Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007



Friday night in sparring class I screwed up my leg. I didn't notice too much until I was walking home, and even then it didn't seem like much.

It was worse yesterday; we were so busy at work I had lots of reasons to run around--of all days to have a limp! My run is absolutely ridiculous, and I probably look insane going up the stairs. I'm having to hoist my leg (it's the right one) up onto the couch or anything I want it on. I had trouble washing my foot in the shower this morning. Grrrr!

So now I might have to miss some classes until this clears up. Forget the pulled muscle itself (or whatever it is), missing class is what annoys me!



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The "Jacobs" Photos

Yes, people, a new set of photos have come out. Sasquatch photos.

Amazing. Something told me to go to the BFRO's website yesterday...and wow. What a treat. I don't want to jump to any conclusions until this is verified, but it still looks good so far.

BFRO forum threads here, here, and here.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And it burned with fire....

Most of you have probably already heard about the devastating wild fires going on in the southern part of my state (the part of California I live in). In this post I'll tell you my perspective.

Thanks be to God, the many fires are nowhere near me. But the effects and proofs are there. The sky has been darkened by smoke and ash and all manner of filth. The weather is fairly hot right now to begin with, and the added issues of a very unhealthy air quality make things difficult. Right now my house feels boiling inside (it's a temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit in my room alone right now), and since the air is so nasty we can't even open the windows to get any relief, not that air would provide any anyway. People's noses and throats are dry (two of my coworkers have already had nose bleeds, perhaps because of the weather), and there is simply no relief from this, inside, or out. Even at work the air conditioning was turned off yesterday due to smoke coming inside the building we were told. At least they turned it on for at least part of the day today. Generously, we are being allowed to break the normal rules of no water with you while you are working; a welcome relief in even normal conditions.

It all started Sunday. My family took a day trip out to my Grandma's house, in Riverside County (for interest, I live in Orange County, very near the beach). The wind was wild; my father said he felt resistance on even our low-slung car. The winds blew clouds of dust, dirt and sand onto the freeway, and pebbles bounced off of our windshield in little gusts on more than one occasion. When we arrived, I found my Grandma watching the local news, which was covering fires which I had as yet been unaware of. We get fires every summer out here, and usually it's no biggie to someone like me who lives far enough away from it to be unaffected. When we left I still was unaware of the volume and gravity of these (as there turned out to be more than one, the exact number I don't even know) fires, but as we drove home, past the Portola hills area, we actually were able to see flames. My mother became somewhat concerned at this point (her brother, my uncle, lives in a very nice house up there), and called my Grandma to see what was going on with him; she had to end the call quickly, since my grandmother was already talking with my uncle. He and his wife were in the midst of packing up and voluntarily evacuating. (Yesterday even my store manager had to leave to take care of her house and animals I heard, which delayed my jewelery certification till today, although one that I didn't mind under the circumstances. And we weren't the only ones with stories of evacuations, either.) As far as I know, my uncle's house is still all right, and so is my manager's.

In San Diego it seems to have hit the worst; Qualcomm stadium (I believe that is where the Padres play) is filled with "refugees" if you will. Supposedly around one million people have fled their homes (I'm not sure what areas this number includes). CNN carried an article on their website's homepage about us yesterday I noticed, and even BBC World News on PBS had a story on the situation. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency; the military is aiding us with aircraft (I've heard something about some sort of problem about Orange County not getting enough aircraft to make fire retardant drops and the like), and apparently firefighters from neighboring states Arizona and Nevada are being requested. A Tae Kwon Do classmate of mine had her husband, a police officer, sent up there as well. Even the offices of the respected Institute for Creation Research, I was notified by email just tonight, are threatened by fire, which worries me. (They even have a museum down there!)

