Monday, April 30, 2007

Three shot dead at Missouri shopping center

It happened again.

Oh, I'm sorry, liberals. I wasn't listening. Pray, forgive me! What was that you were saying about gun control?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Colony Collapse Disorder: The Worldwide Epidemic

I've been wanting to post about this here on my blog for a while now, but haven't found anything. (It's called CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder. Entire colonies of honeybees around the planet are just dissappearing. Completely. It's going to affect crops and many other, even perhaps unseen problems will arise if this terrible disaster is not halted from getting any worse.)

However, tonight I discovered these articles, sent me via ScienceDaily's newsletter.

Scientists Identify Pathogens That May Be Causing Global Honey-Bee Deaths

Serious Bee Mite Found On Honey Bees In Hawaii
Paleo's Comments: What's interesting is that I was letting another window load as I read this email...and guess what was on the very top of the page? This: Varroa destructor...good name for it.

This issue has been making me uncomfortable lately. Although it's probably a little too doomsday-esque, Einstein predicted that mankind would cease to exist in four years if bees died out. Now that's not going to happen...but still, no bees? Does anyone really realize how much the world's ecosystems rely on insects, especially pollinators like honey bees? How about horticulture, and crops?

You probably haven't heard of this, though, have you? The media reports fake issues such as global warming, but not real deals like this. Well, I guess it makes sense, since the liberal left is senseless!

This may not be the answer to the epidemic, but here's to a speedy end to the problem!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.


Having recently seen these two articles (the first via Ladies Against Feminism, the second, via my father), I just have to blog them.

This is what communism, Evolutionism, humanism, and other religious philosophies brings this world.

Mass Arrest of Chinese and American Christian Leaders in Xinjiang, by Dan Wooding

China: Christians being forced to have abortions, by Spero News

We as a nation interfere in foreign affairs enough, so why don't we create a Special Ops force that is designed to deal with these sorts of things? Rescue hostages, crush enforced prostitution rings the world over. If a force like this was being created to deal with this awful issue in China, I'd sign up right now.

You see, I'm a new breed. A new breed of Christian. Some people think of Christians as peace-loving wimps. Now, a soldier loves peace. That is why he fights. But, I'm no "world peace" crazy.

Read these words of Jesus: "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division" (Luke 12:51, KJV)

Now, let's get something straight first. Some non-Christians might object to this, wondering why anyone would want to serve a "violent" God. However, if you think that's what this verse means, that isn't it. As a recent Sly Piggery Forum signature of mine illustrates:

Peace? You want peace? This world peace you speak of will only be on your terms, it will be in violation of my own God-given rights. So, no, I will give you no peace. Instead, I will bring you war.

So, the way I interpret this verse, is that "world peace" brings anti-Christianity. Not that they could ever achieve peace by themselves anyways. Only Christ brings peace, and peace will reign when the enemy is locked away forever in the lake of fire.

Now back to "my" breed. I'm willing to fight, and fight hard. No more of this pacifism, this spineless resistlessness. It is war!

China's government (as it's more the leaders than the people that're the problem in my mind) often ticks me off, but they've seriously ticked me off on this one. They've broken three sacred rules for me. One, they're warring my God, two, they've attacked women, and third, they're brutally massacring poor, defenseless childen. Yeah. I'm mad.

You see, you, my should be afraid. I'll fight to my dying day, and will fight harder than you may anticipate. But, the thing is, I'm not alone. It's our breed. There's a whole new generation of Christians who love their God, and others, and will fight to oppose evil wherever it may take form.

It's not "I", it's "us."

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today was a mess. Seriously, I was in every department but my own (Home) and the two I don't work in ever (Lingerie, Jewelry). I was all over the place, all in eight hours...the store was messy due to a sale.... It was like this last night, except for a while last night was even worse. The scan guns we use to check backstock in shoes weren't working, and customers wanted checks! Aggh!! Many smacks and bangs later, my line disappeared, and roughly around that time my gun decided to start working again. :-/

Blah. I'm tired.

In other news, I got baby slobber on me today.

The End.

Friday, April 27, 2007

More Wisdom from Doug

Alerted to this article by Doug Phillips's blog, I'd like to echo what his wife, Mrs. Phillips, said about it.

Over my dead body!

You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dragon's World: A Review

By Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

The docu-drama Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real was shown on The Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. Having been only somewhat interested in a Walking With Dinosaurs-esque rendering of mythical dragons, I recently remembered it, and got the chance to rent it, and then watch it this past Friday, and, in honor of St. George’s* Day, I will write this review of the movie. (Okay, so I posted after midnight! Who cares?)

Early into the show, I became more and more fascinated with the story as the film progressed. Anyone who has seen Walking With Dinosaurs (or the similar shows such as Allosaurus, Walking With Beasts, and When Dinosaurs Roamed America) will be familiar with the style of this film: CGI creatures are created and designed, and then placed in real-world scenarios. They are often depicted doing real-life acts, such as eating, fighting, migrating, raising young, etc. Basically, this new style of documentary is just like any other nature documentary, only with invented scenes, which are usually based on scientific theories and ideas (unfortunately, these films are from an Evolutionary/Uniformitarian viewpoint, and depict the ancient world accordingly).

Happily, the dragons in this show are just as visually convincing as those in Walking With Dinosaurs. (I was impressed to learn that famed dinosaur artist John Sibbick, who has done a lot of artwork for National Geographic Magazine, was chosen to draw the concept art for this film.) What was different from shows like Walking, was the addition of a human aspect. You see, instead of the film being all-nature-documentary, scenes of actors playing scientists are threaded in between the scenes of dragons. These sequences formed what for me was one of the highlights of the film.

