Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Update

I'm sore today. Over 60 sit-ups in TKD class, plus 225 push-ups. I'm going again tonight though; I can't any other time this week due to work, besides, it's my Master's last night.

I got a ride home from one of my TKD classmates today; I found that she listens to Kelly Clarkson. :-D So I rode home listening to Behind These Hazel Eyes. Yeah... (Oh, and another one actually gave me parts to a Lego set! It's the Bionicle Sidorak set, not sure how much is there--it was from her son's friend--but it looks like most of it, one polybag isn't even opened.)

Still working on the job front, though. Hoping.... If no one minds, prayers please?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spencer News

So, Week #2 of job hunting. I've lately been denied at two more places, but have around seven more possibilities lined up. I'm in the midst of Plans B and C (yes, I formulated one!) all at once. If that fails, I'll have to come up with something....

I've got some ideas in my head, not sure if they'll work though. They'll be last-ditch, though.

And bad news on the TKD front; my master is leaving my school. I'm upset at the news as I will always have fond memories of learning under his instruction. I guess all good things come to an end? Well, at least my instructor (aka "Stonewall") isn't leaving; I think I'd about die if he did.

Paleo out

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Death of Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley

I have feelings of regret and sorrow. Anything I have to put in words I've decided not to say.


In Christ,



Quick, look at Google! Quick, quick!

A Hearty Welcome

Behold, oh readers of my mighty blog, Books, Bones, Bricks and Bullets! My baby sister hath arrived on the scene! (See title for link.)

Let's all wish her a hearty welcome!

King Spencer

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Tragic Day for...

...all lovers of Celtic Woman.

Today, my friends, I have to say, as awful as it is, Meav ni Mhaolchatha has left Celtic Woman. It's a day that I've lived in fear of for a long time now, but I guess it was bound to happen. I'll miss her terribly; I mean, without her, we would never have had Dulaman! And what about I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, one of the most beautiful songs ever sung?

Apparently this was all known back in the summer, but I just heard about it today (see here)

On the other hand, it looks like we have two new additions to the group. It seems like only one is official so far, from what I gathered by only a quick web surf:

Alex Sharpe (official)
Lynn Hilary
And it's Meav's birthday today! Happy birthday, oh emerald lady of great talents!

Perhaps Lynn Hilary is just a fill-in for Lisa Kelly, who is on maternity leave from their tours (she'll be having a third child--I think she needs a girl this time!). It looks like Alex Sharpe will be permanent.

I have to say, as impressed as I was with their last (but unfortunately temporary) addition to the group, New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra, I'm still very upset that Meav is leaving. I'm not happy, and I'll miss her terribly. She, along with all the fine ladies of Celtic Woman, have provided me with fantastic music that has come to mean so very much to me.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Meav, for all you've done for your loyal fans. You've given us four spectacular years of fantastic euphoria. You will be sorely, sorely missed! God bless, and may you meet with nothing but success in your future solo career!


I think I'm going to go cry now.



PALAEOBLOG: Born This Day: Roy Chapman Andrews

Whoo! Time for this shack to return to paleo-ness!

Happy birthday, RCA! ;-D

Dr. Paleo

Friday, January 25, 2008

An Alert to all Believers

I don't know what others may do or have done; all I know is, is that I just contacted Commissioner Paredes.

It's about time we did something.

The ICR's email newsletter, in full (with only format adaptations, done by myself):

ICR News -- Prayer Alert for Graduate School!


JANUARY 15, 2008

Dear Friends of ICR,

As you may know from recent editorials and feature articles that have appeared in many of the national newspapers, ICR has been castigated for attempting to teach "religion" as science in our Master of Science degree program in Science Education. I wanted to give you some background on these reports so that you might pray in a more informed manner for the ministry and those involved in this effort.

Controversy regarding our ministry is not new in itself, and the Lord has given us victory on many fronts since 1970, but the event that triggered this recent uprising was our formal application to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) for approval to offer our graduate degrees in the state of Texas (something we have done in California since 1981). ICR Graduate School received a favorable report from a THECB-fielded visiting team and subsequent approval from an "Advisory Committee" of the THECB. The press, however, along with the secular academic community, exploded in a vitriolic effort to denigrate ICR and the Commissioner’s office.

As a result of the intensely negative campaign, ICR was "summoned" to a meeting this past Thursday (1-10-08) with the Commissioner and his staff to "answer questions" in preparation for the formal board meeting to consider our application for approval. While mostly cordial and responsive (due certainly to the prayers of the many who were directly praying for that meeting), the Commissioner has requested that ICR supply a rather large amount of additional information to verify that we do indeed teach science and that the ICRGS Master’s Program is indeed teaching at a graduate level.

