Friday, August 31, 2007

I remember

July 1st, 1961-August 31st, 1997

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paleo's Picks...Again!

Getting tired of news? Tough luck. ;-)

Final hostages freed by Taliban
Paleo's Comments: Bless the Lord, this is wonderful news....

Suspected chemical weapons found at U.N. office
Paleo's Comments: One, how do chemical weapon samples make it into a file, and two, remember, Iraq just didn't have WMDs!

Monster spider web spun in Texas
Paleo's Comments: Now this!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who Painted the Moon Black?

Who Painted the Moon Black?
by Hayley Westenra

Did you see the shiny moon?
Turned into a black balloon
Just as you walked away from me

Did you see how hard I've tried?
Not to show the pain inside
Just as you walked away from me

Who painted the moon black?
Just when you passed your love back
Who painted the moon black?
Oh won't you, won't you come back?

It must have been the darkest night
Not even a star in sight
Just as you walked away from me, now

Who painted the moon black?
Just when you passed your love back
Who painted the moon black?
Oh won't you, won't you come back?

Who painted the moon black?
Just when you passed your love back
Who painted the moon black?
Oh won't you, won't you come back?
Who painted the moon?

Da da da...

Did you see the shiny moon?
Turned into a black balloon
Just as you walked away from me

Monday, August 27, 2007

eBay goodness!

Tell me this is not a riot. Oh, just please tell me.... :-D

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random occurences of the work day....

Nope, no Ghostie today. (Mervyn's was apparently unhaunted tonight, or at least for the most part. ;-P) But, today had a few interesting parts to it. I did battle with a lobster, and stared down a wide-eyed kid in a stroller with a lollipop. Okay, so maybe I didn't do either...but the rest of this is true--honest!

Gift wrap closes at noon, but at around 7:10 or so a customer apparently wanted some purchases wrapped, so, due to lack of someone else, I was tentatively asked if I could do it. I said sure, but as it turned out I didn't do as well as I'd thought. My mom's first job was as a gift wrapper, so that's where I've learned how to do it (Yes, I am a guy and can wrap my own gifts. Who'd a thunk it!??!). I was helped by another guy (Ha ha, at the time I thought about how funny it must've been to have two guys working on wrapping a package!), but he had to teach me most of it since the way it was wrapped was completely different from the way I was taught. Oh well. Kinda fun experience though....

Since I didn't get off until 11:00, I was getting tired soon after ten o'clock. You see, when I get tired, once in a while something very strange happens to me. First comes the yawning, the slow movements...then...I get silly. Very, very silly. I laugh at the slightest things. Like tonight, a few shirts fell over, and I started laughing! (One other time I was laughing hard, and absolutely nothing had happened. I was struggling not to look like I was crazy, but seriously, I was so tired I was laughing.) A few of my coworkers have seen this strange effect at it's worst. Just mention "my monkey" to them and they shudder in fear! 8-) I can easily get whatever I want by viciously threatening, "Or I'll do my monkey!" Okay, so maybe it doesn't scare people. Instead I'll bet they think it's weird. But at least only a few saw it. :-P

Later I got the opportunity to be funny, though. Apparently the store manager of the nearest store (a "jerk" I'm told) had called our store just to tell us how many ICs (IC stands for Instant Credit, or a Mervyn's account, our store credit card) his store had opened that day. It seemed to me that a weird call like that could only have one intent, and that was, to brag. But it did start an impromptu competition on our side. Even the employees were getting hit up for ICs. I didn't apply, though. I know, I'm so bad. :-P But what I thought was funny is when I offered to get some ICs for them if I was given just two things; customers, and a billy club. :-D

Near closing I had an interesting conversation with a nice lady who immigrated to America from Taiwan many years ago. That was one of the times when I'm reminded of my mind's unquenchable and voracious appetite for learning. If you don't see what this had to do with learning...I soon got a conversation started about Taiwanese independence and China, and the possibility of war. I know, I'm so dark and gloomy, aren't I?

Oh yeah, I also took on a men's dress shirt pin today. I don't think I won though....

Well I think that's it. I'm sure my post is sloppy, but, really...I don't even care. :-D

Spencer / Paleo

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paleo's Picks

Tales from the Bog
Paleo's Comments: As much as I have fond memories of bog people, I feel compelled to remind everyone of the utter unreliability of radiometric dating techniques....

Photo in the News: New Sea Spider Fossils Found


All right, people!

After nearly a year without them...I've finally fixed my links list! It still needs a little work, and will likely change a lot before I get it all settled, but, for now, enjoy it.

I also have a surprisingly long blog roll. Want to be added, and aren't on the list? Comment here! And, I took some liberties with linking some of your blogs, so if anyone wished to be removed, that's okay too. ;-)

And now would be a good time to remind my readers of Disclaimer 101, (i.e., the content of any link is not my responsibility, and in no way can I endorse everything found via those links).

All right! Links away!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Night in the Shoe Department

Thankfully, it nearly as messy as it had been the night before. But still, I had the usual work to do.