Centering around the story of a fictional young paleontologist named Dr. Tanner who becomes famous overnight after discovering a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, replete with skull, the film follows his investigations to verify a rather…strange idea of his. His skull shows strange wounds, which he identifies as talon wounds, and also carbonized “burn” marks, which are “precise, aimed” as he says. His initial fame goes kaput, and his theory of actual dragons goes down the drain. Until….

(Fast forward five years.)

Inside a glacial cave in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, something is discovered. Shocked and somewhat alerted by this find, the Romanian government contacts Tanner’s museum (which is based in London), hoping they will send a team out to get to the bottom of the mystery. Having seen photos of a strange, frozen beast, Tanner immediately volunteers to go, and next thing the viewer knows, we’re off to Romania, and Tanner is leading a three-person team. They hope that it’s not all a big hoax.…

Upon arrival, the team immediately sets about trying to identify the true identity of this very strange animal. Test after test reveals astonishing results, and Tanner gets more and more excited as his theory of real dragons begins to look very compelling.

Now, as these and the actual “dragon” scenes are intermixed, we as viewers are shown scenes of the team testing and probing the dragon body, and scenes of “live” dragons. Eventually, the viewer gets to see four different dragon species: a “dinosaur age” dragon, a marine, serpentine dragon with small wings for “fins,” a snake-like Chinese dragon, and, finally, a dragon that lives in the mountains of what would become Romania in the Middle Ages.

The overall science of the dragons was rather inventive in my opinion, but I did have a few objections here and there (we will see more about these in a moment). As the team from London discovers via scientific testing, the wings of their dead dragon are simply not large enough to get the animal off of the ground and into the air. More tests reveal the existence of a strange pair of sacs, or bladders inside the dragon’s body. Upon extracting them surgically, Tanner finds that they are filled with hydrogen gas and. These light, bouyancy gases were apparently routed to the bladders after being produced during the animal’s digestion process. As the film says, these bladders, coupled with wingpower, provide enough lift to get the dragons off the ground.

But what about fire-breathing? Apparently, the bladders have a dual function. Hydrogen and methane are both combustible gases, but what about the ignition? How were the gases lit to produce flame? A few sequences in the documentary depict the dragons ingesting certain kinds of rock, which are said to be rich in the metal platinum. Now, when the team opens the mouth of their dragon, Tanner finds something strange: molars in the back of it’s jaw. Now what would a flesh-eating carnivore want with molars?** Well, the movie tries to pass it off that the dragons used their molars on the rocks that they ate, and the platinum that remained in their teeth acted as a catalyst, igniting the gas from the bladders. Now, I found this to be rather unconvincing. According to Moh’s Hardness Scale, every element has a certain hardness. The harder the element, the tougher it is. For example, a diamond can stand up to a knife. A knife can’t scratch a diamond, but a diamond can scratch a knife. Platinum is certainly harder than the materials that make up animal teeth, so the idea of an animal getting even any rock or metal grains in it’s teeth and at the same time having them last seems very far-fetched to me.

However, the idea of gases produced during digestion being used to fuel flame is much more palatable, in my opinion. In fact, this idea was proposed for the fire-breathing Leviathan of the Bible by Creationist Dr. Donald B. Deyoung in his book Dinosaurs and Creation. (On a side note, I once had the opportunity to meet this man.) (To digress for a moment, I found the system in the film Reign of Fire--where two glands opposite each other in the dragons’ mouths squirted their liquids, and, when the streams hit, flames were produced--to be less convincing, although at least somewhat plausible, than the theory put forward in this.)

A few other concepts that I found to be rather shaky include the mountain dragons’ ability to cool flame with their breath (the science of this was never explained), and another, although less objectionable segment where the Chinese dragon cooked it’s food with flames before eating it, apparently because cooked food is easier to digest than raw. One other scene depicts a dragon sparring with a Tyrannosaurus rex, and one of the defensive mechanisms it uses is a high-pitched, piercing screech, which apparently caused great pain in the T. rex‘s ears. A trait like this may not be seen anywhere in nature today, but this didn’t seem as weak to me as the other issues. After all, many proponents of Sasquatch contend (and some encounter reports support) that these apes have the ability to use infrasound, something we can feel rather than hear. Another issue with the Chinese dragon was that it was able to vocally mimic the sounds of its prey (i.e., pigs), but I actually found this to be fairly believable.

Another “problem” to surmount in the eyes of the filmmakers was from an Evolutionary standpoint. How did dragons survive the “comet” impact that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago? (It is interesting to note that many Uniformitarian scientists have raised serious doubts about the comet theory, but this is a side issue.) Since this “problem” only exists in Evolutionary science, I hope the reader will not mind me speaking from their viewpoint for a moment.

As the film claims, dragons survived the mass extinction event, called the K/T*** event. But how? Apparently the sea-going branch of the dragon family (Yes, the documentary uses the word “family“ for the group of dragons--does that mean that the group name would be Dragonidae?) was able to survive the catastrophic event because they lived in the seas. Tanner’s team discusses the fact that many marine animals survived the K/T event, and this prompts him to think of this (coupled with the discovery of a crocodile-like throat flap inside the dragon's own throat) for the dragons. But my objection is this: plesiosaurs (and the sub-group of pliosaurs, or short-necked plesiosaurs), ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs all went extinct around the time of the K/T event according to the Evolutionists. So what gave dragons the ability to survive? As claimed, the dragons’ edge was their ability to wield fire. I don’t see what that could do for a marine dragon.

