Monday, July 30, 2007

CNN: Body of second Korean hostage found

Death to all Taliban.

Can Animals Predict Impending Death?

Seriously, this is one smart cat.

Osprey Blog: When did Military history go out of fashion?

This is an interesting idea. I doubt it's the one and only reason that military history went "out of fashion," but still, it's something to think about, isn't it?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

After Antietam: Part 7

Jackson galloped on ahead, shouting as he went, "Forward! Forward, men! The Almighty will purge the land of the foe!" In reply, a long, strengthening cry rose from the ranks, ever loudening. The men were giving the rebel yell.

At this moment the Union artillerists began firing canister into their ranks. Upon bursting, the canisters sent lead balls flying in all directions, causing more death and devastation than the shells had. One wayward shell--thankfully not a canister round--hit the ground in front of Jackson's horse, causing the horse to halt for a moment. The lines surged on, and Jackson recovered control over his steed, although he remained slightly in the rear. He called, "Press on!" The brigade was advancing towards the center of the over-extended Union line, which would hopefully give them the advantage of concentrated numbers. As the moment for a halt came, Jackson held up his hand, yelling, "Halt! Form up here!" Jackson rode down the line as it stopped, shouting "Form into line here!" as the other officers repeated the order.

As the line was forming, and the shells and canister rounds were bursting around them killing many, "Stonewall" ordered, "Put your caps on! Caps on, men!" The order was promptly obeyed, but the lines of blue were already loaded, and they fired a sputtering volley into the brigade, sending many reeling backwards clutching some wounded spot, and others, crumpling to the ground. Screams erupted all over the line.

"First rank, kneel!" Jackson called. The first line of men dropped to their knees, and, upon their general giving the order, leveled their muskets, and fired. All over the enemy line, men dropped, screamed, and yelled as they fell to the ground or as blood spurted from their bodies. Jackson whirled his horse as a bullet grazed his left arm, but, without giving more than a quick exclamation of painful surprise, he shouted, "Second rank--fire!"

Tongues of flame shot forth from every Rebel musket left in the line, sending lead balls whizzing over the heads of their kneeling comrades and into the bodies of their foes, causing even more destruction than the first volley.

General Jackson, drawing his sword with the sound of singing metal (which was the first time he had done so since the battle of Cedar Run), gave one more order.


The long line of gray charged forth with leveled muskets, screaming like a horde of devils from hell. The Yankees were altogether unprepared for this, some of them even turning and running. Most of them stood like helpless sheep, squirming around in a panic. The two lines met, metal clanged on metal, muskets were swung like clubs, and bayonets were thrust into the bellies of their enemies. The blue line dissolved, and every man was chased by shrieking Southerners.

Nathan himself was bayoneting and wildly swinging his musket at all who opposed him. Nathan hit the butt of his musket so hard on one soldier's head that he caused his skull to be punctured by the hammer, then crushed, and because of this Nathan had to wipe chunks of gore off the lock. Nathan was fighting so fiercely that, by the time the enemy's line broke, he had killed nearly a dozen men (almost half of them attributable to the fact that he had snatched up a dropped officer's pistol and rapidly discharged all four bullets left in the chamber upon his blue foes).

As his comrades followed the fleeing enemy down the back descent of the ridge, Nathan paused to gaze at his own color-bearer, as the man waved the 6th Alabama's regimental standard high in the air, the flag flapping in the wind. In the distance, Nathan perceived Longstreet's men pushing back the Union right flank. Nathan realized that they had already won the battle, and eagerly ran after his fellow soldiers in their pursuit of the Unionists.