This, of course, we are glad to do. ICR is pleased to respond to any effort to demonstrate its compliance and its competency in the fields that we teach. Our plans now are to prepare the extra material and provide the requested documentation in time for the April 2008 meeting of the THECB.

Please pray for us. This is, obviously, a huge undertaking for ICR—but, more importantly, it is a major frontal shot aimed at the bow of the whole issue before the Texas Education Agency (TEA), which will be considering the Science Education Standards for Texas in a meeting later this month. That is important because Texas is often the front-runner in such changes across the nation. Texas has long led the nation in textbook standards, and has been the scene of a recent battleground over science texts. Thus, ICR and the THECB have become the "test case" in this battle now on the front burner in Texas education and politics.

- Pray for the THECB Commissioner, Dr. Raymund Paredes, and his staff, that they will see the difference between experimental science (laboratory research) and forensic science (interpretations of present data about historical events). ICR teaches exactly the same experimental science as any university, but we have a very different perspective when it comes to forensic science (origins, pre-history). Pray that such distinctions will be made clear.

- Also pray that we (and any who write to the Commissioner on our behalf) will remain gracious and truthful in our responses.

- Pray, too, that ICR will be able to prepare both sufficient and clarifying materials to the THECB that will encourage them to grant approval for us to continue the work of the ICRGS without restrictions.

Finally, if you would feel comfortable writing a kind note of encouragement to Dr. Paredes thanking him for his attempt to be fair in our evaluation, and also expressing your support for the Christian perspective of origins (a better word than creation), it may help Dr. Paredes understand that there are substantial numbers of educated people in this nation who are not persuaded by the evolutionary theories of life.

The address for the THECB is as follows:

Dr. Raymund Paredes
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
1200 East Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78752-1743

Email for Dr. Paredes is

Thank you for taking time to read this and to pray.

Dr. Henry Morris III
CEO, Institute for Creation Research

SWAT Team Invades Family’s Home: Who’s to Blame?

A sign of things to come...?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got turned down at both Starbucks and the sandwich place.

Crummy. On to Plan B. If that doesn't work, I'll have to formulate a Plan C, because I don't have one yet.


Monday, January 21, 2008

An Update (for no other reason)

So, today I began the task of hitting up all the prospective jobby places around my neighborhood.

I hated doing it. I'm not quite sure why, maybe because it's out of my comfort zone, but it was very uncomfortable for me. I got better at it as I tried place after place, but still I don't find this fun. And filling out applications? Ugh. Well, at least I have two possibilities that might work with my schedule; Starbucks, and a sandwich place. I know, not the greatest places, but what can I do? I'll go for Round 2 tommorrow, and then that will lay out my options for me. Then I'll put in my applications, and see what happens.

In other news, while out job hunting, I fell in love (for a second time), and got attacked by a shrimp.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

PZ Meyers of Pharyngula on Feminism and the Decline of Organized Religion in Canada

(A break from my current paleo and personal run.)

No, this isn't another cross-post from LAF. This is serious stuff.

I'm linking the blog Pharyngula. (Don't click on that link, by the way.)

A so-called "science blog" run by PZ Meyers, I don't read it for my own amusement.

I'll let the subtitle of PZ's blog tell you in so many words: "Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal".

Yes. That's right. He just called himself a "godless liberal". Well, at least he's being honest.

I've avoided linking or posting any of his things before due to all of this. His blog is rabidly anti-Christian, bigoted against Creationism and all things therein, and, even at times, sexually explicit. You might wonder why I read his blog, then. Well, it's a little thing I call "opponent research"--in essence, what good general in history ignores the strategy of his enemy? That's right, none of them. So, to keep up on the enemy, I read his blog. It's an interesting view into the Evolutionist academia. It at least keeps me up to date on what the opposition is up to; as I said, it's not a blog I recommend.

So why now?

Well, it's for that same reason of keeping tabs on the enemy that I post this now. This article he's found is very, very interesting. It's downright tragic, in my honest opinion, although not surprising. Feminism, hurting the church? Now there's a novel idea. Mrs. Jennie Chancey of Ladies Against Feminism, or LAF as I referred to them earlier as, (note: content of this site is advocated!) recently sent me the book she co-wrote with fellow sister-in-Christ Stacy McDonald, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. I'm now reminded of the part that I found while skimming, where she tells of her experiences as a confused, so-called "Christian feminist." She's seen the evils this immoral and Godless philosophy containts. Thanks be to God, she has seen the light (off-topic, I once had an experience like this, although unrelated), and now fights the good fight as a beautiful example of what true Biblical womanhood really is.