Alright. So we’ve seen what the film portrays dragons as. Dragons in every sense of the word. (Partly why I enjoyed this film so much is that it treated the dragon legend issue with more respect than I’ve ever seem it treated by the Evolutionary community on such large basis, although dragon studies are popular among Creationists.) But what were these strange creatures of the legends, in reality and not in the world of make-believe? Did they really breath fire? Did they really fly?

The answer to both questions is “yes”. Job 41:18-21 says this about the gigantic, scaly sea monster: “By his sneesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth.” (KJV)

So at least some animals can (or could) definitely breath fire. Flight? That’s not so hard to believe, even for reptiles. Take a look at pterosaurs. They have wings, and most likely, at least in some species, possessed the skills of powered flight as well. Interestingly, I once came across this verse in the Bible, and have intently mused over it ever since then: “for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.” Isaiah 14:29b (KJV). A fiery flying serpent?

Okay, so I’m no scholar, and it would take a serious study of the original Hebrew to really get to the bottom of the real meaning, if it isn’t as it appears. Could it be a snake? But do snakes fly? Then, are dragons pterosaurs, at least in concept? Maybe…but there are a few problems.**** Besides the fact that most pterosaurs were quite small and many dragon legends seem more dinosaur-like, let’s take a look at a problem I’ve long pondered over: wing structure.

Take a look at pterosaurs, and compare them to bats. Their wing structure is different from bats in the way that only one elongated finger supported the wing itself (the other digits poking out in the front, to form a “hand” of sorts). (See an illustration here: Not so in bats, for the wing is almost webbed in structure as each digit has a part of the wing stretched between it and the next digit (Again, see here: So, we would naturally assume that dragons had what I’ll call the “one finger” style, right? Wrong.

In every piece of period art I’ve ever seen, the dragon(s) have what I’ll call the “webbed wing” structure, not the one finger style. So why would dragons, which are reptiles, have a mammalian wing structure as opposed to a reptilian one? The best answer I’ve been able to come up with over the years is that dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and perhaps leviathan were all mixed together in folklore, and the end result was a dinosaur-like, fire-breathing, winged beast. The wing problem may be answered by the idea that perhaps the webbed wing structure was more familiar to the people of the time than the one finger pterosaur style (since pterosaurs were probably on the wane or maybe even totally extinct in that part of Europe at the time), perhaps it just got corrupted and mixed up. Perhaps that may not seem very scientific, but some things like this are strangely simple almost.

But isn’t this treating the “legends” with a degree of…tentativeness? Maybe, but perhaps that’s not so bad anyways. After all, werewolves, vampires, and flying witches also have their place in folklore. On top of all this, is the fact that many dragons are shown with four legs, and two wings: six limbs altogether. This has never before been seen in all of nature. Is this just another corruption? Maybe….

But, wait. Today, while pondering what I would write in this review, something hit me. It suddenly hit me that there’s more to this than I’ve ever before realized.

Look at this picture here:

What do you see? Four legs, and two wings. Six “limbs”, except the wings are actually extensions of the ribs, with webs of skin in between. And wait…did I just say that? Webbed?

You got it. Lizards like this modern Draco (and the similar, extinct Icarosaurus, Coelurosauravus, and Longisquama) fit the concept of dragons fairly well. One only needs to mix in a little of the dinosaur and leviathan concepts to get a real dragon, replete with wings and the ability to breath fire, just like the ones seen in medieval art.

Back to our film review, all in all, I found this to be a fascinating movie. Very, very well made, mostly believable, and I found it to be much more intelligent than the mere fantasy show I expected it to be. The addition of the Chinese dragon was especially pleasing to me. I’ve often wondered if there is some sort of serpentine creature that we have not discovered yet, that is not known to science. Thousands of sea and lake monster sightings of undulating serpents and such, coupled with the Asian dragons, beg the existence of some…thing that is quite snakelike. Also, I was very interested to see that one of the dragons had eye spots on the underside of it’s wings, which, as I noticed yesterday, is startlingly and coincidentally similar to the ones seen on the St. George dragon, seen here in a painting by Paolo Uccello, 1456:

I did have one more objection, however. Near the end of the film, the mountain dragon of Romania is nesting and raising a young dragon. To feed her baby, she raids a peasant village (although it is not shown) many times for sheep. The villagers soon decide that something must be done, but after an ill-fated attempt, they hire mercenaries. Something of a fight scene is shown here, although it seems rather tame to me. (I did think that a dragon-vs.-dragon battle sequence would have been a great addition, too.) But what irked me so much is that the narrator was saying things like how the dragon was just trying to survive, that one of the peasants “insulted” the dragon by painting his face with the blood of her baby (like he knew that?), and that dragons were real and the only “myth” was of brave knights slaying terrible beasts. I’m sorry, but what would you do if you were someone living in medieval times? You know little about the creature you are fighting, but know it is big, lethal, and can spew flames. It kills your cattle, and sometimes perhaps even your people. Are you going to pity the dragon? No, you’re going to do anything and everything within power to slay the monstrous beast and protect your homeland. Men like St. George and Beowulf were brave heroes. We don’t have too many men like that nowadays, and it angered me when they said this.

But, all objections aside, if you’ve always pondered dragons and tried to scientifically find a theory for their existence as I have, then this film is for you.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

P.S. On yet another side note, the behind-the-scenes extra found on the DVD had interviews, where the filmmakers discussed, among other things, how practically every culture on the planet has a dragon legend. There must be something there…at least something, if the entire world has stories of it. I have often said this myself, and was happy to see someone else use the idea as well as “proof” for the existence of some sort of dragon-like creature. But, what I find so interesting, is that most of the world has tales of large, hairy ape-like creatures. North America, China, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, the Himalayas, Malaysia, and other places. Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Yeti/Abominable Snowman, Ye ren, Orang Pendek, Yowie, Alma. These things have to be real, if just because of all this evidence. (Although, as loyal blog readers will readily attest, there is much, much more evidence, enough to substantially prove the existence of these creatures according to normal scientific procedures.) But that's another story....