Within minutes, the Federal right crumpled, and was driven back. Charging irresistibly, the Confederates shoved their foe off the ridge and into the depression between the ridge and the continuing slope of Catoctin Mountain, pouring in a few volleys as they endeavored to escape in their wild panic. After a division of Rebel infantry had charged the alarmed flank of the Union 12th Corps, Stuart's cavalry charged the writhing mass of Yankees and cut them up with sabre and pelted them with lead until it was no longer practicable. Nathan's regiment had halted just at the point where the ground began sloping upwards again towards Catoctin Mountain. He watched as the figures that now resembled blue-coated ants scramble here and there nearly as far as the eye could see. Nathan was no dummy; he knew that this meant something, that this was a big achievement, a big accomplishment for the Army of Northern Virginia--indeed, even for the Confederate people as a whole. They could win this war. They would win their freedom.

To be continued....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And the debate continues....

My sister of Frivilous Distinctions blog has taken up the banner of righteousness and has tackled the issue of Harry Potter. The comments, though many, are well worth the read.

"The voice of Paleo"

My good friend Nathan Cunningham of Based on a True Story has composed a blog post about our phone conversation yesterday.

He begins the retelling of our conversation by writing:

And the voice of Paleo came unto me, and spake--for thus it was expedient for the fulfillment of the coming of the Bill of Qwest, lest the conversation enter into that second hangup--yea, and he spake unto me, saying, "Hello?"

And I answered by the same token.

But behold, the voice of Paleo spake unto me a second time, declaring glad tidings of joyfully acquired numbers. Yea, it was not a loud voice, nor a thundering voice, but did shake the frame of all who heard it.

And behold, Paleo said unto me, "This is the Mystery Man."....

And now you'll just have to go read the post to see what happens next. Good work, Nathan. 8-P

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 Koreans released; 1 murdered

I could say I told you so, but at least some were released....

What do the wackos have to say about poor Islamic "freedom fighters" now?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Doug does it again!

Doug Phillips of The Vision Forum, Inc. has slammed the nail on the head yet again (or did he completely knock it off? Not sure.)

The world of literature is now encompassed by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the 7th and final installment in the Harry Potter series that has reigned so long, and the influence of which has reached so far.

It's interesting, just last night I had a conversation about this subject with two of my coworkers. I was on the side against the books, and they were for them. (Note: the discussion was nothing more than that and was not even akin to an argument. Plus, I mention this scenario to make a point, not to slight the characters of either person; both of them are very, very good people.) The stance of the pro-Potter side was the same as usual; don't concentrate on the witchcraft, the books have positive messages about friendship, growing up, and all sorts of practical things, etc. The anti-Potter side (me) was also the same as usual; if it's about witchcraft and wizardry, it can't be good. (For those who still want to argue the fact that HP involves witchcraft, all we have to do is mention the name of the school the Harry Potter character attends: Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.) It really doesn't matter to me if the book is chock-full of other great things for people young and old alike to read, if it's about sorcery and treats that issue in a positive light, it's gotta go.

For those who admit the evils of sorcery yet are still pro-Potter, need we remind them of the punishment for the actual practice of sorcery back in the time of biblical Israel?

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Exodus 22:18 (KJV)

And to those who say that reading Potter is not actually practicing sorcery, I would say, you're reading something that promotes sorcery. Don't mince words with God.

Besides all this, I was thinking about what one of my coworkers said to me last night. Harry Potter is also about growing up, I was told, and I got to thinking after reading the linked article, about what books help you in that way, moreover what books I read that were good for me as I grew up (technically that's still going on, though! ;-P). So I remembered something. Probably my favorite all-time author, George Alfred Henty. I won't bore you with needless facts about G.A. Henty other than that he was a Victorian author who wrote fantastic historical fiction books specifically for young boys growing into men, but will refer you to this link:

I look back on some of the most important years of my life, the formative years, and I'm reminded of the enormously positive (not to mention Godly) effect Henty's wonderful works had on me. They're a perfect combination of adventure, history, and...manhood. Wait a minute. Did I just say something chauvinist? Well, there's another thing. Henty was all about biblical manhood, and his emphasis on the protection of women and children is unsurpassed in modern literature. Those who know me certainly know how I feel about that subject; and I say to you, you all have Henty to thank for a some of that. Not all, but a good deal. Take a moment to go read the article. It's short, and well worth your time. I know in my heart that it is right.

