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Hello, friends!

So, it's time for one of my promised updates.

Christmas was great. I got a lot, and was able to give a little too. Here's what I got:

Recon Tanto knife
Glacier Bay knife
Stealth Ranger Knife
M-Tech Spider folder knife
Fury folder knife
Stealth Boot knife
Nepalese mini Kukri knife
WWII British bayonet
Pack of three dummy grenades
The Replacement Killers DVD
Dragon bookends
Army blanket
Masters of the Battlefield by Julian Thompson book

Stocking Stuffers:
9 365 Organic Fruit Strips
4 Panda raspberry confection bars
Slim Jim
Goldfish crackers
Shoe polish applicator
2-pack of Listerine pocket sprays
Germ-X hand sanitizer bottle
Mouth floss
Lotion pocket bottle
Cocoa butter
Lint roller 2-pack
Sudoku puzzle book
2 pairs of gloves

(This all may sound rather weird but I love it all. I use the Listerine at work as well as the lotion bottle, the hand sanitizer and the chapstick, and the lint roller is good for when I'm getting ready. The gloves are cloth and are for the cocoa butter (which is a kind of lotion). Basically, in the winter I slather on the stuff and then put gloves on to keep the stuff on me. Then I sleep in them. It helps my terribly dry, cracking, and sometimes even bleeding hands. And the food? I have to explain what that's for?)

A picture of it all:

Everything is laid out there; I know some of it's hard to see, but mostly that's because the blanket (which is black with the Army seal on it and stuff like tanks, HUMVEEs and "Be all you can be" and "An army of one" all over it), made by my sister, is the backdrop. Here are a few better pictures.

A few days before Christmas I found a strange package in the mail. It was addressed to me, but I had no idea what it was. Then I saw "Utah"...then a certain company name that rang a bit of a bell with me. ;-P I open it up and come to find out, there's a present in it with a card in Amy's handwriting (Amy of Diary of Jane blog) that says not to open until Christmas! Befuddled and extremely touched, I put it under the tree. Fast forward to the 23rd. I'm out shopping, and find this history book I've never seen before, but is part of a series that I collect. (Basically every page has some sort of pullout, a map, or whatever. They're fantastic.) I was about to buy it but found another, and then thought better of spending any more money than I had that day. I put them back with the thought of, "I must buy you someday!" in my head. I was shocked when, on Christmas morning, I opened it to find that it was the very same book--Masters of the Battlefield by Julian Thompson! You gotta admit, Amy's the best. :-D

Without going on and on about it's indescribable greatness, if you haven't seen this movie...go out and do so right now!!!

My sister's gift to me--a complete surprise, and right up my alley! Dragon bookends--both my specialty. 8-) These little nasties now guard the bookshelf at the foot of the stairs that has recently become mine. As the only part of the house that contains my stuff but isn't within the boundaries of my room, these two reptilian monsters will kill, eat or fry anyone who so much as thinks about touching my prized book collection. Goooood little dragons. :-P

If you can see them, here are the three grenades, the bayonet (actual WWII British surplus, mind you) and the Nepalese kukri knife. A note about the kukri--this one is very very small, but is still the same shape of the larger ones. Used as far back as the 1800's (just to my own inferior knowledge), they still inspire the design of knives made today. Mine's authentic. 8-)

Beauty and the blade. ;-) My mom wasn't too keen on these, but I ended up winning that one.

Ahh...the Recon Tanto! The one thing I wanted most this year...beautiful, with a touch of samurai and yet still very Special Ops-ish, big, and, most of all, black, I just love this knife. It's almost long enough to be considered a sword--the thing's got an actual back sling! (Anyone want to see pictures with it on me?) It's just beautiful. The Japanese-style wrappings on the handle are a major plus, and are very comfortable to grip as well. Here's a view of them:

The Stealth Ranger! Another Spec. Ops/Samurai style knife, this one's much shorter but also thicker and one nasty brute. To keep him tame there's an ABS sheath (yes, it's definitely ABS, :-P). Here's a pic of the simulated rayskin--another samurai sword trait--under the wrappings.

Ah, a boot dagger! Stylish yet tough enough to take a beating, this sweet baby's double edges are very sharp. To top her off, you get a beautiful leather sheath with a strap to button over the knife. That way, no one can ever take your knife. 8-)

Ahh...just my style, don't you think? :-D

I'm not sure if anyone noticed yet, but I generally like my blades black. <_< This one combines that plus with the olive drab army feel. This one is really sharp--so sharp, that when trying to rub away some small marks on the blade that came from me testing the blade on a box, I accidentally cut my fingers in two places. But the thing is, I didn't even notice it until I found skin on the blade. The blade's edge was so fine that I didn't even bleed, and you could barely see that any skin was missing on me at all, the cut had been so thin! I didn't even feel anything till it stung slightly the next day. The marks are still unfortunately on the blade but aren't too bad; they're small, I'm just picky. :-P I got a nice story out of it, though.