* Good students of English history and Creation science will know that St. George is famous for having slayed a dragon in medieval days.

** Some modern-day mammalian carnivores possess molars for crushing bones, such as wolves and other caniforms, but the cusps are more sharpened than the ones inside the mouth of the dragons.

*** “K/T” comes from the Evolutionary period boundaries. Supposedly the comet struck at the end of the Cretaceous Period (from the Greek kreta, which is where the “K” comes from) and near the beginning of the Tertiary Period. Thus, we have the “K/T event,”, or, as recognized geologically, the “K/T Boundary.”

**** Interestingly, one fairly common European pterosaur genus, Rhamphorynchus, had a "spaded" tail (see here:, or rather a rudder at the distal end of the tail. Perhaps this is where the legend of spade-tailed dragons originated?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Christians in Iraq Shot Execution Style by Murderous Terrorists

This is it. This is what the enemy is like.

Will one of those pacifists again tell me how non-resistance "works"?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Voice

Tonight as I ate my lunch at work, I was gleeful that I was able to be treated to Celtic Woman on TV as I ate. I didn't get to see much of it, but I did get to see one of my favorites, and it generated some conversation.

So, here is that favorite. The Voice, sung by Lisa Kelly, with fiddle done by Mairead Nesbitt. From their latest album, A New Journey. The part just after Mairead fiddles, and when the drums start pounding (and the bold line of lyrics are sung), is the best Celtic Woman moment. Ever. The End. 8-)

The Voice

I hear your voice on the wind
And I hear you call out my name

"Listen, my child," you say to me
"I am the voice of your history
Be not afraid, come follow me
Answer my call, and I'll set you free"

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice, I will remain

I am the voice in the fields when the summer's gone
The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow
Ne'er do I sleep thoughout all the cold winter long
I am the force that in springtime will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be
Filled with my sorrow and blood in my fields
I am the voice of the future, bring me your peace
Bring me your peace, and my wounds, they will heal

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice

I am the voice of the past that will always be
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice of the future
I am the voice, I am the voice
I am the voice, I am the voice

Friday, April 20, 2007

After Antietam: Part 5

Nathan tensed as he heard a screaming shell come close overhead. For an instant he thought all was safe, when the shell crashed into the ground right where the color-bearer had once stood, sending more than a dozen soldiers flying in all directions. Nathan's own body was hurled aside, flying into his own lines. His head hit something hard, and he had a vague feeling of being on the ground, yet it was soon overcome with a strange feeling...almost like...sleep, yes, peaceful sleep. But in the next moment Nathan was stumbling about on his feet, dully perceiving his own men next to him, but not quite seeing them clearly as he should have been. As he wondered worriedly if his eyesight had been ruined, a fellow soldier rushed to his side and, holding him up, gave him a drink of water from his canteen.

"There, you'll be alright, just take a big drink here--that's it--and go back to your post," the man said. Nathan greedily gulped down the water until the man stopped pouring. They gazed into each other's eyes, and Nathan saw a gruff, middle-aged man with a scruffy, graying beard, but the man saw only a frightened young soldier. Nathan came to his senses (as much as a dazed man could) when he heard the officers calling, "Fill that gap there!", and "Stay steady, boys! Back in line!" Nathan looked at this aiding "good Samaritan" once more, and, as he turned back to his own lines, the man was ordered to come back himself, but Nathan couldn't forget the strange, almost fatherly gaze in his eyes.

As he stumbled back towards his place in line, Nathan was stopped in his tracks by a feeling of utter horror. He had felt this way many times, but it never ceased nor even dulled. Where the shell had hit, mangled bodies of wounded or dead soldiers lay strewn about, some inside the small crater created by the blast. One torso without legs and only one bloodied arm attached to it was sitting, crumpled, only a few feet next to where Nathan had stood. As he watched, men were getting back in line and dragging away the lifeless, bloody bodies or trying to tend to the wounded. One screaming soldier, a bit younger than the 21-year-old Nathan, was writhing in the grasp of one of his comrades. He had no right foot, and a red and ragged stump with white bone protruding from its center was all that was left of his other leg. He cried out in pain as blood trickled down his gray-clad back from a shrapnel wound in his neck, saying, "Oh, help me! I'm gonna die! I can't walk! I can't walk! Please, somebody help me!"

This scene was watched with somber, and in some (especially the younger soldiers), even disturbed gazes as the man was taken to the rear, his blood staining the uniform of one of the men carrying him, a corporal. Another officer, a sergeant, looked at Nathan and gruffly shouted, "Get in line!", Nathan quickly obeying, having forgotten to do so in the utter chaos...the bloody chaos.