Back to PZ and his blog. A strong warning of reader caution is due here; if you already are not liking the sounds of this, don't even visit his blog. I certainly don't advocate his views in any way (and I'm sure he'd feel the same way about mine), but rather I'm posting this and saying that I don't advocate his views, if that sounds sensible.

Here's what PZ himself has to say (note he's lauding what I'm now decrying):

The North looks ever more attractive....The numbers of church members is simply plummeting up there, a state we can only dream of bringing to pass here in the US (numbers are declining here, too, but we can hope that this is an inevitable descent and that Canada is only leading us by a few years.)

And an excerpt from the article itself:

But it is impossible to refute or underemphasize the fact that religion was suddenly confronted in the 1960s by changes in the social construct of gender and a resulting severing of the centuries-old linkage between Christian piety and femininity.

Women — the traditional mainstays of institutional religion — in huge numbers abruptly rejected the church's patriarchal exemplar of them as chaste, submissive "angels in the house" with all of the social and moral responsibility for community and family but none of the authority.

Unable to find acceptable religious role models or religious ideals that were not painful or oppressive, they reconstructed their identities as secular and sexual beings.

As they progressed into university graduate and professional schools and entered the work force, their horizons broadened and they discovered ways of serving that were more valuable than doing dishes and running church picnics.

Birth control gave them the deliberate choice to be sexual, to move out of enslavement to fertility, to delay and limit the size of families. Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical, Humanae Vitae (On The Regulation of Birth), shocked even loyal Canadian Catholics by upholding the church's ban on contraception.

Callum Brown, a Scottish church sociologist, describes what took place in the churches in the 1960s and 70s — especially in Western Europe and Canada — as a "hemorrhaging of young women."


But with research showing mothers to be the prime influencers of their offspring's religious behaviour, it remains the rejection of the church by young women 40 years ago that was so catastrophic. Their children never came through the doors.

Feminism, anyone?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

P.S. I think Dr. Meyers needs the prayers of the people of God!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Turn

Well, do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Good? Okay.

I got the answer from my store manager (about whether or not I can have Saturdays off). Yeah, that's the good news.

The answer: no.

That's the bad news.

So...that means my days as a Mervyn's employee are at an end. I'm going to have to get a new job. Not so easy. I have no car, so my options are all limited to what's within walking distance. Not so good. And it's all retail. Bad if I want weekends off. (I absolutely refuse to violate the Ten Commandments and work on Sundays. As I said in so many words to Nathan today, it's not a good idea to break your end of the bargain when you want help from God.) So, I'm going to hit up just about every place around here that I can get a job at.

You know, the worst part about it is, leaving. It might sound funny now, but I really, really don't want to leave. I've become seriously attached to a precious few, and the prospect of leaving is already proving painful. That's the worst part of it, for me (at least so far). I hate it with a passion when people leave (well, depending on the person, of course), and now I'm going to be doing it myself. But...I've worked so hard to get where I'm at, right now. Just talking in terms of recent months, I've stuck through shoes, held out when lies and misconceptions were being tossed around about me, learning Jewelry, waiting until our fine example of a manager left after Christmas (and with only a few days left of dealing with them left, this happens). Ugh. Oh well, I guess it's just time to move on. There's nothing I can do.

I won't work Sundays.
Management won't be flexible.
I need this internship. I want this internship.

This is my future we're talking about. So, I have no choice but to put in my two weeks when I've found another job. The tricky part.... Then, when that's all settled, I'll get the fun task of saying goodbye to everybody, for good. Of course I'll drop in often (emphasis on the often), but it's still...different.

I don't want anyone worrying too much about me, but if you have a minute with nothing better to do, I would appreciate it if you'd lob a prayer or two in my direction.

I know what I have to do. That's pretty good, now isn't it? Could be worse, at least. Well, anyhow, I'm not letting this slog me down. No way. This dream is mine, and I'm not letting this top me. Sure, this is gonna hurt, but what else can I do? Time to get nitty and gritty.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

And the Paleo-ness Just Won't Stop....

"Amazing" Dino Fossil Found With Skin, Tissue in China

The finding could also cast further doubt on a theory that had gained many proponents in recent years—the possibility that dinosaurs had primitive feathers, suggesting that some are the ancestors of today's birds.

Lingham-Soliar argues that the parrot lizard was adorned with bristles of collagen fibers, not early feathers.

"What is unexpected is the 40-plus layers of collagen, which even in thinner-skinned meat-eating dinosaurs would comprise many layers of fibers with the potential of being misidentified as proto-feathers," Lingham-Soliar said.

