as gore. These I find truly inspiring! The 2D scene behind Beowulf and beyond the door is just plain fantastic.

And while I'm on the subject of Lego, CC-er and fellow believer in Christ Chris Wunz has done a fantastic job of retelling the posting of Martin Luther's 95 Theses in ABS plastic. The piece used for the "95 Theses" is interesting; not to toot my own horn, but I once used the piece for the very same thing!

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D.


Nathan said...

Micah's been one of my favorite builders from the time I first joined CC, and I've been watching Chris closely ever since he entered the community. They both did an awesome job with their latest masterpieces; Micah's mosaic pattern outside the door is particularly wonderful.

As for the trans-versus-opaque debate, I see opaque as more fresh, while the trans looks more like it's been out a while and has had a chance to dry. I still use trans for all my bloody needs, however, unless I really want a ton of gore. Then the snakes, horns, feathers, and other such red pieces come in handy.

Now look at me... I've got the itch to build! Curse you! ;-D

btw, Did you know that Chris is getting married? Cool stuff!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Yeah; if you want a lot of blood, no one but the biggest names in MOCing have enough trans!

And I already have the itch to build; I've recently had some serious Warrior inspiration. Now just to find the time....

Oh yeah, I heard he was getting married. I saw the MOC of it; reminds me of Steve Bishop! Chris Wunz and I were rather friendly back in the day if I remember correctly, when I was *ahem* still on CC. Too bad he's not around for me to talk to anywhere else. :-(


Nathan said...

Yeah; if you want a lot of blood, no one but the biggest names in MOCing have enough trans!

I would hardly call myself a big name in MOCing....

[/clever brag]

Seriously, though, all this Lego talk is like old times, isn't it Spence? Where have we been?! lol, You find time for the Warrior, and I'll get some of my ideas built, then we'll party like it's 2006! I'm feelin' the burn already. 8-D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Man, it does feel like old times buddy!

*enter two coots talkin' up the old days*

I've got some mega ideas up for the Warrior right now (lately I've been very inspired), and if I find the time I hope I can get to it sometime in the future. I do have two vigs from the fall to upload--I'll get on that right now, actually.... (And I did drop the comic-style--it's way too time consuming for me and has been getting less and less pleasing to me.)

And you would have been very proud of me today. I appraised a lot of used Legos, even giving exact dates for certain pieces and all sorts of stuff. I was, for a moment, an expert in my trade. 8-D

P.S. And I never said you were a big name. :-P (Although you most certainly are!)

Nathan said...

Haha, I was just saying I have a lot of trans. My trip to the Denver LEGO Store did wonders for my collection. ;-D

lol, I am proud of you! Where was the used Lego?

And I can't wait to see your new vigs. It's certainly been a while! ^_^

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

The Lego lot was shown to me by a Tae Kwon Do classmate of mine. One of the ladies that refferred me there in the first place, we got to talking a few days before Christmas and the fact that I collect Lego came out. :-P She was very interested in it all, and very much so when I told her that her son's old Legos could be worth some good cash. So, she promised to bring the container, which held the majority of the lot. Of greatest interest to me were parts from this set (http://www.brickset.com/detail.aspx?Set=6276-1), especially several of the soldiers, including the officer and his bicorn! I also did find a Forestman peasant!

And I'm sure you've already seen my newest vig. :-P