And this!?!? This baby was a bonus--they sent it with my parent's order, for free! (This order was from Atlanta Cutlery--gotta love the Southern hospitality!) Obviously not too pricey, she's still very much a workhorse. Lightweight, yes, but what, with the serrated rope cutter on the blade and the good, strong locking mechanism, this sweetheart will definitely prove to be useful to me.

I'll have to work on getting all these guys names. ^_^

And, with that, I'm outta here. What did you guys get?


Bhutto Assassinated

Officials: Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Bhutto killing

Where Bhutto's Death Leaves the U.S.

Bhutto's body flown home

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It's that time of year again

Well, I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. Things have been probably busier than I can ever remember around here. I've got some things to post (mainly my TKD belt test update), but, right now, all I'm going to say is....

Merry Christmas! Remember why we celebrate this day.


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E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii

Thanks to "Stonewall" my TKD instructor, I've recently discovered this song (or rather re-discovered it since I have before heard and liked it very much), and now I'm posting it here, regardless of the video.

So, shall we meet death with a smile, or a narrowed brow?

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Another News Round

It's about time for one, don't you think?

Congress passes Va. Tech-inspired gun bill
Paleo's Comments: Well, since Mr. Bush is in the habit of vetoing so many bills, perhaps he'd like to veto this one?

Torture house, mass graves discovered in Iraq

Romney: Man of Year choice 'disgusting'
Paleo's Comments: For once, Mr. Romney, I have to agree with you.

Romney ad attacks Huckabee as soft on crime

Paul keeps donation from white supremacist

How do you talk to kids about Britney's sister?
Paleo's Comments: Ladies and gentleman, this is where "America the Beautiful," land of the free and home of the brave, is going.

Julia has three mommies
Paleo's Comments: You know, I have to say, I agree with Miss Nebraska.

DavidWarrenOnline: ESSAYS ON OUR TIMES: Priscilla

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

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Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis

Ladies and gentleman, history has just been made before our very eyes. Paleo history, that is.

A good dinosaur buff might have questioningly noticed my title. "What is this Paleo guy's problem today? There is only one Carcharodontosaurus species--C. saharicus!"

Well, my good readers, not any more.

Massive New Meat-Eating Dino Had "Steak Knife" Teeth

Apparently we have two species of Carcharodontosaurus now. Boy, were dinosaur predators ever so big!

I'm kind of in a pleasant kind of shock. Kudos to anyone who questioned me at first.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. out

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Gunman killed after opening fire at church


Words are of little use....

We do have an illustration of the importance of carrying firearms, even if the mention seems untimely.

A Line in the Sand

Born today in 1809:

William Barret Travis, commander of the Texas troops at the battle of the Alamo.

Gunman kills 2 at missionary training center

They simply won't stop, will they?

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PALAEOBLOG: The Palaeoblog Holiday Gift Guide

I couldn't resist posting this here. Despite having a few things on the list that do not interest me, I have a few of the things on it.


Spencer (aka Paleo)

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I made it!

I'm back home from my test. I won't officially know if I passed until Wednesday, but, I have to say, I certainly don't have a bad feeling about it.

It went well. Very well. 8-)

Spencer (the yellow belt?)


Well, today is the day of my yellow belt test. It's at 5:30 PM.

I had to write an essay (I'll try to get it on here for you to read) on respect, prepare for weeks, and pay a $50 fee, but it'll all be worth it. ...if I pass, that is.

Stonewall has done everything he can to make me feel better about it, and I'm confident that I can do everything. I know what the testing will be, so I know I can do what I'll have to. My only qualm is that I might mess up, even though I can do it under normal circumstances.

I already had my "Basic" belt stripe, and on Monday the 26th earned my "Form" stripe. The next night, I got my "Breaking" and "To Test" stripes. I was officially ready.

This is more emotional...more caught up in me than it would seem to many people.

So, wish me Godspeed instead of luck, and toss a few prayers my way if you have the chance to worry about me. ;-D

Spencer the white belt

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Police: Nine killed in shooting at Omaha mall, including gunman

Again, can someone please remind me why we aren't supposed to carry firearms?

Oh ! to make it easier for monsters to commit atrocities like this, is that it?

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