So, I say to all you young men (well, women too, as my sister also loves them), go out and get yourselves a Henty book. Henty's plucky characters will help you more than Harry the warlock ever could.

You go, Doug.

P.S. It also occurred to me that it was interesting what I read on Sunday. As the world energetically digested Harry Potter, I read the Bible, Miyamoto Musashi's The Book of Five Rings, and an article in Civil War Times magazine on Robert E. Lee. (Some may point out my reading Miyamoto as a similar problem as reading Potter, but those who may think so are misled both as to the content of the book, and the reasons I am reading it. Those who know me might know why I'm reading it when I tell them it's about martial arts strategy.)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Day in History

It's the date if the battle of Falkirk, and Gregor Mendel's birthday. (On top of that it's the birthday of a great friend of mine! ^_^)

Taliban extend deadline for 23 Korean hostages


They say we need to withdraw? We want to back out of a legitimate fight? No, that's not the American way. Come to think of it, this is more than America here. So I say let's pull a Yi Sun-Shin and stand up and fight the enemies who challenge all we hold dear.

I hear the terrorists holding the hostages are surrounded. Let's bring in the Delta Force, or Rangers, or something, and send them in with guns blazing. But then again, they're surrounded by Afghan forces. I'd rather they be ours.... Anyways, what's stopping us anyhow? I may not be in possession of all the top-secret facts, but I think we should at least consider going for it.

It is war.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Upcoming Film: The Return of the Daughters

I'm so excited, I can't wait!

I'm not liking this

Man declaring 'I am the emperor' killed at Colorado governor's office

Whether this is just an isolated incident (as is most likely in my opinion) or part of something bigger (which I doubt), I don't like the looks of the direction this world is going anymore.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

After Antietam: Part Six

With many apologies for having waited so long, here is the sixth installment of After Antietam. The last installment can be re-read here to refresh your memory. Without further ado, let the reader prepare for battle!

After the shouting had died away, Rodes turned to Jackson, and said something not heard by any of the men. "General, sir," Rodes said, "If I may be so bold, I think that it would be best if you would order the charge. It would...the men would be...energized, by your doing so, sir." Jackson looked at Rodes for a few seconds, then turned back to look upon his men. A shell hit the ground fifty yards in front of the line, causing the men to tense, but Jackson did not seem to notice

"General Rodes, I will take your suggestion. Prepare to attack, General Rodes.“ At this he saluted, and then rode off, taking his place right behind the 6th Alabama--just to the left of Nathan! Jackson saw Nathan staring at his beloved general, and said, "Keep calm, my boy. The Almighty will watch over us."

Seeing that all the men within hearing were listening to him, he raised his voice, bellowing, "We will take that hill! The land of the South is our homeland! We cannot allow the enemy to lay their blue curse upon it! The Lord God Almighty himself will stretch his hand out to protect us!" A cheer burst from the ranks, many of the men with wet cheeks. One soldier next to Nathan said, "I love him so much!"

Nathan replied, "So do I!"

Upon perceiving that the line was now ready for the assault (the last company having taken their place and all of the regimental commanders having taken their positions on foot in front of their regiments), Jackson, with one quick look behind him at the now surrounded brigade of impetuous Yankees, cried, "Load!" The order was repeated by the other officers, some saying, "Load your muskets, men!" Before the step was at hand, Jackson called out to his soldiers, "Do not put your caps, on men!", the other sergeants and officers catching on, ordered, "Leave your caps off, boys!" This order seemed strange to many of the men, but Jackson was endeavoring to prevent any trigger-happy soldier from discharging his muskets before the time for delivering a crushing volley came.