The matter seems only to be worsening, and with the extremely high winds things show no immediate signs of abating. The wind has blown piles of leaves everywhere, snapped branches off of trees, and tossed pine cones about. Even my association's pool has a bottom filled with what appears to be dirt and leaves, and likely any other debris it so violently grabbed on to. To illustrate just how strong the wind is (the other night I heard it was around 80-90 mph, although this speed may have changed as the wind seems a little less violent, at least in my city), Sunday night, in order to see the fire near my uncle's house from some high vantage point somewhere near me house, I asked my dad to drive me to a nearby park that's always on my jogging path. (I like to go there to use a tall pole to increase sheer strength and climbing skill--the pole is such that you have to use arm strength only to go up it--or to practice Tae Kwon Do once in a while, and besides, as I said it's right in my path.) I got out of the car and was greeted by vicious winds, which whipped sand and dust into my face and eyes and threatened to snatch away my glasses (which I began to hold on to at this point). I climbed to the highest spot on the playground jungle gym but still could not see the fire (although if I got high enough I know I could have--it was not beyond the eye's reach), but the winds seemed even stronger up there. With next to nothing to grab on to and the wind threatening to grab me, I realized at this point that it was time to get down. At this time a headache set in that didn't really leave me until this morning, and still it lingers a little as I speak.

The weather is still nasty. The sun's light is an orangeish color, which gives the uneasy feeling of some sort of apocalyptic event. It feels...eerie...almost...hellish. The smoke and ash, yesterday only lingering on the southern horizon, has now spread all over the sky.

I took this picture yesterday, at around 10:30 AM.

Notice how the smoke clings to the horizon. This photo faces south, and was taken right outside my backyard. (As a note of interest, the building you see all the way down the street is the back of the Mervyn's I work at.)

Now this picture was taken at approximately 12:20 the same morning:

It may not be all that apparent, but the smoke field had grown significantly in less than two hours.

See all photos here.

I am reminded of the horrific fires of this same month four years ago, in 2003, where the sky turned orange and similar conditions were seen. It was all the worse then; even soot and ash literally rained down on my home then (in a different city at the time). Today I noticed that the beginnings of what I'm expecting to be a stronger "rain" of ash are falling. When I left work, a coworker remarked, looking at the top of her vehicle, "There's dandruff on my car!"

The fires are still going strong as I write. This whole thing has been worsened by the fact that we've been having a terrible drought this year, which makes fire-starting conditions all the more prevalent (although arson is expected in at least the fire near my uncle's).

In short, my state is burning and suffocating. Prayers ask that this will end soon for the poor people involved.


It's mole day!

All right, it's time to celebrate every chemist's favorite mole! 6.02 x 10>23! (the 10 to the 23rd power is where we get October 23rd.) Avogadro's number it is. 8-) Forget all those dumb little holidays, this is what I call a real holiday. :-D

Happy mole day, everybody!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dumbledore is gay, 'Harry Potter' author reveals

Well well well.

Look what we have here! It appears that Miss Rowling will not just stop with the satanic overtones of sorcery. Now she tells us that one of her characters considered most "noble" is a homosexual. A homosexual? Yes, my friends, that's right: the revered Dumbledore is a sodomite.

As strange as it sounds, part of me was almost glad to see this; I pray that this will finally be the red light of conviction to the many who are involved in the Harry Potter stories, but overlook the witchcraft, be it unwittingly or willingly.

Then, the other part of me...well, read the article. Who asked the question about Dumbledore's "true love"? A "young fan", we're told. And that other part of me--my heart, I suppose--is sore to think of all of the thousands more impressionable children and young people who are being fed Rowling's heresy. Themes of the dark arts in her works of fiction are not enough, it would seem; now sodomy is getting it's fair share of fame, and this time in a positive light. Will she stop at nothing?

It appears the creative article Harry Potter and the Lavender Brigade, by Douglas W. Phillips, president of The Vision Forum, Inc., was not too far off after all?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

P.S. What I find interesting is that I found this article by complete accident; my browser memory jumped to as I was typing in the address to another site, and so I just decided to visit it from there, just to check up on the news. Coincidence? I doubt it.


See? I told you no one would notice. :-P

I feel like I'm a bowling pin and have been hit a million times with a bowling ball. I'm so sore! Last night's TKD class was absolutely killer; my legs are killing me!

But, it's all good, because pain and soreness is weakness leaving the body. It's good. :-D

Anyways today I was supposed to be certified--they even started to get me into the test--but the internet system was down (the test is computerized), so that was a no-go. :-/ Ah well, I'm told I'll get it Monday. :-D



P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! My first day at work with Mervyn's? One year ago today. :-D Here's my post from that day, just for fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Work!