The normal routine in the Shoe Dept. is to start recovering in the front of the Women's section and work your way back (besides, ringing, doing stock checks with out--ahem--good ol' reliable scan guns, cleaning up the floor--which can sometimes be covered in shoes and shoe boxes--and putting away the shoes that have been left by the day crew at the desk). "Recovering" is what they call arranging the shoes by style (left to right) and then by size (up and down, such as 6, then 7, then 8, etc.). Why we usually work in Women's is because that's what gets shopped the most (no surprise), and, thus, gets the messiest.

The night before last, though, I had already started recovering in the front as is usual when one of the closing managers of the night eventually told me that they wanted the Women's wall done. Since it was already late little of this could be done, so last night I decided to work on that section. The same manager was closing, and, shockingly, the front, or at least the aisle table, was actually alive, so I thought, why not?

One section recovered, moving on the next....I discover a note at the desk, apparently from the dept. supervisor, that says for me to recover the Kids area. No! Not kids, anything but...Kids. It might not sound so bad, but if you saw it, you'd know why I hate it. It's almost always on the floor, and is always a's worse than Women's.

So I started working on that...and then later I was told by the same closing manager from the night before that she wanted the Women's wall done, mostly just the models I guess (i.e., the shoe that sits on top for display). So I worked on that...and later discover that a full detail job was not wanted in that area, and that only the models were supposed to be done (how that can be effectivley managed in a short time I have no idea), and that, yes, I was supposed to recover in Kids after all!

So that was my night....


Sunday, August 19, 2007

I just got off work a little while ago (just after midnight). I'm tired....

It sucks.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I've been meaning to post this for a while now.

I technically graduated two weeks ago exactly, but still wanted to finish up a few things. I didn't "need" them in order to graduate; I just wanted to go through the entire book at least, on a few subjects. That little bit of mopping up is completely done. So that's it. I have officially graduated from high school, class of 2007.

I think everyone knows my path as to college. It's not going to be easy and I won't lie, I'm nervous. But nothing is stopping me from going for my goals....

Which brings me to another subject: paleontology. My passion.... I'm convinced this is what I'm made for, my mission in life, my destiny. Some might laugh at this, but I really don't care: I see my profession as a form of war. Well to be honest I pretty much see practically everything in life as a form of war, but this especially so. It might not be clear to some of you, but think about it. I'm a Creationist. Paleontology is dominated by Evolutionists. Despite the ill-advised claims of many, the two opposing schools of thought can never be united, or reconciled. This is the war. And it's a desperate one.

It's a fight I want in on. I'm not content with sitting by on the sidelines, I want to swing my own sword. Nobody is getting in the way of that goal. No one is going to stop me. I simply won't let this great evil gain any more ground; it's my watch, and I'm taking action. I won't let the enemies of my God march unopposed over sacred territory. The life of a warrior is one I'm not missing out on.

Over the past few years I've had many obstacles thrown in my way about this issue. (Anecdote: my initial serious consideration of paleontology as a legitimate profession began around late 2003, perhaps in December, and gained steam from there). It's been a tough journey. At times it was really, really hard. The hurdles were high, but, through the power of Christ Jesus I've made it through, and am going for the finish line.

In the early days of this consideration I was less certain, and much more easily discouraged about all of it. At times I was very, very discouraged about the whole thing. The opposition was tough...but, in the end, it wasn't tough enough. At one point I even went about printing out a segment of a special article, written by the illustrious Dogulas W. Phillips of The Vision Forum, Inc. (Which cried out in favor of Creation paleontology. See the link to the newsletterCultural Mandate 2004) and pasted it on my bulletin board in order to keep up my spirits. Eventually the words on my board became more of a joyful confirmation than a piece of encouragement; I had already made my decision, and although the road was rugged, there was no going back.

I'm here, now. And it's time. Time for war. I'm ready, and this is it. Throw everything you've got in my way! I'll take you on! Let's see what life brings me.

As I look back on just the past year of my life, I'm shocked. The things that have happened, much of it was so unexpected, so amazing. I'v learnt a lot (so much that it's surprising; I'm sure I have tons more to learn still!), feel more self-confident, and I've even surprised myself a little. I've had some really good chances and oppurtunities. I've failed, I've succeeded.... At times some of the things were a little tough, but it wasn't really so bad. Besides, God brings good out of all trouble and tribulation, right? I'm the sort of person that sits down and roughs it out anyways.

I'll be nineteen soon, and "going" to college, working a job, and using a serious workout regimen. I've got a few more things I need to do besides these things, but not necessarily in this next year.... It's gonna be hard, but I can do it, because I can do anything. We all can do anything. And if I ever get discouraged...remember, it's war! I can tell you one thing, I am seriously looking forward to this next year, and for what it holds for me.

I'm not sure if I said everything I wanted to say...but I guess I'll close this now anyways.

Hello, world. This is me. I'm ready for you. Are you ready for me?