Another shell screamed overhead, only to burst in the trees to their right, sending a few soldiers diving to the ground for cover. Nathan heard the thudding hooves of galloping horses, and, turning to look behind him, saw the gallant Gen. Jackson riding up on his faithful mount, Fancy (called Little Sorrel by the men), being trailed by his staff. Nathan instantly recognized the fact that if the Corps commander had come personally, this attack was to be of vast importance (as he had earlier guessed), and the fact made him swallow what little saliva was in his already-dry throat. Their beloved "Stonewall" slowed to a halt when Gen. Rodes trotted up to his side, followed by his own regimental commanders. Nathan saw Rodes gesturing excitedly, and Jackson looking grim, with a fiery look in his eyes, so fiery that it made Nathan almost afraid of the man. Jackson nodded curtly, and, pointing up to the high hill, leaned forward on his saddle and said something to Gen. Rodes, who immediately saluted and turned back to take his place behind the nearly fully-formed line. Strangely, Gen. Jackson followed him. He made his horse walk back and forth behind the men, and many of them turned to gaze at him, and Rodes, realizing the boost of moral that the men could receive from seeing him, said, "That's it, boys, look at your general. Gaze upon your leader! Jackson is here!" The men cheered at this, lifting their hats off their heads in honor of their godly leader.

To be continued....


It's raining! Ha ha!!

In honor of this grand occasion, I'll post this amazing song by Celtic Woman's Hayley Westenra. Sorry the video is Pirates of the Caribbean (I have no idea why), but the song is beautiful....

Summer Rain, from Celtic Treasure (also called Treasure)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wounded!!!! :-D

So, tonight at Mervyn's I had a very interesting and kinda fun experience.

As I was going to clock in, I gouged the top of my hand, near my wrist, on the edge of a shelf. As I glanced at my hand...I saw a big, long chunk of skin missing. I soon realized that it was going to bleed...and alot. :-P I couldn't find any skin on the shelf...but soon I had to go wash it off in the breakroom sink because of the bleeding. It was veinous bleeding, so it was coming out fairly well.

Eventually, as it kept on bleeding, a manager in the breakroom took me to the back office, gave me an antiseptic wipe that stopped the bleeding (that was really neat at the time I thought), and helped get the bandaid on. Nice of him to help me.... But then, I had to fill out an accident report. Blah. :-/

It actually didn't hurt that bad though.... Kinda fun I think! I measured the cut just a little while ago when I got home (it's 10:00 now and I got home around 9:15), and it's a half-inch long.

But alas, I didn't have any litmus paper at the time to do my experiment (Courtney will know what I'm talking about. ;-P). I think I'll just draw some blood for that one.

Reminiscent of this event:

That's twice that I've cut myself when I was hurrying. Hmm, there can't be a connection.... ;-D

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the Horror at Virginia Tech

As usual, Mr. Phillips of The Vision Forum, Inc., has hit the nail on the head. Please also see his blog for many comments from readers on this article.

More News

Justices uphold ban on abortion procedure
Paleo's Comments: This may be off the beaten track today, but it's certainly some good news. It's funny, the nation is horrified when someone goes and kills 32 (as they rightfully should be), but what about the massive slaughter of innocent unborn babies every year in this country? Let's see all kinds banned now.

Bin Laden name used to lure voters
Paleo's Comments: And he wants people to actually vote for him? Thing is, it's in the Phillippines. He'll probably become popular.

Police: Cho taken to mental health center in 2005

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VA Tech Updates

I have so much to say...but yet so little.

More news is out this morning.

Apparently the shooter was South Korean. Last night I heard it was thought that he might be Chinese. Cho Seung-Hui is his name. has a picture of him on their home page, which is linked. Those eyes...they have the look of evil.

He killed two people at a dormitory around 7:15...and then, at 9:26, the school decides to send out only an email notifying the students what had happened. Minutes later, he'd chained the doors of the Engineering building, and massacred 30 people there. A total of 32 killed. Most are saying 33, but, in my opinion, he doesn't count.

Part of me wonders how he could get away with this without anyone doing anything. I don't want to be quick to judge someone who was in a situation most of us can never understand, but didn't someone do something? Of course, this is what happens when you're not allowed to carry a gun around too. It's simply not there when you need it.

Last night watching ABC I was interested to hear of the story of Ryan Clark, and extremely popular band student at Virginia Tech. As rumor has it, he died protecting an injured or endangered girl or something of the sort. If that's true, I want a monument erected to that. With his name on it. (Speaking of monuments, I want one in a certain Salt Lake City mall. When evil came knocking, Ken Hammond was there to stop it.) CNN also has a picture of him.

Again, I blame Evolutionary philosophy for degrading the view of the sanctity human life, humanism, and feminism, which creates evil everywhere it touches. Feminism just makes it worse for women, because then the men don't stand for them.... But this is not a feminism rant post....

And something I often think about when I hear of these terrible satanic events...what would I have done? Thinking with a clear head, my answer's is always the same.

But I wasn't there to do it. I know I must be where God wants me. But, still, I wasn't there. I wasn't there to protect a girl with my body...I wasn't there to return fire...I wasn't there to try to take him down with my own hands...I wasn't there to stop a bullet from getting to someone else. I just simply wasn't there.

It is the will of God. Someday, perhaps I'll get my chance. And all the anger I have now will still be there then. Then, pity the creature that finds itself at the receiving end of my fury. For I can call it nothing less.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My night....

So, I worked tonight from 5:00-9:00. First I covered for an hour in the Home Department (which is my official department, although today I was scheduled in Shoes), and then, after that, I was taught to locate shoes in the stock room. (Basically, that means put new stock on the back room shelves, logging each one in with a scan gun). So that's what I did for three hours (the rest of the night). It actually wasn't too bad, except I wouldn't want to do it often. I don't like being back in a hole separated from the rest of the night crew (which, in my opinion, is our best group).