Well, that could explain a lot of it. I wonder if it's actually in their skin or on top of it as well. The fibers may look like they are on the outside (think Sinosauropteryx prima, but that could be due to disruption during fossilization, perhaps? I don't know, just an arm-chair observation.

Bull-Size Rodent Discovered -- Biggest Yet

Now that's one big hamster.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dinos back in the day

Sunday night I decided to drag out an old video that I'd had since I can remember. A series of videos hosted by Gary Owens and Eric Boardmen, they all center around dinosaurs and things like that (I only had three out of I believe four total). I remember loving them to death and watching them over and over again. Designed for children (and with the unfortunate Evolutionary bias of course), they still have some interesting parts, such as footage from museums, etc. The highlight of the series was, in my opinion, the video Prehistoric World. This one is not about dinosaurs, but "prehistoric" (as they say) mammals. (For interest, here's one on eBay)

The reason I watched it was because the bulk of the half-hour show takes place in the Page Museum. I watched it last time we went to the museum. I know the show is for kids, but I like to see the museum, plus, I admit it, it brings back some great childhood memories. I'd forgotten how fun the videos were; I found myself laughing more than once with the wacky guest characters and funny occurences as Gary and Eric tried to "keep the show going." I'm not one of those people who sits and reminisces about their own past, but I did find watching this quite a fun little take-back to when I was a kid. I really had some fun with this one (I especially love the guy at the museum's front desk!) Yeah, Eric Boardman is a little annoying at times, but Gary Owens is always great no matter how silly. Plus a cute little skit from the "future" has "Eric and Gary" (as I always called them as a boy) old and living in a retirement home (you'd have to see it to get how funny it is).

Last night I watched the other two, More Dinosaurs, and Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs. Not as good as the other two and not quite as fun (or maybe that's just me since Prehistoric World was always my favorite as a kid), I still had a good time with it. The desk guy from the Page appeared in Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (I didn't even remember that!), and Gary's house in More Dinosaurs might be a good indicator of what my own will someday look like.

I did, however, remember the cheesy yet fun music to the videos. Man, I haven't watched these other two shows in years, absolute years. That was fun.

I promise to get all my photos from the museum uploaded soon. In the meantime, here are some shots of my creepy self taken at the museum.

Me in front of the famous Dire Wolf skull wall.

The storage room. Oh yeah! 8-)

Dr. Paleo

P.S. I have some questions for my Utah readers now, from watching More Dinosaurs. Is Vernal, Utah really wild about dinosaurs? Like, insanely?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PALAEOBLOG: Baryonyx (with a fish)

Not surprising news, but fascinating to say the least. Fits my current mood well.

The Paleo

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Went to the pits. And, oh, was it amazing. Spent a small fortune at the gift shop though, grrr.

Expect a full post...eventually.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Navy official: Ship fired warning at Iran boat

When snow falls in Baghdad ...

What the...?

Gustave has Returned

I'm not sure if anyone here remembers, or even knew about, the giant killer crocodile of Burundi. Several years ago a serious attempt was made to catch him. I remember watching the PBS special of the expedition. I remember wondering if this was some sort of "living fossil" as Gustave had strange "crests" on his skull the program's scientists had said. Their special cage had been destroyed one night in a storm (by Gustave himself?), and Gustave was never seen again. Perhaps he had gotten caught, broken free, and then died of his wounds?

Well, no. He's back. And he still has an appetite for humans. Grendel is not dead; he has returned.

Let's catch this beast; for human safety as well as science. We've got a chance of a lifetime here. Let's go at it, no-holds-barred.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Sir Edmund Hillary, Everest Pioneer, Dies at 88

God rest his adventurous soul.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Newest Way....

...yet another Godless philosophy is being promoted in fantasy.

You may have heard about the recent release of the film, The Golden Compass. While many view this movie to be nothing more than "harmless fantasy" my opinion is the same as it always is on issues like this. Originally the first book in a three-part series called His Dark Materials by one Philip Pullman, these "children's" books may now take it's place amongst Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the like.

Below I will quote excerpts of thus excellent article by Lee Duigon on the Chalcedon Foundation's website (click on this post's title for the link).

Satanism for Young Readers: A Review of His Dark Materials
Lee Duigon


Showered with awards on both sides of the Atlantic; promoted enthusiastically within the public schools; hailed as the greatest children’s entertainment since Harry Potter first bestrode a broomstick; converted into a major Hollywood movie just in time for Christmas: you’ve got to admit Mr. Pullman’s trilogy suddenly has a lot going for it.

But before you run out and buy His Dark Materials as a Christmas present for your twelve-year-old, there’s something important you should know about it.