Let's go. Charge, bayonets!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Return of the Demon

Well, okay, it's kind of a wierd title and I'm not sure if I like it, but you'll see what I mean in a moment.

My night at work was fairly uneventful, until just one minute before leaving (I had to stay half an hour after closing, so this was 10:29 PM).

A coworker of mine emerged from the back room just behind me and asked me to come with her into the back room. Thinking she just needed help reaching or lifting something, I soon found out the real reason. The "ghost" had returned.

I had heard one of the managers say something about hearing "something" a little while ago, but I figured it wasn't anything as eventful as the "ghost" and also since I was concentrating on my work I forgot about it immediately. But apparently this manager, and the coworker I was now with, had both heard footsteps. Common occultic phenomena. Common "Mervyn's ghost" event, as well. No way this is some spirit of some deceased person, don't give me that. I'm convinced that many of these occurences are demonic in nature (I'm sure many of them have natural explanations).

Nothing happened when we were in the back room. This may sound completely half-witted, but sometimes I almost want to it to show itself. I kinda want a show down with it.... This thing doesn't scare me (in fact, seconds later I went upstairs--where it had initially been heard--alone, and the lights were shutting off so it was dark until my motion turned some of them on). I'd take it on. Of course, if it wasn't for the sure knowledge* that I'm protected in cases like this I very possibly might turn and run (Who knows how they'd act in a situation like this?). But, that Beowulf inside of me wants to take this thing on. Tonight I even had an impromptu plan should it decide to appear...but it's no different than what my plan has always been.

On a sidenote, I think even a "protected" Christian can fall prey if unprepared (I suppose you could liken it to the ideas that a shield doesn't work unless you hold it up to block the blows, and armor doesn't work unless you strap it on), but I hope I would do the right thing and all if anything like this ever occured again. I certainly wouldn't trust myself! I'd do exactly what worked the first time (see endnote)--call the name of Jesus. Makes 'em run every time!

So I'll see if this thing (Or things? How many are there?) shows itself. Maybe it knows better...after all, I'm sure it knows who my general is....

In other news, expect a major "Spencer news" post, hopefully tommorrow.


*This "knowledge" is also more than just a knowing. I actually was protected during a demonic encounter when I was twelve years old.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

Doug's Blog: Where Are Your Battle Scars?

"It’s hard to trust Christians that you never bump up against on the battlefield. These are our comrades-in-arms as we fight the battles together against this evil culture and lift high the Name of King Jesus. Where are your battle scars for the King?”

Dr. Joe Morecraft

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Urban Tar Pits

Alright, so I've been meaning to blog this for the past few days.

Monday while out on my jog I was passing a brick wall, and, lo and behold, guess what was on the wall? Toilet paper. After a little bit of investigation I found that someone had smeared a very thick, strong glue all over the top of the wall and rolled a roll of toilet paper down the length of it, adding in sheets of regular paper in a few places. I find this kind of vandalism annoying (I mean, don't these TP-ers have anything better to do with their time?), but I hadn't yet seen something else. As I walked further on I came upon a spot of bare glue. Insects all over it. Butterflies, flies, gnats, maybe even the occasional beetle. All trapped. I tried to free two flies that were still moving, but I think I only got more glue on their legs....

Just a little bit earlier that day, I came upon a little spot of bushes in a nice, quiet residential area (probably my favorite neighborhood around). Butterflies, everywhere! They were so thick I managed to grab one or two the way I used to as a kid, but felt a little bad at pinching their wings.

See the picture to see what kind of butterfly I'm talking about. Their butterflies alright, but they have a mothlike appearance to them.

After standing here a while (and even finding the occasional "regular" butterfly) I moved on, leaving through a narrow walkway between two carports behind the houses I was just in front of. More butterflies! And also a good amount of flies as well. I had only to raise my arm just over a row of bushes as I walked to raise a flurry of flying insects. The buzzing was almost pleasant. (Some bushes in this area literally hum with insect activity, no joke.) I only mention this because I found it ironic that one moment I was reveling in the glories of the natural world, and the next I was viewing mass devastation at the same level!

It must have been an interesting sight to see me, clad entirely in black and replete with sunglasses, swarmed by butterflies! This event later reminded me of the scene in Batman Begins, where Batman is making his way down the hall in Arkham Asylum with bats flying all around him. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic, but that's still what it made me think of!

Hey...wait a minute! Wouldn't that make me...Butterfly-man then? Never mind, scrap that. It wasn't like the scene in Batman Begins at all. :-D

Signing off in insectness,


P.S. Photo courtesy of:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Truth be told, I audibly moaned with deep love as I viewed these pictures on Michael J. Ryan's PALAEOBLOG.* Forget the text, I didn't even read it, at least look at the pictures!

So CLICK, ye bloggers!

*I found it interesting that a book I just bought has an essay co-written by Dr. Ryan.

P.S. I probably should call in Disclaimer 101 for this site, I suppose. Haven't done it in a while anyways.

Heads up!

Let's see the end of Colony Collapse Disorder, God willing!