A strange thing happened though as I was leaving. In the Home Dept., we've got a new DS (Department Supervisor). She's really good, and recently I've noticed that she's taking my good old department to new heights. She's cleaning up the bad spots, making it look all nice and clean, and she even put display napkins with napkin rings in the placemat section! How neat is that? That probably sounds quite nerdy to other people, but after working here for nearly six months now, and being in this department for like more than five now, it's nice to see a change. Besides, that was a really blah area anyways.... A little of this new edge has even rubbed off on me slightly...I found myself fanning out a stack of Home Decor books in a spiral. :-P

But to my point. It was last, maybe it was Saturday night...I was drifting off to sleep, and thinking of how she was cleaning up the department. She'd fixed some bad spots, and I was thinking that, next, two more spots needed to be tidied up if at all possible. One is what we call the Martex wall (that is, sheets). They get seriously mixed up...deep fitted king gets in with the twin flat...the end result just can't good. 8-) Another area that I was reminded of how messy it was on Saturday night is the curtain wall. It's always so bad, I never bother to find where they're really supposed to go (if you can even find it anyways). I know it's awful of me to do that, but they're so mixed up anyway you can't find anything.... So I was drifting off and thinking of this...and guess what? Tonight, I found the curtain wall in the middle of being cleaned up! Curtain packages all over the floor, but, hey, you have to make a mess to get rid of one. ;-P The wall looked really good, too.

So I'm really liking where this has all been going recently. And it's my department, so that makes it all the better!

Spence signing out
I'm at a loss for much that I can't even come up with a title for this.

21 Dead in Virginia Tech Shooting

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Women and Children First!

95 years ago...the Titanic sank.

The cry "Women and children first!" was called. The vessel sank. Men did their duty, and died.

Remember them. If just for today.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Savages, Celtic Woman, Science News!

Well, instead of making three stupid, dull little posts, I thought I'd cram it all into one!

So, I'm eating some wonderful fettucini that my even more wonderful sister made for me (I didn't tell you that last weekend, she and my mom conspired together to buy me the Aquaraiders Tiger Shark Attack set when I was at work! Last night I was wondering, since she's so sweet, what the molarity of her sugar is...:-P), and am right here blogging.

Last night she thought I should post this when I told her, so I will. As I was walking home from work, I passed by a store in the strip mall next to Mervyn's. There's a Hawaiin, or Samoan place there...I had no idea what they did in there ever before...until last night. *play ominous music*

Cannibals in California! is what my sister called this story. You know those drums that man-eating savages always use? The scary sound that they make? That sound was emanating from the store! I'm dead serious! I couldn't see anything but light (all I could see was the lobby), but there was some serious drumming going on in there. It was so strange that I even stopped for a second, and then said to myself, "Savages!"

Funny, eh? :-P

And Paleo's Picks:

Giant Crystal Cave Comes to Light
Paleo's Comments: If you never, ever read any of these articles, read this one! Absolute jaw-dropper. I mean, seriously.

Week in Photos: Croc Bites Off Hand
Paleo's Comments: This one may seriously turn your stomach if your squeamish...but in a sick and twisted way, I think it's an amazing photo.

And, I found an amazing video from the days before Celtic Woman (here fiddler Mairead Nesbitt of CW plays with a woman named Smith). This is something to tap your toes to!

Youtube: Korean Television Commercial!

Okay, you all probably are going to conclude that I am a complete half-wit (not that I'm not anyways), but I find this to be just a humongous riot.

Having been taught to use for music by Castle World's Maedhros, today I got the idea to look up this commercial. I've seen it many times on Korean TV (yes, I watch Korean television, ;-P), and it's probably my favorite commercial, ever. Non-Korean-TV-viewers might not get it, I don't know...but it's at least worth a watch.

Check it out. ;-D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Miscellany

Bruce Naylor: 1950-2007
He has two little terribly sad. May God bless his poor family.

Responses to Mitt Romney (Lady of Longbourn blog)
Paleo's Comments: A note about this here...I intended to post this before actually realising...well, I know what my reader base believes, but they know what I believe. So I really hope this doesn't come off as offensive to any of you. I just thought that it was such a good and well-researched post I had to outline it. I didn't read the comments though....

And today in 1861, the American Civil War began. Oh, the bloodshed....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today in History

See 1951. A mistake we're still paying for...and likely will with the blood of our warriors in the future. And soon.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Yes, I know I've just had two mega-posts about news, but I couldn't pass these up.

White House: 'We are very concerned' about Iran's nukes

Dying Austin toddler again facing removal of life support
Paleo's Comments: What is this sick world coming to? Another Terri Schaivo? What on earth gives doctors to decide who has the right to live and when? I wonder, would they like it if someone decided they weren't worth giving life support anymore? I don't think so. Oh wicked forces of the enemy....

P.S. Today in 1865 (142 years ago!), General Robert E. Lee surrendered The Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse, to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of The Army of the Potomac. This date is officially recognized as the "end" of the war, but sporadic fighting would continue until about June, when Confederate commander Stand Watie surrendered his Cherokee forces to Union victors.

More Paleo's Picks!

This is what happens when I get science news updates via email. ;-P

Overfishing Large Sharks Impacts Entire Marine Ecosystem, Shrinks Shellfish Supply

Making No Bones About It: Digestion In Burmese Pythons

Biologist And Physicist Team Up To Study Alligator's 'Death Roll'

Salamanders Re-grow Lost Limbs, Could Human Medicine Benefit From Understanding Regeneration?

Are All Males Liars And Cheaters? Yes -- If They're Crayfish!

Fascinating Spider Silk

Spiteful Soldiers And Sex Ratio Conflict Among Parasitoid Wasps

How Different Species Can Use The Same Genes Yet Develop Distinct Features

Insects Cultivate 'Antibiotic-producing Bacteria' In Their Antennae

Picky-eater Flies Losing Smell Genes

Fruit Fly Gene Research May Shed Light On Human Disease Processes

Networking Of Circadian Cells Aids Adaptation To Seasonal Change

Battlefield And Terrorist Explosions Pose New Health Risks

Chemists Are Creating An Easy Home Test Kit For Spoiled Food

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Paleo's Picks!