I was supposed to be certified last night, but wasn't. I hope they don't back out of this or flub it up out of some brainless miscommunication or mishandling; I'll be very annoyed if they do!

I just want to be allowed inside the counter, I don't want to actually work there really. I mean, once or twice would be interesting just to see what it's like. It's sort of like the truck deal, I just want to see what it's like again, now that they have all these changes. I'll be on truck tonight actually (althought they didn't schedule me there, I just took someone else's shift), so at least I'll get it once. I've been thinking that I probably won't want to be back there very much, if at all; I knew that, but for some reason felt like signing up anyways. Last night I found out that my favorite job on the dock, manually removing boxes from the trailer, is taken and apparently can't be surrendered. I never did like the other truck jobs....

Ah well, I wanted it at least one night and I've got it. If I still hate it, I'll probably be suddenly scheduled there for like a month or something, eh?

Oh, and by the way, just so everyone knows, I'm going full time, starting Monday. I need a larger influx of money, and faster. I'll likely be doing it all the way through Christmas, so that means you're all going to see very little of me! (Not that anyone'll notice anyways. ;-P)

Spence out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why I Hate the Beatles

Why does Scott Brown hate the Beatles' music?

The same reasons I do, people.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore: Nobel win a chance 'to change the way people think'

So this is science?

With respect, I don't think so.

Edit: Posted 10/15/2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After a long time of wanting to, I've finally gotten around to it. My blog synopsis and the About Me page have changed; after nearly a year! I now can more accurately tell people about my blog, since I've been doing it for a while now rather than before when I wrote in, when I was just guessing what I might do. Here's what they used to say, respectively, just for fun and for the record:

This is a journal written by a Christian fan of Science and History. You will hear about important news, read my own reviews, see interesting links, read discussions of matters ranging from dinosaurs to Biblical theology, learn about my hobbies, find interesting articles, read historical quotes and Bible verses, and just get to know me.

About Me
I am a basically just a Christian guy who takes things seriously. I am 19 years old and enjoy having a good time when I don't morally object to it, but I also have a thoughtful side to me. There are three aspects to my mind; religious, which encompasses the other two, and then scientific and military. I am an enormous fan of science (especially dinosaur paleontology), and also enjoy history. I watch current world affairs (particularly military ones), follow the science news, and of course I have hobbies (Lego collecting likely being my wierdest, :-P.) You'll see more about all this stuff as you read my blog. I'll even post my Lego creations! Oh, and one more thing, I get seriously ticked off when someone hurts a girl.
[The bold was added much later on.]

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In Memory of a Woman Who Chose Life

Even if you never, ever read the articles I link here on my blog, read this one.

Dr. Paleo

Based on a True Story: The new Highams

May you never lose sight of the joy, happiness and love of these beautiful wedding bells.

God bless you. God bless the both of you, my dear friends.


P.S. And here's to your future lives! (And the honeymoon!)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Feminism Hurts Women

I am against feminism, because (among a few other reasons)....

It simply isn't in the best interest of the group of people I've sworn to protect with my life: women.


Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch


Our hairy pal, squatch, getting museum treatment?

October 2007 through September 2008

Public Programs for Giants on the Mountains

This exhibit explores the Sasquatch legend and focuses on the Pacific Northwest environment, which has created a rich setting for the traditional beliefs that have grown up around these beings. Scientific explanations, hoaxes, and popular cultural interpretations about Bigfoot are tackled in this exhibit. Tribal artifacts and artwork as well as physical evidence collected in the field by anthropologist Dr. Grover Krantz will be on display. Organized by the Washington State Historical Society.

And Meldrum will be speaking!?!?! Now, to find a plane to Washington and stow away in the cargo hold....


Ladies of Utah

Behold, what beauty!

Oh, how gorgeous she is!

What class she has!

I am completely and utterly captivated!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

He's at it again, folks!

Doug just does it every time. You just can't not love this guy!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I had a good time last night; the special instructor from Korea gave us a slamming workout.