Philip Pullman has been anything but bashful about his atheism. He proudly proclaims it whenever he spots a microphone.

The message of his books, however, is not atheism.

It’s satanism.

We’re not talking about pop-culture satanism here, a bunch of dolts in black robes dancing around a pentagram. This is real satanism.


In The Amber Spyglass, Pullman shows his young readers a God who has aged, grown weak and senile: He is a picture of “terrifying decrepitude” (p. 354), a “poor thing! … Demented and powerless” (p. 366). As soon as the children cut him out of his crystalline life-support system, this poor excuse for a god simply dies, dissolves into atoms blowing in the wind.


“I thought physics could be done to the glory of God, till I saw there wasn’t any God at all and that physics was more interesting anyway. The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake, that’s all.”

Can you imagine what kind of hot water he’d be in if he said Islam was a mistake? Or feminism, gay rights, or global warming? But if you single out Christianity for disrespect, the American Library Association and all the other award-givers will beat a path to your door.


By way of warning to parents, the two children then go on to have sex together.

And finally....

Are we making too much of this? Is there really any danger that children who would otherwise grow up to be Christians will be deflected into atheism by reading Pullman’s fantasies? After all, “it’s just a story, isn’t it?”

Sure, and Desperate Housewives is just a television show, and you should let your children watch it. While you’re at it, let your twelve-year-old daughter watch Girls Gone Wild, and let your twelve-year-old son watch dogfights.


We cannot conceive of a single reason for a Christian parent to put these books into the hands of a Christian child.

Can you?

I rest my case without even having to make it myself.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. / Spencer

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Boy am I sick today.

Yesterday it was a serious chore to get through eight hours at work. Today, I'm even worse. I don't think I've been this sick in four or five years, maybe more. I was in bed today for about sixteen hours (minus the time I spent vomiting over the toilet at 5:30 this morning)! I was absolutely disgusted when I woke up to find that it was four o'clock in the afternoon! I still couldn't get up until almost five.

My mom got it first, then my sister, then me, and now my dad. It seems to be some strange combination of fever and cough, and almost flu. I had to call out today, which is not good, both because I'm out the money and I get demerit points. Well, at least I'm well enough to be here on the computer right now. I'll live, it just is annoying that I've slept so much. Of all things, I hate to sleep my day away.


Friday, January 04, 2008

The Warrior: Dragon Men: A Lego Vignette

Behold, the Warrior has returned!

With a new glider pack added to his high-tech gadgetry, The Warrior spends some time "on the beat" in the air. Little does he know that hunting him are three strange, dragon-like flying men.

Assaulted with ferocity unsurpassed amongst the Warrior's previous foes, these three men, apparently all working together, attempt to blast or shoot him down, and, thus, end his days as his city's protector.

The battle rages on into a back alley behind a strip mall. The foursome swoop around a cell phone tower, engaging the black-clad hero with vicious tenacity. He, with his high-powered rifle, battles back with equal courage.

The Warrior and the dragon men:
The Warrior
Dragon man 1
Dragon man 2
Dragon man 3

Dragon man blasting away with his laser blaster

The cell phone tower

The brick wall

The entire gallery

Comments and criticism welcome!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

AFOL MicahBerger's Beowulf + 95 Theses

Only AFOL's beyond this point!

...just kidding. ;-D

Behold, mighty Beowulf, the wrath of Grendel!

This rendition of the mead-hall after one of Grendel's attacks from the classic medieval and Scandinavian tale of Beowulf just blows my mind. Despite being a wild Beowulf buff and a Lego fan, the techniques and everything in this MOC are just fascinating. The hall itself is great; Grendel is not too shabby himself. The gore and death is fantastic in a morbid sort of way; I mean, have you ever seen more ABS violence depicted in a more beautiful way? Using the opaque red for blood instead of the usual choice of trans. red reminds me of the days when I did that (see
here). I eventually changed it because, one, everyone else used trans. (stupid reason, I know) and I thought that the trans. looked better anyways. The combination of the two here is fine, as well as the snakes, horn pieces and feathers used as gore. These I find truly inspiring! The 2D scene behind Beowulf and beyond the door is just plain fantastic.

And while I'm on the subject of Lego, CC-er and fellow believer in Christ Chris Wunz has done a fantastic job of retelling the posting of Martin Luther's 95 Theses in ABS plastic. The piece used for the "95 Theses" is interesting; not to toot my own horn, but I once used the piece for the very same thing!

From TBB

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Mob burns Kenyans seeking refuge in church

When will the people of this world stop this senseless butchery of their fellow men?

...when Jesus comes back, that's when.