Another round of what I think I'll start calling "Paleo's Picks" news is due.

Al-Sadr to followers: Fight Americans, not Iraqis
Paleo's Comments: So...Sadr takes the opposite path that Zarqawi did, hmm?

Lack Of Fuel May Limit US Nuclear Power Expansion

Far Infrared Light Can Be Used For Anti-terror Devices, Faster Wireless

Genomic Test Could Help Detect Radioactivity Exposure From Terrorist Attacks

Ancient Greek Amphitheater: Why You Can Hear From Back Row

Joan of Arc Relics Are Actually Egypt Mummy Remains, Research Reveals
Paleo's Comments: Well, it very well may be a mummy, but it's not because the C-14 date said so!

Dinosaur Extinction Didn't Cause The Rise Of Present-day Mammals, Claim Researchers

Paleontologists Discover New Mammal From Mesozoic Era

Jurassic Crocodile Is Unearthed From Blue Mountains In Eastern Oregon

Fossil Discovery Marks Earliest Record Of Limbloss In Ancient Lizard

Jumbo Squid Invading Eastern Pacific

Stealth Camouflage At Night

Studying Snail Slime Substitutes

Ladybugs May Be Cute, But Watch Out When They Get Near Wine

Flies Don't Buzz About Aimlessly

Termites Get The Vibe On What Tastes Good

Social Life Of Honeybees Coordinated By A Single Gene

The Buzzing Of Bees Can Warn Of Nearby Poisons

Wasps: Man's New Best Friend!

Some Caterpillers Just Don't Want To Grow Up
Paleo's Comments: Reminds me of the "buzz" about bees being able to do this a while back....

A Rarity Among Arachnids, Whip Spiders Have A Sociable Family Life

Disclaimer 101 (for Evolutionary material particularly).

Friday, April 06, 2007


Some science news for the day:

On This Day: AMNH Created

And I was absolutley shocked to just hear that Bruce Naylor just sad. The worst part of it is...he likely didn't go to...well, may he rest in peace....

After Antietam: Part 4

Up near the small ridge, the advancing lines of Hill ground to a halt. Having been raked over and over by shells and canister fire on the way up, his men were on the brink of rout. General Rodes and his men watched as Hill's division fired another volley into the Union ranks, and then, suddenly, the leftmost Yankee unit, the 2nd brigade (commanded by Brig.-Gen. O.O. Howard) charged furiously and impetuously, crashing into Hill's men, sending whole division reeling down the ridge. The men ran all the way past the gorge where Nathan's regiment lay, the enemy relentlessly bearing down against, whooping and hollering like Indian savages, all order obviously left behind them at their assigned stations. Nathan wondered whether this was a charge ordered by their general or was the result of a brigade made of hotheaded--although undoubtedly brave--Northerners.

General Rodes perceived an opportunity, and, as the pursuing Yankees chased their fleeing foes further and further down the ridge, he hit upon a plan. After word had been sent via messengers to the various regimental commanders, Rodes's men began leaving the ditch, and, company by company, to form up where Hill's division had started their ill-fated climb. Nathan's regiment was first up (positioned on what would be the left of Rodes's brigade), and his company formed in line second. The color-bearer of the 6th Ala. was about a dozen yards away from Nathan, and as the distant artillery of the foe began to target the forming brigade, he began to wonder just what they were going to do. He saw his general behind the lines, having mounted a new horse (since his own had been downed before the retreat to the ditch). Nathan watched him (and Col. Gordon, who was riding up to his commander) as the Union brigade that had been left by their more rash comrades on the smaller ridge endeavor to stretch out and fill the gap until reserves arrived (for it was hopeless that their fellow brigade would reform, because just before that very moment, Hill's men, aided by a nearby regiment of their fellow soldiers, turned on their pursuers and began to stall their advance). Suddenly it occurred to Nathan. Rodes was planning to attack the now-thinned enemy ranks up on the hill in order to puncture their line! This was what he had been originally ordered to do! To think, Nathan pondered, we might be the ones who win this battle! The very thought sent chills up and down Nathan's back.

As the regiments formed up two men deep (with the 6th Ala. on the left, and the 5th, 3rd, and 12th Ala. regiments formed up in that order to the 6th's right, with the 26th Ala. marching off to engage the now stalled Federal pursuers farther down) under a devastating barrage of bursting artillery shells, Nathan looked back at his general again as he conferred with his four subordinate commanders (three Colonels and one Major, minus the commander of the 26th Ala.). He could not even hope to hear them as Rodes pointed back behind him, bidding a courier to ride with all haste to that point (which was, unbeknownst to Nathan, Gen. Jackson's Headquarters).

To be continued....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The grass is always greener on the other side!

Look out! RANT ahead!

In my nearly six months of transactions working for Slaveyn's (Oh! *cough cough* Sorry, I meant Mervyn's. :-P), I've talked to people from England, Texas, all over the US, and even some descendants of the great General George S. Patton.

Last night, while working a six-hour shift, I was helping a woman with a heavy southern accent in the shoe department. It turns out she was from Virginia...and guess what? Once lived near Sailor's Creek battlefield! Aaaahhhh! Why does everybody on the east coast, and many midwest states, get so many neat things, and we don't? Look at Virginia! She's got more battlefields that I have pimples, if that's even possible.