We were treated to a quick performance first off by she and a companion of hers. (What was interesting was that she seemed to have an "entourage" with her; a bunch of tall, young and lanky Korean guys were there too; it almost felt like Korea! Strangely feels home-y to me. :-D )

Apparently she's famous in S. Korea. She specializes in more of a workout sort of thing than pure TKD from what I gathered; she also is a yoga instructor they said (yoga is not my cup of tea, however).

For about an hour we worked hard, trying to keep up with our fun, energetic and charismatic teacher. Most of the TKD moves (kicks, punches, and even a few basic blokcs) were used more as a fitness tool than anything else; it felt a lot like a big workout video! A lot of the time I had no idea what I was exactly supposed to be doing (I'm afraid my body isn't the best at choreography, and half the time I couldn't see her; I'm still a white belt so am in the back, and even being the tallest there, to see her she would need to be taller as herself!), but it was all good. I'll tell you, there wasn't a dry body there, though; sweat, sweat, and more sweat!

Near the end of the night we all had to do this crazy kind of sit-up; I had extreme difficulty in doing that one, lemme tell you. You have to hold both feet up in the air while on your back, and then pull your shoulders and upper body towards your thighs, and hold it there for four seconds or so. Owwwwch!! Then she had us turn over onto our stomachs, and I thought she was going to try to finish me off with push-ups; but no, this was just a stretch. More sit-ups would be required! 8-O

But soon we were told to lay down and relax (I sort of flopped to the ground like a rag doll, however), and then the lights dimmed, and some were turned off. At this point I thought I had finally died! (Lol, just kidding. ;-D) A few things a little too yogistic for me (Is that even a word?) were then done, but, true to form, I don't think I did a one of them right. ;-) I don't mind certain kinds of stretching and stuff, but when they start the "breath in, breath out" junk that's when it's out for me. (For those who might not know what I mean, I dislike yoga because of it's Buddhist influences; as a Christian I steer clear of all this kind of stuff.) I think I breathed wrong every time, though. A short note to anyone who might try this for themselves in a similar situation: if you don't want to do what you're "yogically" told, then breath the wrong way. Don't try to hold your breath. It doesn't work too well. :-D

So very little "yoga" ended up being done, so I was happy at that, and the entire workout was over, which was good with me being half-dead and all that. :-P I left a few minutes later amongst discussion of pet mice and white belt protectors. 8-)


P.S. Oh, and a little off topic, but you remember the speed reading course I've been taking? My initial speed when I started, was 300 words per minute. Well guess what I shockingly discovered yesterday? That it's now 680. :-O

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

U.S. endorses plan to disable North Korea's nuclear facilities

Call me a cynic, but I'm still slightly skeptical.

Fine Clonier's Historical Lego Figure Contest

To those of you who aren't Lego fans, the contest (now over) was to make Lego figures that resemble actual historical people (click on the title link for more).

Here are my entries.

Be sure to check out the fantastic compilation image created by Kaminoan, of Fine Clonier (again via the title link).

May the best AFOL win!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. / Histo-Sci

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Recent Events


Well, just a few interesting things have occured of late; not too much though. What can I say, my life is boring? ;-P

I'm told that Saturday the 13th my dojo will be holding an open house. What's more, there will be more demo performances. I am so asking for the day off. 8-)

Plus, tommorrow night (I'm off work!) we get to be taught by an instructor from Korea; they say she's famous over there. Stretching and cardio seems to be the name of the game. This'll be interesting!

With good news must come bad, and last night I found out that one of my favorite managers at work is leaving. Not again!

Bone Buff out!

P.S. Oh yeah, and that music I liked at the demo last Friday? Guess what? My instructor gave me a copy! Yeeeeaah. ^_^

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Final Note on Blog Tags

Ladies and gentleman,

The tags that proved so controversial a few days back, have been removed.

For clarification, the reason(s) that they were removed are recent developments. This is not a retreat, or a back-down; I already explained why I used them, and still think it makes sense at least to me, but nonetheless, I have now chosen to take them out. Those who know the details know why I've made the choice that I now have.

Apparently it was more important to some to see them removed than it was important to me to see them stay.