He next shouted, "Fix bayonets!" In a moment this was done, then he shouted, "Shoulder--Arms!" The call echoed down the line, until the entire line of gray-clad, battle-hardened veterans was bristling with gleaming muskets topped with their shining bayonets. Jackson rode through the gap between the nearest regiments, and sturdily took his place in front of the line on horseback. One officer shouted, "General!", but soon realized it was of no use to try to coerce Jackson into being the commander in the rear. Jackson then stood in his stirrups, and raising his right arm and leveling it at the enemy, called out, "Forward--March!"

The entire line, in one instant, began to move forward, the drummer boys rapping out their tunes with lively, excited looks in their eyes. "At the double-quick!" Jackson yelled, and the line quickened its pace.

Nathan wondered if Rodes, or Jackson's own staff, for that matter, would suggest that Jackson return to the rear, which of course Jackson would hear nothing of.

"Keep it up men, stay tight!" Nathan's own general, John B. Gordon, called out, waving his sword over his head. "C'mon boys!" shouted the other officers. The shells began to fall thickly around the line, sometimes knocking over a dozen or so men at a time. By the time the line of Rebel regiments was within musket shot but not quite up to the flatter, more equal ground on the contended hill, several gaps had been created in each regiment.

To be continued....

Michael J. Ryan's SADRG Photos

Fellow blogger and paleontologist Michael J. Ryan has some seriously nice photographs from the The Southern Alberta Dinosaur Research Group's field work this year on his blog, Palaeoblog.

Check it out!

Never trust a Commie

Call me an unforgiving, cynical wet blanket, but I'm still skeptical.

Friday, July 06, 2007


I've sure been busy lately!

Yesterday I was supposed to work from 6:00 PM-10:30 PM but was called to come in at 1:30. I must say, boy were we busy! The day was noteworthy only because of a few interesting things I got to do. Besides running two departments at times (albeit thankfully shortly) and working on two fill (that is, stocking) projects, I got to do some manual labor helping to lift display tables around in the back. I find manual labor fun. :-D

Oh, and did I mention that I got in a fight? Yeah, with a vending machine. :-P After a little while I was able to beat it into submission though and get what I wanted out of it. Take that!

And that reminds me of tonight...the vending machine battle was a group affair tonight. Kicking, punching, smacking and hitting occurred. One guy even pulled it out a ways and, standing with his feet in the doors where you food falls down into, rocked it back and forth until it succumbed to the will of the masses. (Really one guy just wanted a certain drink and that row wouldn't come out. The vending machine's assailant messed up two other rows in the process, but hey, he got the one that was wanted. That's what counts, right?) Fun. :-D

Today was also interesting due to the fact that the store didn't open until 4:45 in the afternoon. My shift started at 4:00 PM, but I came to shop earlier in the day around open forty-five or two or so, only to find it closed with a sign explaining problems with the power. We've been having these for months, but I guess this time it shut down before the store even opened, and once the main generator got back up and running around nine I think they said (it was supposedly on the backup one with lights dimmed from 7:30 on or so), it took them until 4:45 to get all the registers going and everything.

I secretly harbored the desire to keep the store closed though. I mean, come on? A store without any customers? As I was working during the forty-five minutes the store was "closed," I was thinking to myself, "This was how Mervyn's was meant to be!" If only we'd had less work to do, and more people, it would've been a total party! Oh yeah. 8-)

But alas, we needed to get some sales, and we did eventually open. (We just cleaned the store before any customers arrived.) Although it wasn't before the ghost made a visit. Yes, my friends, many stories of a ghost roaming the store, often in the back room and when the store's closed have been told. I kinda hoped to have something happen in a way because we were closed and all. After all, he's never out and about when the customers are (Is he a shopper-a-phobe maybe?), and I've never had an encounter! This may sound strange...I don't know, I'm kinda silly in this regard. (I won't bore you all with what you likely already know, and that is my position on ghosts. In short I do not believe in them at all and attribute some of the poltergeist phenomena to demonic activity. I have had an experience like this myself one night--and didn't get out of it because of myself, either, if you catch my drift. A ton of people have had experiences, though, too many to dismiss. I do think that some of it has to be real...and I just gave you my explanation for that kind of activity, didn't I?)