What do people come out here for? Sun, heat, and surfing...three things I hate. So what do the people left over, like me, get? Smog, telephone wires, freeways, congested intersections, noise.... For so long I've wanted just to go someplace where I couldn't see a single man-made object in sight. I just want to go somewhere...natural. Somewhere without dirt and grime covering things due to constant traffic. Some place where car alarms don't resound constantly (sometimes in the middle of the night right outside your own house). A place without graffiti and candy wrappers. It'd feel awfully soothing just to get away from all I hate about the "civilized" cities that we live in. I've never, ever been to a place like that.

Isn't that sad?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Since I've been sick twice in such a short period, I've missed three days at work. And guess what that means? I've now got six demerit points, out of 16. That means I've got ten left, and after's axe time.

But there's good news! The last day I called out was the 31st. Well, the "year" is restarted on the 1st of April! That means my slate's been wiped clean. :-D Am I lucky or what? (Well, it's not luck really....;-P)

Yesterday the DM was here again (standing right by where I was working, *panic*)...and the serious big-wig, even above her, is coming today...I hope she's gone by the time I have to go (which is soon). I'm in the shoe department practically all week. We're having a big sale today I think is what the commercial said (we have no foreknowledge of any sales except the biggest). We're still giving shoes away for like $10 or less from the last sale....

Considering what usually happens to me, she'll be there all night until closing, and will sit down in my department, pop some popcorn, and watch me work....

Have a great day, my readers!


May the Lord God be praised!

CNN: "Iran president says British sailors and marines to be freed"
(Article linked)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Despicable, spineless beasts....

This post by Ashley of "wonderfully strange" just...infuriated me.

After Antietam: Part 3

So, the Confederates found themselves threatened in their rear with the re-organized Army of the Potomac. The next day was spent in battle preparations on both sides, and, on the 7th, General Lee, the "gray fox", opened the engagement that was to decide the fate of two nations at dawn by an artillery barrage. The enfilade was soon answered by the Unionists with one of their own.

Attacking the Union center and left was Jackson's Corps (D.H. Hill's Division taking the center, and the rest of Jackson's division posted on Hill's right). Rodes's Brigade of Hill's Division was left with the most difficult task- to drive two brigades of Federal infantry and their supporting artillery back until the enemy's line was cut in two. (If the move worked, it would undoubtedly win the day, since it would render the whole Federal position untenable.) Hill's men would then come up in support. The rest of Jackson's Corps had been ordered to keep the enemy busy and also take advantage of any opportunities to advantageously attack should the circumstances arise. Rodes's Brigade would then be followed by either the rest of Hill's Division, if all went as planned, which rarely happens in warfare. The Union 12th Corps was left unengaged by the Rebels since it was guarded by the forest and they did not have enough units to commit to assault that part of the line anyway. To prevent a sudden attack by this Corps, J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry and horse artillery were spread out in the woods in order to harass an attempt to attack the Confederate right, or if nothing else to bring word of an advance. The entire Corps of Longstreet (save Brig.-Gen. J.G. Walker's Division, which was being held in reserve) was committed against the right of the enemy's position (the Confederate left) endeavoring to push them off the ridge, and after the attack ordered at 8:15 A.M., it devolved into a stalled stalemate, with each side offering a few volleys until the front unit retired, only to make room for another unit of Longstreet's. The battle went on in this manner for some little time, and then at 8:40 A.M., just as D.H. Hill's Division of Jackson's Corps got their assault upon the Union center underway, Longstreet sent a courier to Lee, asking for instructions (which would soon be, "Press those people with all haste."). The battle was about to heat up.

But all this was either not known to or in the back of Nathan's mind. The billows of smoke emanating from the lines of Yankee muskets and blasting from the muzzles of their guns blew all the way down into the small depression were Nathan's regiment lay, making him want to cough and causing his eyes to water. He looked behind him at the mass of huddling infantrymen in the ditch with him- his comrades. They stared up the ridge, nervously surveying Hill's Division attack up the ridge, having to take Rodes's original mission. Nathan heard a voice behind him, and turning to look, saw the paling face of one of his mortally wounded comrades (named Robert Matthews), cradled in the arms of a teary-eyed Sergeant.

"I...I'm gonna get there...aren't I?" he choked laboriously. Nathan knelt by his side, and, placing his hand firmly on the dying man's shoulder, saying, "Robert. We talked about this last night. If you still believe what you said you did last night, then you are saved. Have any of your beliefs since changed?"

Robert heaved as he tried to speak, and the Sergeant shifted his grip, giving his head more support. "I...I believe..." he finally managed. "I believe...that I am saved by the blood...the blood...of the Lamb."

Nathan looked the man in the eyes, and perceiving a glazed appearance in them, realized that his chest wound would prove fatal. He smiled and said, "Then you will go home today. You will be with your Lord and Savior before this day passes." At this Robert smiled weakly, turning his eyes Heavenward, but then he suddenly jerked, as if in intense discomfort. The Sergeant said, "Oh, dear God..." as Robert suddenly stiffened, and fell back lifelessly onto the Sergeant's lap, who immediately started bedewing Robert's body with silent tears. Nathan, realizing that he himself was to the point where he could not stand it anymore, decided to busy himself with re-loading his rifle, which he did (although he did not place the percussion cap on the nipple in order to prevent a possible misfire).

To be continued....

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yup, no joke, people! AFOL Megan Rothrock's uses of Clikits parts are so ingenious ot almost makes me want a few of them! Even though these are supposed to be "aliens" (scientifically and Biblically impossible in my opinion), I still find their designs to be absolutely amazing.

Oh, and 200 posts!