So, there's a doorbell that we "associates" ring when we need to be let in when the store's closed (I secretly wished to be able to do it myself when I arrived, but was seen and let in first. Phooey!). Naturally this occurred quite a bit, and since my department is fairly close to the employee door, I had opened it a couple of times already when someone, or something, started pushing it over and over again nonstop, or at least that's how it sounded. The ringing didn't stop, that's all I know. So, I hurried to the door, wondering who was being so impatient, or maybe who was being so silly. Well, guess what? I got to the door, and no one was there. The spot where the doorbell is? Not a soul was there. As I looked at that one spot, the doorbell kept ringing. I opened the door to let someone else out at that moment, and as soon as I opened the door, the ringing stopped. No one was out there. I didn't think much of it until a couple of the managers and a few others wanted to know who it had been. I didn't convince them at first, but after swearing they believed me. ;-P It seemed to ring a couple of other times, but I eventually got confused because an out coming telephone call bell was also chiming. All I know is this: when I checked that door, no one was there. I'm betting it was nothing but a power glitch or something, but still it's kinda weird huh? And now I have a story to tell! I've always wanted to be there when something happened. :-D

I wonder if it's that guy that died over in the...? *cue haunting music*

Anyways, I'm working all day tomorrow. G'night!


P.S. Sheesh, my posts are getting so long they're beginning to look like Nathan's! 8-O

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

“Youth Pride Day” Celebrates Abomination

[Note: This is not exactly bedtime story material, and the pictures on, which is linked in this article, are not exactly frame-worthy. This is some pretty nasty stuff. Be forewarned.]

You haven't heard about this, have you?

That's because the liberal leftist media doesn't want you to know about it. No, I don't mean they don't want you to know about "gay" pride parades, they don't want you to know about things like this (excerpt):

“One guy in crazy makeup, and platform shoes that made him at least seven feet tall, came up and screamed in my face,” Ms. Contrada said, “cursing at me and calling me a crazy b——. He followed me around until a police officer made him move on.

“Some of those people were so hideously frightening and evil-looking … The whole thing gives me nightmares. I have to read the Bible going to bed every night, or I won’t be able to sleep.”

Is she overreacting? Ms. Contrada has received several threatening, anonymous phone calls, and her home has been broken into at least once. “They know my name, my phone number, where I live, and the names of my children,” she said. “It’s really nasty.”

Yes, people. In Massachusetts there is a culture war. Read the article, and the adjoining link, for some seriously good information (including an interesting tidbit on Mitt Romney).

The thing is, it's not just one state. It's not just one country, even. It's the world.

Yes, my readers, it's time to stand and make a difference in this world. This is war. No, I'm not saying we should adopt the tactics of hate and violence that some of them are using and raise a call to arms. But what we need to do is oppose these evils through whatever means we have; the pulpit, the pocketbook, or just the way we go about our daily lives. (And if you say that I'm being harsh here, I'll ask what's your point?)

It's time to fight, fellow believers.

Are you ready?

Monday, July 02, 2007


Today, I almost swallowed a gnat.

It was goooood. 8-)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today in History

Besides it being the first day of Gettysburg, the anniversary of the battle of San Juan Hill and the capture of Sevestapol, it's Princess Diana's birthday.

Happy birthday, Princess!

Mummy of Egypt's ''Lost Queen'' Found

Is this not grand? Is this not exuberantly exciting?

Hatshepsut's body?

Oh yeah. 8-)

Photo Gallery: Giant Prehistoric Penguins Found

Did I just read that right? Giant penguins?

Better watch out, Batman!